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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Science DepartmentsWittenberg strengthens its science equipment65:21/11884
[ ]Chemistry DepartmentOur laboratory17:1-211/11885
[ ]Art DepartmentArt Department credits shall be given looking toward a college degree69/151910
[ ]Music DepartmentCredits shall be given in anticipation of college degree6:39/151910
[ ]Music DepartmentRenders interesting fortnightly recital2:210/251911
[ ]Education DepartmentProfessional training classes are organized. State requirements in observation & practice teaching are met2:1-43/111915
[ ]Education DepartmentProfessional training classes are organized. State requirements in observation & practice teaching are met2:43/111916
[ ]English DepartmentOccasional hours led by student lecturers promote new interests3:13/301916
[ ]Department of Zoologybiology substituted3:39/281916
[ ]Music DepartmentLarge enrollment. Credit for work in conservatory under direction of Miriam Weaver4:210/261916
[ ]Chemistry DepartmentCity asks help of chem department1:211/81916
[ ]Publicity DepartmentMeans other than athletic are sought to boost Wittenberg and students1:32/31921
[ ]Science DepartmentsExpansion planned, by means of new courses, more teachers, and additional rooms5:13/91922
[ ]English Department; Trebein, Bertha E.Assistant English Professor Is Selected - Will Begin WOrk Next September - New Courses to Be Offered in English Department1:52/151923
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentFuture of Home Economics Department is Promising Wittenberg Co-Eds Avail Themselves of Opportunities Offered in New College Department4:44/261923
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club); Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics Aims to Prepare For "Home Making"1:34/261923
[ ]Science Departments; Special Issue; TorchScience issue4/261923
[ ]Religion DepartmentSecond Year of New College Department Is Near Completion4:45/171923
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics Classis Give Valuable Training Girls Appreciate the Advantages of Courses in Household Arts2:210/41923
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics Department Holds Annual Open House2:311/221923
[ ]Department of Zoology; Beaver, W. C.Believe Remains of Mastodon Discovered; College Authorities Will Organize Excavating Party This Spring to Conduct Work [Discovered Near Springfield, OH]1:33/271924
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Greek Department; Hiller, Professor Robert Henry Faculty and Staff; Greek Department; Hiller, Professor Robert Henry Professor Hiller Will Speak Before Society [Will Address American Society for the Advancement of Science on the Particle "de" in Greek Literature]1:511/201924
[ ]Administration; Alumnae/Alumni; Faculty and Staff; History Department; Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince Nears 84th Milestone: "Wittenberg's Grand Old Man" Has Served College For Nearly Sixty Years (pic)1:512/111924
[ ]Faculty and Staff; History Department; Volwiler, Albert T.Dr. Volwiler is Granted Leave: History Professor Will Assume Position at Indiana State University6:35/281925
[ ]Campus Tea Room; Home Economics Department; Recitation HallCampus Tea Room to Open Tuesday: Sophomore Cooking Class to Conduct Miniature Restaurant1:59/241925
[ ]McNutt, Franklin Holbrook; Faculty and Staff; Education DepartmentProf. F. H. McNutt of the Education Department is a Son of Wittenberg (pic)4:210/151925
[ ]Ehrhardt-Siebold, Baroness Erika von; Faculty and Staff; Languages DepartmentFrench Professor Was Born In Feudal Castle on the Danube5:211/191925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Faculty Club; Home Economics Department; Dunbrook, R. F.Faculty to Hold Informal Dinner: Professors to Stage Gneral Jam Thursday Evening, Dec. 104:412/31925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Biology Department; Van Horn, H. A.Physician to become member of faculty: Dr. Van Horn, Springfield Man, to join teaching staff for second semester [Local physician to teach embryology]2:512/101925
[ ]Biology Department; Faculty and Staff; Beaver, W. C.Biology display to be presented: Work of Department to be shown at Arcade Hotel1:112/171925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Psychology Department; Arnold, Henry J.Professor makes Religious survey: Students are requested to fill out questionnaire on beliefs1:312/171925
