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[ ]Athletic AssociationThe athletic association has been making a strong bid for admittance into the State Athletic Association.102:24/11891
[ ]State Athletic AssociationRepresentatives of colleges meet in Columbus to form association111:11/141896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationState Athletics143:12/111896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationAdopts rules which will eliminate professionalism in college athletics215:24/141896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationRules adopted by the representatives of Ohio colleges will foster college spirit1:24/211896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationMeeting held at Wittenberg24:210/61896
[ ]Athletic AssociationAdmendment proposed, membership fee reduced to twenty five cents.10412/41897
[ ]Athletic AssociationAthletic association adopted the proposal amendment116:112/111897
[ ]Athletic AssociationAt a called meeting of the students, W.S. Harris, President of the Athletic Association made a report of the finances and asked for financial support from the various organization.206:13/51898
[ ]Athletic AssociationThe Athletic Association needs the support of the students financial and moral211:23/121898
[ ]Athletic AssociationThe association has bet its financial indebtedness. W.B. Larrick, v.p.3245/231898
[ ]Athletic AssociationAthletic meeting: Reports and Election of Officers12312/121900
[ ]Athletic AssociationAt a called meeting the student body raised fund sufficient to liquidate their debt128:11/81902
[ ]Athletic AssociationThe amendment to the constitution was passed relative to the waring of the "W".121:11/81902
[ ]Athletic AssociationConstitution and by-laws of the Wittenberg athletic association611/291911
[ ]Athletic AssociationProf. R. W. McKinney ignored in electing Board of Control. Members-elect refuse to serve believeing that injustice has been done McKinney1:112/201911
[ ]Athletic AssociationBoard discusses athletic problem. The board of control will present a constitution to the association for adoption1:112/101914
[ ]Athletic AssociationIn recommending the abandonment of the position of athletic director for the college, the board of control undoubtedly took a step backward2:112/101914
[ ]Athletic AssociationAssociation holds meet and much business done. E. G. Swingle, new president. Wheels set in motion to send big crowd over to Wesleyan.1:43/31916
[ ]Athletic AssociationIgnorance or neglect? Women may become members and vote2:211/231916
[ ]Athletic AssociationAthletic Association constitution printed3:112/211916
[ ]Athletic AssociationAthletic association elects gubernatorials. constitution amended1:512/211916
[ ]Athletic AssociationBut Rip Van Winkle woke up criticism of the student body for not attending the athletic meeting2:212/211916
[ ]Bowe, Harriet; Fritz, Kathryn; Helvern, Dorothy; Kahn, Doris; Kantzer, Margaret; Leffel, Ruth; Meyer, Helen; Otte, Betty; Richison, Louise; Ruh, Helen; Stickney, Dorothy; Wetzel, Elsie; Women's Athletic Association (WAA); Woodrow, Mary LoisWomen's Athletic Association Starts Campaign For Members: Organization is Formed to Increase Interest in Sports and to Aid Health [New organization on the campus]1:310/11925
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)W. A. A. News3:22/181926
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)W. A. A. Board Meets3:410/271927
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)Now a member of National Amateur Group5:43/81928
[ ]Buckeye Athletic AssociationBuckeye Athletic Assoc. disbanded3:39/201928
[ ]Buckeye Intercollegite Athletic AssociationBuckeye Intercollegiate Athletic Association discuss athletic professionism in member schools3:39/271928
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA);Co-Eds To Hike For Eats, Prizes - Letters, Numerals, Sweaters To Be Awarded At Party; Hike On October 193:310/111928
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA);Women Athletes Plan Hike Route - Walkers Slated To Do Six-Mile Trip Saturday Morning October 134:610/111928
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)Honors Will Be Given to Co-Eds - Hockey Girls Will Receive 100 Points Toward Athletic Insignia3:512/131928
[ ]Buckeye Intercollegite Athletic AssociationBuckeye loop will disband1:312/161938
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)WAA Sponsors Open House This Friday4:511/171950
[ ]Alma Mater; Christian Fellowship Council; Elections; Service Chairmen; Student Senate; Women's Athletic Association (WAA)Elections will decide positions2:34/11960
[ ]Basketball; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Tigers at Evansville - 2nd place8:13/221963
[ ]National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Tigers at Evansville - 2nd place73/221963
