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[ ]AthleticsMovement to raise standard of inter-collegiate athletics146:22/181896
[ ]Athletics for womenGirls' athletics166:23/31896
[ ]AthleticsWitt may take stand on employing unsportsmanlike means in her contests142:11/191897
[ ]AthleticsRules at OSU provided by the faculty shall regulate athletics in that institution227:13/161897
[ ]Athletics for womenFerncliff athletics259:14/61897
[ ]AthleticsIn prospect for 1897109/251897
[ ]AthleticsProspects of a football team for the season28:110/91897
[ ]AthleticsCoach Inison and the team34:110/161897
[ ]AthleticsOwing to lateness of season and depleted treasury, no coach will be hired4310/231897
[ ]AthleticsNeed for awakening interest in athletics175:12/121898
[ ]AthleticsAthletics 1898224:23/191898
[ ]AthleticsAthletics 18982:112/31898
[ ]AthleticsInter-class League athletics7:13/181899
[ ]AthleticsAthletics2:14/11899
[ ]AthleticsChampions defeated. Seniors vs. freshmen2:24/221899
[ ]AthleticsAn awakening; bright prospects for a winning football team at Witt; a stirring speech1:39/301899
[ ]AthleticsWittenberg has no athletic park3:23/31900
[ ]AthleticsWitt is beginning a new era in athletics162:21/291902
[ ]Coeducation; Athletics for womenFifty athletic coeds training at YWCA gym1:111/151911
[ ]AthleticsNew era in athletics42/11912
[ ]AthleticsAthletes publically rewarded for first time at Wittenberg5:12/71912
[ ]AthleticsGraduate manager praises attitude of student. Post-season statement by Dr. T. Bruce Birch lauds student support of athletics.6:33/21912
[ ]AthleticsStudents pledge $1.00 for athletic fund. Resolutions are adopted supporting movement for improvement of Zimmerman field.5:33/131912
[ ]AthleticsThousand-dollar campaign is being waged for athletics1:13/131912
[ ]AthleticsCanada's college sports, lacrosse, ice-hockey, cricket, and Rugby football are most popular athletics8:13/271912
[ ]AthleticsCampaign to raise 1,000 for athletic field, will be vigorously prosecuted. Circular letters are ready for distribution8:34/31912
[ ]AthleticsVariety in athletics. Opportunities are offered for participation by every student1:15/81912
[ ]AthleticsFamous 1912 athletes126/51912
[ ]AthleticsFair play. Coaching system criticized276:12/191913
[ ]AthleticsLong contract is tendered present athletic coach by Board of Control. Joseph Keyser is coach22/191913
[ ]AthleticsContested election results in deafeat for "would-be" captain. Small clique attempts to oust Miller as baseball captain but are beaten.294:12/261913
[ ]AthleticsAthletic ideals134:32/191914
[ ]AthleticsNeed for scholarships to encourage athletes to enter wittenberg161:13/191914
[ ]AthleticsFreshmen in athletics. Ohio Athletic conference decrees that freshmen should not play intercollegiate contests.2:210/81914
[ ]AthleticsOhio Athletic Conference will give no concessions in regard to freshmen playing3:110/221914
[ ]AthleticsAthletics at Wittenberg41:110/281914
[ ]AthleticsFaculty decides that Witt remain in the Ohio conference. Coach Keyser's porposition was unanimously rejected.33:110/281914
[ ]AthleticsThe athletic problem36:110/281914
[ ]AthleticsAthletic policy is adopted by faculty. Professors decide upon attitude toward sports. Encourage better facilities1:411/51914
[ ]AthleticsTo the knocker52:311/251914
[ ]AthleticsBoard of control will present a constitution to Witt Athletic association for adoption1:212/101914
[ ]AthleticsStudent Body, student opinion, one way out.2:212/161914
[ ]AthleticsMorals and athletics152:13/101915
[ ]AthleticsFood for thought along athletic lines. A review.1663/241915
[ ]AthleticsAthletics, their supervision and management reviewed by J.H. Keyser2:23/251915
