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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Student Volunteer BandA short account8:1-29/291910
[ ]BandMusiker. Answer the call. Call is issued for band1:3-49/251914
[ ]Student Volunteer BandAims and Purposes of Student Volunteer Band2:49/281922
[ ]BandCollege Band Will Make First Public Apperance Friday2:410/51922
[ ]BandUniforms Are to Be Purchased For Band1:21/111923
[ ]BandBand As a Pep Machine2:12/11923
[ ]BandWhy Have A Band? (The College Band a Reality)1:12/11923
[ ]BandThe College Band As They Appeared in Their New Uniforms Friday Night [Picture]2:13/81923
[ ]Band School; BandInterest Many in Wittenberg Band School1:32/141924
[ ]Band; Bjorklund, A.J.; Zuck, NormanBand organizes with 55 pieces; 35 new men respond to first call1:49/221927
[ ]BandBand director announced personnel1:210/91931
[ ]BandBand chooses new band members1:310/71932
[ ]BandBand chooses new members1:310/71932
[ ]BandBand totals 40 with 24 new players1:110/131933
[ ]BandWittenbergers of 1914 anticipated 12 piece band, first Torch reveals1:39/281934
[ ]BandBand plays in convocation1:53/11935
[ ]Band;Seldon, Robert;Stough, Morrow;Lipper, Dale;Franz, John;Strouse, Karl;Holloway, WilliamSix Will Participate in Band Festival Tomorrow4:34/121935
[ ]Band;Orchestra;Choir;Student ActivitiesBand and Orchestra2:110/21936
[ ]BandBand Try-Outs1:110/21936
[ ]Band;Orchestra;Choir;Course Credit;Musical EventsOrchestra Choir Plan Concerts - Participants In Musical Activities Now Get Credit Hours1:110/21936
[ ]BandRuling permits women in band1:412/181936
[ ]BandBand arranges for "Basketball concert" series1:512/171937
[ ]BandBand to give Radio concert1:12/181938
[ ]BandBand performs double function, Oehlsen asserts2:44/81938
[ ]BandInaugurates series of annual concerts1:65/61938
[ ]BandBand will appear in brilliant uniforms at game tomorrow1:110/211938
[ ]BandBand drive for funds nets $61.101:110/281938
[ ]BandCoeds join ranks of band at games3:31/131939
[ ]BandFifty men, women will participate in five-day spring journey1:34/141939
[ ]BandFifty men, women will participate in five-day spring journey4:44/211939
[ ]BandRhythm band will feature program1:15/101940
[ ]Band48-piece band leaves for tour next week; to give 15 concerts1:13/281941
[ ]BandBand to conclude year with concert1:55/231941
[ ]BandBand promises special program between halves1:510/101941
[ ]BandConcert band opens season1:511/281941
[ ]BandBand arranges for concert March 71:52/271942
[ ]BandBand arranges for concert March 71:13/61942
[ ]BandBand to Entertain At Games3:412/201949
[ ]BandNew concert band swings into busy season (por)4:33/51954
[ ]BandBand will hold debut Sunday1:23/121954
[ ]BandAwesome...subtle...haunting5:15/31957
[ ]BandBand plans Ohio, Penn. tour1:31/171958
[ ]BandBand tours seven cities2:34/291960
[ ]BandBand to give home concert1:25/61960
[ ]BandTour to include 8 concerts in 2 states1:44/281961
[ ]BandAnnual spring concert presented1:45/51961
[ ]BandTiger tracks6:110/141961
[ ]BandBand to present pop concert1:311/171961
[ ]Pep BandTo be seen and heard (pic)4:34/61962
[ ]BandBand to leave on 4-day tour of Ohio1:14/271962
[ ]BandBand to give 8 concerts1:14/191963
[ ]BandHome band concert to feature classical, dixiland, modern1:15/31963
[ ]BandWU band to perform; Syncopates will serve1:311/201964
[ ]BandWitt Band provides successful concert4:112/41964
[ ]BandWU Band to visit three states4:54/231965
[ ]BandBand on tour, to give concert1:14/301965
[ ]BandWU Band visits Washington3:15/141965
[ ]CARE All-Star Jug BandBand mixes folk, blues music in unique entertainment5:410/11965
[ ]BandBand has long history6:110/221965
[ ]BandBand presents annual concert1:311/121965
[ ]BandConcert band plays variety of music in French setting1:111/191965