[ ]Basketball; National News; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Big 8 Seeks RespectNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/15/1983, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/30/-0001. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 7:14/151983
[ ]National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Legislators intoduce bills in attempt to circumvenpg. 15, co4/51991
[ ]Football;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Wolverines race against time to NCAA16:112/52000
[ ]Athletics; Brown, Brandyn; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Sports; Stuckey, Justin; Winders, Ted; Yuskewich, KatherineWitt athletics represented at NCAA leadership conference14:12/122009
[ ]Basketball; Mack, Jamie; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Jamie's day with J.J. Jumper15:32/192009
[ ]Brym, Adeline; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Smith, Taylor; Sports; Swimming and DivingWomen's swimmer qualifies for NCAA championships 14:12/262009
[ ]National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Sports; Thomas, LanceSports Viewpoint: Duke in Hot Water over Lance Thomas Lawsuit 7:110/32012
[ ]Basketball - Men; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Sports; NCAA Men's Basketball Preview7:111/72012
[ ]National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Soccer; Soccer - Women; Sports; Women's Soccer Gets Bid to NCAA Tournament8:111/72012
[ ]Basketball; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); SportsNCAA Menís Basketball Preview Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/08/2012, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/07/2012. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 7:111/82012
[ ]Football; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Sports; Tigers Earn NCAC Playoff Berth Against Heidelberg: Wittenberg Football Enters NCAA Division III Tournament7:311/142012
[ ]National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Soccer; Soccer - Women; Sports; Women's Soccer Falters in NCAA Tournament7:111/142012
[ ]Sports;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);National NewsScandal, Madness, and Politics: State of the NCAA7:34/102013
[ ]Opinion;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);The Ohio State University;Economics;SportsHow Arguments Against Paying College Athletes Show That the Right Wing is Full of It 7:34/12015
[ ]Field Hockey;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Awards;Academics;[Photo]Womenís Field Hockey Team Celebrates Academic Success 7:14/12015
[ ]College of Wooster;Oberlin College;Baseball;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC)The NCAC and True Champions 12:111/42015
[ ]National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Athletics;Crow, JordanWittenberg Student Athletes Celebrate Division III Week 11:14/132016
[ ]Football;Hoffman, Zachary;Crowe, Terrance;Holmes, Dustin;Gingery, Will;Volleyball - Women;Labrador, Paco;Fischer, Maddie;Cox, Aubrey;Seidenstricker, Kara;Soccer - Women;Fannon, Matt;Brueck, Shannon;Brunswick, Michelle;Soutar, Leah;Davis, Megan;North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC);National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);[Photo]Fall Sports Recap 11:112/72016
[ ]Opinion;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Who Should Be in the Race for the Heisman, But Isnít 12:112/72016
[ ]National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)2016 College Football Brings a Year of Memorable Games 11:11/252017
[ ]National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)March Madness Predictions 10:13/222017
[ ]Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC);National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Bowsher, Frankie;Schulz, AmyAll Good Things Come in Threes: Division III Week 2017 12:14/122017
[ ]Track and Field;Barnes, Tyra;[Photo];National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Longshore, Alaina;Mitchell, Samantha;Gray, Alexis;Crow, Jordan;Meadlock, Brea;Stevens, Olivia;Meier, Hannah;Bowsher, Frankie;Gittins, Tyler;Farnbauch, Kyle;Branton, Tyler;Shutt, Cody;Mayes, Kenny;Hale, Ryan;Rodeheffer, Charles;Osman, JonathanTrack & Field: Donít Stop Running 19:14/192017
[ ]National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Golf - Men;Brickley, Garrett;Willis, Cameron;Stilwell, Sam;Laszlo, Colin;Wright, Mark;Roope, Jeff;North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC);[Photo]Menís Golf Wins National Championship 11:39/62017
[ ]Volleyball - Women;[Photo];National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Fischer, Maddie;Wildemann, Karen;Cox, Aubrey;Labrador, Paco;North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC)Team Spotlight: Womenís Volleyball Sits At 13-0 10:110/42017