[ ]Biology DepartmentCollege To Give Display At Hotel - Collection of Biological Forms To Be Shown at Arcade1:22/181926
[ ]Seashore, Carl E.;Psychology DepartmentDr. C. E. Seashore Speaks In Chapel - Dean of Graduate School at Iowa Is College Guest1:52/181926
[ ]Reymert, Martin L.;Psychology DepartmentReymert To Attend Congress In Holland - Head of Psychological Laboratory To Represent Wittenberg at Meeting1:62/181926
[ ]Radio Station WCSO;Music Department;Students Broadcast Concert From WSCO - Each Department of Music School Is Represented on Radio Program4:22/251926
[ ]Home Economics Department;Bell, Charlotte;Jencks, ElizabethCampus Tea Room Serves Luncheons - Students To Act As Managers Each Week1:29/301926
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish wit to clash with American logic1:211/111926
[ ]Chemistry Department; International Symposium of Feelings and Emotions; Koch Hall; Psychology Department; Slosson, Dr. E.E.; Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsNew laboratories dedication will be featured at meet; Noted men to speak: Famous Psychologists to probe new field of science as major study1:69/221927
[ ]Reymert, Martin L.;Psychology DepartmentResults To Be Published Soon - Reymert To Arrange Pulication Of Symposium Results1:110/271927
[ ]Economics DepartmentDept drops economics as a prerequisite for students wishing to major in business administration1:22/231928
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentFood course new1:49/201928
[ ]Personnel DepartmentOpen for benefit of Wittenberg students. Vocational counseling and placement bureaus will help students3:19/221928
[ ]Psychology Department;Reymert, M. L.Students Attend O. S. U. Psych Meets - Privilege Extended To Those Majoring In Psychology; Dr. Reymert Also Attends1:410/111928
[ ]Art DepartmentArt Department plans affiliation with Art Institute1:510/311929
[ ]Physics DepartmentBuys new equipment2:410/161930
[ ]Boost Wittenberg Association;Speech Department;Plays;Kany, Howard L.Boost 'W' Is Sponsor To Play Series - Department of Speech Will Co-operate With Association1:11/131933
[ ]Education Department;Kantzer, MargaretStudent Teachers Must Register3:71/131933
[ ]Home Economics Department;Home Economics ClubHome Economics Club Gives Party - Freshmen Girls To Be Honored At Annual Dinner1:59/291933
[ ]Weaver, James;Physics DepartmentPhysics Classes Largest In Department History3:59/291933
[ ]Arnold, Henry J.;Psychology DepartmentAnnounces New Project Topics - Book Reviews, Psychological Studies Will Be Employed1:62/91934
[ ]Armstrong, Edla;Rose, Mary Swartz;Home Economics DepartmentConvention Elects Armstrong As State Secretary3:14/121935
[ ]Engineers' Club;Physics Department;Engineers See Demonstration - Club Will Hold Next Meeting May 21:64/121935
[ ]Brees, Paul R.;Speech Department;Drama;Debate;Browne, JeanneBrees Plans Forensic Year - Jeanne Brown, '34, Will Direct Wittenberg Players1:310/21936
[ ]Speech DepartmentReport finds speech department consists of much more than classes2:31/101941
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentData shows active group here4:31/141944
[ ]Speech Department;Kelley, VernonSpeech Students Judge Contest4:412/151948
[ ]Public Relations DepartmentPRD plays the informer, tells all about everything to everyone3:110/121949
[ ]Pi Sigma Alpha;Political Science;Political Science DepartmentPi Sigma Alpha Elects1:110/261949
[ ]Psi Chi;Psychology DepartmentPsi Chi, Psych Honorary, To Hold Initiation Dec. 131:311/171950
[ ]Schrag, Dr. E. F;Sociology DepartmentSociology Panel Set For Nov. 201:111/171950
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentAn elegant new world3:511/81957
[ ]Languages DepartmentLanguage laboratories now being used by students taking foreign languages5:110/21959
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics Management House gets new look4:411/201959
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentTen live in new house1:12/121960
[ ]Home Economics department; Haas, Dr. Mary; Johnson, Audrey; Cochran, MaryHome Economics attend Ohio conference2:44/11960
[ ]Foreign Languages Department; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldVisit Language Lab4:24/11960
[ ]Hartman, Jeane; Home Economics department; Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Home economists see copper work4?64/81960
[ ]Mathematics DepartmentIncreases curriculum1:211/111960
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish proficiency policy to begin new1:13/101961
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics major discontinued1:14/281961