[ ]BandConcert band to go on tour during spring break1:31/141966
[ ]BandBand will devote afternoon concert to student works2:13/41966
[ ]BandBand in concert7:34/221966
[ ]BandTuba solo featured in band concert7:54/281966
[ ]BandConcert band to play, tape4:35/61966
[ ]Air Force BandAir Force Band to give 2 performances here Tuesday4:110/291966
[ ]Pep BandOrganized to boost school spirit (pic)3:42/141969
[ ]Catharsis (band)Jazz rock band to entertain at Rathskeller on Saturday, 9:00 PM1:410/121972
[ ]Catharsis (band)Jazz-rock group well received1:610/211972
[ ]Symphonic BandValue Music4:111/141974
[ ]Trinidad Tripoli Steel BandTo play at Wittenberg February 1, 19751:41/301975
[ ]Symphonic BandPerforms first concert Oct. 314:710/281976
[ ]Marshall Tucker BandUtilizes image of horse in music. Performed Feb. 24 in the field house1:42/171977
[ ]Symphonic BandPerforming in concert Feb. 274:62/241977
[ ]Scott-Heron, Gil, Brian Jackson & The Midnight BandTo perform at Antioch4:12/241977
[ ]Marshall Tucker BandMarshall Tucker Tuckers Out3:13/31977
[ ]USAF BandInvites guests to "sit" in at Wright-Patterson8:65/121977
[ ]Poco, Starcastle, and Michael Stanley BandShell-shocked spectators overlook noise and heat6:25/261977
[ ]Pousette-Dart BandPousette-Dart to headline concert for homecoming3:79/301977
[ ]Symphonic BandBand to be in concert Nov. 131:311/111977
[ ]BandExplanation of why there is no marching band1:310/121979
[ ]Symphonic BandWittenber band will perform8:310/241980
[ ]AirbandMore to Witt "Air-band" than meets the eye (pic)4:111/121982
[ ]I-tal BandI-tal cuts across racial barrier4:25/131983
[ ]AirbandBands Clash in Mid-air5:42/101984
[ ]AirbandHornets buzz to top (pic)12:12/171984
[ ]Greg Khin Band"A roller coaster ride"6:14/131984
[ ]Greg Khin BandNot a "Hairstyle Band"6:14/131984
[ ]AirbandAnd the Winner is... (pic)5:15/181984
[ ]Student BandsWitt's finest bands draw kudos from appreciativepg. 6, col4/261991
[ ]Symphonic BandWitt Symphonic Band offers full range of styles in concert9:111/21993
[ ]Symphonic BandWittenberg hosts Honors Band Festival10:1-31/231996
[ ]Pep bandPep band formation in the works3:2-310/11996
[ ]Duckbutter; Student BandsCampus band Duckbutter combines old, new talents15:1-511/51996
[ ]Symphonic BandSymphonic Band to perform first fall concert Saturday15:4-511/51996
[ ]Pep BandMore'pep' added to Wittenberg sports6:1-52/41997
[ ]Symphonic Band; WittFestWitt Symphonic Band to play Witt Fest7:24/231999
[ ]Kennedy, Dr. Tom; Music Department; BandKennedy welcomes students to band concert, hopeful for traveling band8:12/292000
[ ]Union Board; Concerts; Guster (band)Guster invades Wittenberg on tour (pic)8:19/262000
[ ]Guster (band)Guster's drummer Brian Rosenwarcel enjoys then Hollow, life on the road (pic)9:19/262000
[ ]Chapter 6 (band); Union Board; ConcertsIllinois-based Chapter 6 jazzes up Wittenberg9:13/252003
[ ]Pep bandPep band brings new energy to campus sporting event10:111/12004
[ ]Homecoming;Symphonic Band;Concerts‘Homecoming Hoopla’ 4:110/122016
[ ]Tiger Pep Band;Athletics;Band;Music;Williams, Gary;Miller, Morgan;Hughes, EthanAwaiting Approval: Bringing Back the Tiger Pep Band 5:111/92016
[ ][Photo];Duraj, Jon;North, Charles;Sigma Delta Pi;Celebrate Service;Jewish Culture Club;George, Lucas;Alpha Delta Pi;Lambda Chi Alpha;Beta Theta Pi;Hobson, Zachary;Fairbanks, Angela;Robinette, Joe;Whiteley, Grace;Bennett, JoAnn;LeMaster, Biran;McNeill, Elizabeth;Jones, Brandon;Kolb, Drew;Project Woman;Criswell, Lindsey;Phi Kappa Psi;Bobbitt, Megan;Hoff, Ruth;Preston Nickoson, Carol;Powers, Kyle;Lorko, Kelsey;Fletcher, Kamyia;Black, Cameron;Barnard, Evan;Winn, Kayla;Scott, Richard;Tiger Pep Band;Records, Molly;Marks, Josh;Delta Tau Delta;Alpha Phi Omega;Gill, Casey;Leadership Awards CeremonyWittenberg Hosts Seventh Annual Leadership Awards 3:14/122017