[ ]AthleticsAthletes, their supervision and management. An up-to-date system.2:24/151915
[ ]AthleticsMuch interest shown in inter-group series3:25/131915
[ ]AthleticsRadical reforms in athletics. Evidence of professionalism shown2:411/241915
[ ]AthleticsAthletes are honored when students gather at annual fall dinner1:112/91915
[ ]AthleticsOne way out. This change may be the abolition of inter-collegiate athletics.12/161915
[ ]AthleticsBanquet honors feted college god, athletics on Wed night. J. Philip Schneider as "Arbitrum Bibendi" enlivens the occasion with natural wit.1:112/71916
[ ]AthleticsExtensive athletic program planned for spring. Coach Godfrey issues call for recruits1:12/231917
[ ]AthleticsCoach Godfrey calls for assistant football managers this spring.1:33/151917
[ ]Athletics ScholarshipsAn opinion on scholarships by H. S. Bechtolt2:34/51917
[ ]Athletics ScholarshipsStudent opinions2:24/191917
[ ]Athletics"Every man get a man" is slogan adopted by students at athletic meeting.1:15/81920
[ ]AthleticsBreach of athletic relations with Wittenberg is denied in the Denisonian, the official publication of Dennison University3:41/61921
[ ]AthleticsWittenberg Spirit2:12/11923
[ ]AthleticsAthletics and Athletes Are an Asset to School (Athletes, Rules Governing the Scholastic Standing of Athletes)1:12/211923
[ ]AthleticsStadium Reflects Increase in Wittenberg's Athletic Power4:310/181923
[ ]Sports; Athletics; AwardsFairness in Athletics [the school should honor its athletes (an editorial)]2:112/101925
[ ]AthleticsWittenberg is readmitted to Buckeye A.A.1:112/41930
[ ]AthleticsBaseball and track not to be sponsord.1:33/181932
[ ]AthleticsProposed denominational league approved only as last resort by Wittenberg3:11/201933
[ ]AthleticsWithdrawal from Buckeye is final1:711/171933
[ ]Sports;Golf;Football;AthleticsSpectator Comments3:24/121935
[ ]Athletics;Van Why, Professor John B."Go Athletic," Profs Urged3:210/21936
[ ]Athletics -- HistoryHow much of Wittenberg's sports history do you know?3:44/91937
[ ]Athletics -- HistoryHow much of Wittenberg's sports history do you know?3:34/161937
[ ]Athletics -- HistoryHow much of Wittenberg's sports history do you know?3:24/301937
[ ]Athletics; FootballStudents, faculty sing praises of champion Lutherans1:111/291940
[ ]AthleticsFall intramural program back to pre-war status3:210/41946
[ ]AthleticsOhio conference reverses ruling4:512/111947
[ ]AthleticsConference passes new eligibility law4:34/71948
[ ]AthleticsThe world of sports4:45/181956
[ ]AthleticsWinter sports schedule3:512/71956
[ ]AthleticsBig plans ahead, changes in order8:110/171958
[ ]AthleticsKey to athletic policy is school correlation7:39/171959
[ ]AthleticsNew ticket policy is announced5:312/41964
[ ]AthleticsWittenberg All-sports banquet6:15/131966
[ ]AthleticsSexism in athletics: a report6:311/11973
[ ]AthleticsVarsity service credit motion passed1:33/71974
[ ]AthleticsBudget differs by sex5:15/231974
[ ]Athletics for womenMove to new practice field5:45/231974
[ ]AthleticsTigers bring OCA titles to Witt5:15/301974
[ ]AthleticsChanges proposed1:14/171975
[ ]Athletics for womenWinter programs (pic)7:111/121982
[ ]Athletics for womenWomen's sports: Just fun?13:19/281984
[ ]Athletics for womenCaptain's Council sets goals9:11/181985
[ ]Athletics for womenAthletes label captain's council a valuable asset9:12/11985
[ ]Athletics for womenJourney through athletic history reveals growth (pic)8:15/171985
[ ]Athletics for womenWomen finish 2nd in All-State standing8:45/171985
[ ]Athletics for womenAthletes honored at second annual awards brunch (pic)6:15/241985
[ ]Athletics for women"Captain's Council" meetsNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.8:110/191985
[ ]Athletics for womenWomen athletes end successful year9:15/301986
