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[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard sits as court of inquiry to consider charges against Rev. Luther A. Gotwald, D.D.108:1-24/11893
[ ]History of Wittenberg; Board of Directors; Remsberg, FredGrowth of College Is Shown In Reports Given At Board Meeting: Directors Hold Annual Winter Session With Persons Present From Four States: Dr. Tulloss Is Commended1:112/31925
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard installs 13 new members1:612/21926
[ ]Board of DirectorsTreas. J. L. Zimmerman, Sr., authorized to borrow up to $75,000 to finance new laboratory building1:112/91926
[ ]Board of DirectorsDober report is approvedNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.8:44/251975
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors approves promotions4:19/251975
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard approves asset split for Witt, Hamma1:61/131978
[ ]Board of DirectorsPam Xander serves as Student trustee3:310/121979
[ ]Board of DirectorsPresident announces new Board of Directors1:111/131987
[ ]Board of DirectorsNew Board meets3:32/51988
[ ]Board of DirectorsNew Board Meets3:32/51988
[ ]Board of DirectorsStudents air issues with Board of Directors11/31989
[ ]Board of DirectorsStudents Air Issues With Board Of Directors1:411/31989
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard Hears Pub Request1:32/91990
[ ]Board of Directors`Brass Gathers In Commons; Students Inquire About Issues1:12/161990
[ ]Board of DirectorsMembers of the Board of Directors dine with Wittenberg students3:52/141992
[ ]Board of DirectorsTuition increase of five percent1:44/171992
[ ]Board of DirectorsKinnison unveils strategic plan1:410/161992
[ ]Board of DirectorsUniversity's board members hold their autumn meeting1:510/161992
[ ]Board of DirectorsDean of Faculty proposal presented to Director's Board1:310/231992
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard to decide on an early retirement plan for faculty1:52/51993
[ ]Board of DirectorsKinnison outlines university strategy for tough times1:22/51993
[ ]Board of DirectorsExec's tenure recommendations raise ire1:25/171994
[ ]Board of Directors[Dr. Baird] Tipson named as next Witt president1:15/21995
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors plot course for University, Tipson assesses present state3:1-39/261995
[ ]Board of Directors; College CostsBoard approves tuition, fees budget proposal1:52/251997
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard authorizes new academic building1:111/41997
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard amends non-discrimination policy3:42/21999
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard approves tuition increase1:12/21999
[ ]Faculty; Board of DirectorsFaculty express concerns to Board2:12/161999
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard members see ceremony as highlight1:510/261999
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors sets tuition, discusses campus renovations1:12/82000
[ ]Residence Halls; Board of DirectorsResidence hall rewiring ok'd1:42/152000
[ ]Board of DirectorsNew bachelor of science programs announced1:12/222000
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard discusses new vision for campus; building changes1:310/312000
[ ]Board of Directors; BudgetWitt faces budget shortage1:110/22003
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard members mingle2:42/52009
[ ]Tuition;Board of Directors;Financial AidThird Year of Wittenberg Tuition Freeze 1:11/282015
[ ]Board of Directors;Collier, Glenn;Weaver, David;Springfield Museum Of ArtWitt’s Lawsuit Against Former Firm Moves Along 1:59/92015
[ ]Joyner, Laurie M.;Murray, Thomas J.;Zembar, Mary Jo;Presidents of Wittenberg;Board of DirectorsJoyner To Leave Her Post 1:111/112015
[ ]Presidents of Wittenberg;Helton, Richard;Board of Directors;Finances;[Photo]Witt Welcomes Interim President Richard Helton 1:11/272016
[ ]Board of Directors;Murray, TomBREAKING: Murray Resigns from Board of Directors Online3/232016
[ ]Murray, Thomas J.;Eilert, Jonathan;Board of Directors;Helton, RichardReverend Eilert Steps Up as Interim Chair of the Board 1:14/132016