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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Theatre attendancePresident Payne of Ohio Wesleyan defends action of faculty40:212/11885
[ ]AttendanceProfessors now keep "tab" on all absences. New system adopted by faculty sends all "cuts" to dean's office.1:310/221914
[ ]AttendanceNew regulations by faculty in regard to absences1:310/201921
[ ]AttendanceFaculty Passes Absence Rules; New System To Take Effect at Beginning of Next Semester1:21/171924
[ ]AttendanceStudents average over 500 cuts weekly4:63/131930
[ ]AttendanceAdministration calls attention to attendance rules1:210/231930
[ ]AttendanceSuhr reveals a new absence system1:62/21940
[ ]AttendanceSuhr reveals a new absence system (por)1:32/91940
[ ]AttendanceDean lists rules for absences1:411/191941
[ ]AttendanceWatch Those Cuts! They Spell T-r-o-u-b-l-e1:212/151948
[ ]Attendance; Nicholson, Ann; Schreiber, JackStudent leads named for movie4:110/121949
[ ]AttendanceStudent leads named for movie4:112/101949
[ ]AttendanceAttendance code1:19/121957