[ ]AthleticsWhen positive is negative. Drug testing1:33/61987
[ ]AthleticsFour Witt Athletes named to All-American; Effect of tough new NCAA rules on Wittenberg slight13:11/121990
[ ]Athletics; Purnell, GarnettThe good fan: A message from Wittenberg AD Garnett Purnell 5:12/162006
[ ]Athletics; Buildings; Facilities; Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC); Purnell, Garnett; H.P.E.R. hosts a range of sports and activities...but is it enough?11:12/142008
[ ]Athletics; Faculty and Staff; Crosbic, Ellen; CancerHead athletic trainer walks for cure 11:110/162008
[ ]Athletics; Buildings; Facilities; Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)A set of new rules: cracking down at the HPER center15:12/122009
[ ]Academics; Student Senate; WUSO; AthleticsGPA requirements: One size doesn't fit all1:12/122009
[ ]Athletics; Brown, Brandyn; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Sports; Stuckey, Justin; Winders, Ted; Yuskewich, KatherineWitt athletics represented at NCAA leadership conference14:12/122009
[ ]Campus; Buildings; Hollenbeck Hall; Post 95; Food Services; AthleticsNew around Witt6:019/82010
[ ]Athletics; AcademicsAthletic initiative sets Witt athletics apart from the rest 3:013/222011
[ ]Athletics; Buildings; Facilities; Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)Rumors surround new indoor fitness facility 2:033/222011
[ ]Athletics; Seniors; College LifeSenior athletes get used to retired life 6:013/222011
[ ]Exercise;Athletics;MusicMusic While Exercising: A Weighty Issue? 9:19/72011
[ ]Athletics; Ellis, Sara; Overholt, Tori; [Photos]; Richardson, Sarah; Sports; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWittenberg Hosts Women in Sports Day to Foster Athletic Interest7:11/232013
[ ]Athletic Facilities;Athletics;Bates, Wes;Bates, Ann;Alumnae/Alumni;Mixed Reviews Accompany Announcement of New Athletic Facilities1:13/202013
[ ]Sports;Athletics;Lehman, Douglas K.;Green, CaitlinAnalyzing Student Support in the Stands7:13/272013
[ ]Sports;Athletics;AthletesDivision III Week Promotes Wittenberg Athletes and Athletics4:14/102013
[ ]Triathlon;AthleticsWittenberg Triathlon Preview 7:14/92014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Athletics;Nutrition;Dann, TommyTiger Tips 6:19/102014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Athletics;Nutrition;Dann, TommyTiger Tips 6:19/102014
[ ]Football;Athletics;Jenkins, Zackary;Culvahouse, ZacharyWittenberg falls to Butler 22-16 in Opener; Remains Poised for Season 7:19/102014
[ ]Football;Athletics;Jenkins, Zackary;Culvahouse,ZacharyWittenberg falls to Butler 22-16 in Opener; Remains Poised for Season 7:19/102014
[ ]Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC);HPERC Facilities and Fields;Renovation Plans;Athletics;Opinion;[Photos]In Defense of the Health Wellness, Athletics Complex for the Good of the Family 10:12/242016
[ ]National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Athletics;Crow, JordanWittenberg Student Athletes Celebrate Division III Week 11:14/132016
[ ]Costa Rica;Study Abroad;International Education;Ritter, John;Athletics;[Photo]íVen a Costa Rica! 4:19/212016
[ ]Tiger Pep Band;Athletics;Band;Music;Williams, Gary;Miller, Morgan;Hughes, EthanAwaiting Approval: Bringing Back the Tiger Pep Band 5:111/92016
[ ]Opinion;Theatre and Dance Department;Dance;AthleticsCollegiate Dancers Deserve Training Resources 4:14/262017
[ ]Health, Wellness, & Athletics Complex (HWA) ;Williams, Gary;Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC);HPERC Facilities and FieldsUpdate on the New Health, Wellness & Athletics Complex 12:110/112017
[ ]Health, Wellness, & Athletics Complex (HWA);Frandsen, Michael;Williams, GaryFrustrations Swell About New HWA Facility 9:111/82017