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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Campus Calendar QueenCampus Calendar Queen polled2:310/191950
[ ]Campus Calendar QueenSemmons Varsity "W's" Calendar Girl (por)1:210/261950
[ ]Semmons, Marlene;Campus Calendar QueenSemmons one of top four beauties in Esquire Calendar Girl contest1:411/171950
[ ]Curriculum; Committee on Calendar and Curriculum; Calendar3-3-3, 3-1-3-3, 4-1-4, 4-4-1: which calendar for Witt?: Committee on Calendar and Curriculum to study school calendar1:12/101972
[ ]Committee on Calendar and CurriculumCommittee on Calendar and Curriculum: an interim report3:14/61972
[ ]Curriculum; CalendarEducator views new college calendars3:15/61972
[ ]Curriculum; Calendar4-4-1 wins committee nod8:15/251972
[ ]Curriculum; Calendar3-3-3 calendar retained1:410/121972
[ ]CalendarSemester calendar proposed as alternative1:24/251980
[ ]CalendarSemester system: Pros and cons discussed4:15/21980
[ ]CalendarProposal for semester system as opposed to a tri-mester system is made by committee of faculty, administration & students1:42/271981
[ ]CalendarStudent poll rejects bias towards tri-mester system; some opinions are stated1:44/201981
[ ]CalendarFaculty will vote on proposal by June. Many discussions also over proposed methods of faculty evaluation1:15/151981
[ ]CalendarCalendar proposal indefinately tabled1:59/251981
[ ]Calendar'84-'85 Calendar OK'd5:11/281983
[ ]CalendarCalendar Hearing last time 'to rally troops'1:110/101986
[ ]CalendarHighlights of the commission's report on calendar issue5:110/171986
[ ]CalendarSemester hearing and retreat scheduled4:110/171986
[ ]CalendarStudents voice objections to calendar change1:110/241986
[ ]CalendarThe great calendar debate3:111/71986
[ ]CalendarTrimester squeaks by 77-741:31/161987
[ ]CalendarFaculty vote sets new system1:45/11987
[ ]CalendarSemester-based calender considered1:51/241992
[ ]CalendarChange in academic calendar proposed1:41/311992
[ ]CalendarProvost and Faculty Executive Committee discussed possible change of Wittenberg's academic calendar1:42/211992
[ ]CalendarThe E.P.C. reviews institutional requirements1:22/211992
[ ]CalendarFaculty Executive Board works toward a new semster system at Wittenberg2:12/281992
[ ]CalendarCurriculum revised; calendear vote is set1:55/151992
[ ]CalendarSemester system forces academic changes for new students2:39/251992
[ ]CalendarProvost's office releases 1995-96 calendar for semester system1:53/81994
[ ]CalendarNew grading system will focus on performance1:511/81994
[ ]CalendarStudents declare their Valentine's Day dreams6:4-52/141995
[ ]CalendarSaturday class required for students this winter3:110/71997
[ ]Calendar;Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE);Accreditation;Hiller, Darby;Faculty Executive Board;Hanson, Peter F.Re-Accreditation Means New Calendar 1:12/102016
[ ]Accreditation;Calendar;Class Schedule;Hanson, Peter F.;Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHC)Reaccreditation Leads to New Fall Schedule 4:42/172016