[ ]Chemistry DepartmentChemistry Department gets approval of American Chemical Society1:310/201961
[ ]Education DepartmentCurriculum accredited by National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education1:310/41963
[ ]Art DepartmentArt Department work exhibited at Ohio shows by WU faculty1:21/151965
[ ]Physics DepartmentProfs attend meet6:41/141966
[ ]Art DepartmentCrabill students use "torch" in creating unique art forms7:12/111966
[ ]Art DepartmentLocal architecture in Crabill display6:52/111966
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent Teaching--program and experience2:1-54/21966
[ ]Physics Department; Biology DepartmentBiology and physics opn house slated5:34/221966
[ ]Biology Department; Physics DepartmentOpen house slated5:34/221966
[ ]Physics Department; Biology DepartmentBiology and Physics open house slated8:54/281966
[ ]Biology Department; Physics DepartmentOpen house slated8:54/281966
[ ]Fine Arts DepartmentStudents to hold art exhibit, sale6:45/61966
[ ]Psychology Departmentwins NSF grant5:65/21967
[ ]Publicity DepartmentWU cops "Silver Award" for tour publicity1:45/191967
[ ]Languages DepartmentExpands program and adds to staff7:210/131967
[ ]Grants; Chemistry DepartmentFour students receive $5000 summer-study grant from National Science FoundationNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:52/191968
[ ]Art DepartmentMetalcraft students exhibit is featured at Crabill3:34/121968
[ ]Physics DepartmentGets analyzerNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.7:11/261969
[ ]Physics DepartmentLaboratory to be named in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Buchy1:15/91969
[ ]Physics DepartmentChair established in Dept. through gift of Dr. Stanley Hanley to honor Dr. Weaver5:32/131970
[ ]English DepartmentWinners of general literary awards, the Creativity Award, the Media Award named1:15/241973
[ ]Education Department; Ray, Lloyd B.Student teachers travel6:511/81973
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent teaching in Australia6:311/81973
[ ]Education DepartmentPat Blauvelt in Brussels6:41/311974
[ ]Psychology DepartmentHarshfield examines IQ in psych lab (pic)6:35/91974
[ ]English DepartmentAwards4:35/161974
[ ]Education DepartmentEducation Dept. Praised6:311/141974
[ ]English DepartmentSymposium studies on Byran1:611/141974
[ ]English DepartmentLiterary awards contest sponsored6:511/211974
[ ]Languages DepartmentLanguage courses vary. Some will be taught in English4:12/61975
[ ]Psychology DepartmentCamarillo program hard by rewarding8:14/101975
[ ]Geography DepartmentClasses dwindling1:55/231975
[ ]Languages DepartmentDept. gives credit1:55/291975
[ ]Business DepartmentBusiness department awarded federal grant to establish a Small Business Institute for winter term1:110/301975
[ ]English DepartmentDept sponsors renaissance night4:310/301975
[ ]Art DepartmentStudents decorate tunnel1:510/301975
[ ]Geography DepartmentStudents view residential desirability6:510/301975
[ ]Geology DepartmentNew geology research center1:11/221976
[ ]Physics DepartmentPanel discusses science and government6:62/51976
[ ]Biology DepartmentStudents study at Duke.6:72/51976
[ ]Biology DepartmentSister Earlene speaks to pre-med on nursing6:62/121976
[ ]Business DepartmentCourse benefits area and students4:42/191976
[ ]Biology DepartmentRockwood outlines jobs in medical technology8:22/251976
[ ]Business DepartmentNew course succeeds6:74/221976
[ ]Art DepartmentArtists are honored6:15/131976
[ ]Business DepartmentClass rates car4:45/201976
[ ]Psychology DepartmentSex is psche course topic4:19/91976
[ ]Languages DepartmentSurvey of Chinese Literature course in English translation offered4:49/91976
[ ]Political Science DepartmentSettingup new headquarters for national election4:810/281976
[ ]Religion DepartmentIsrael trip is planned for Dec.5:111/41976
[ ]Economics DepartmentBrings 5 films to campus on economic growth4:81/131977
[ ]Languages DepartmentLanguage department joins with History dept. in offering course on Germany4:62/31977
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent teachers fight bad weather as their assigned schools are closed1:12/171977
[ ]English DepartmentSponsors literary awards contest4:45/51977
[ ]Department of DefenseVet discharge reviewed4:25/51977
[ ]Biology DepartmentField trips to provide first-hand experience4:55/121977
[ ]Theatre DepartmentStudents to stage own plays1:65/191977
[ ]Education DepartmentEd. Department to computerize records1:49/301977
[ ]Humanities DepartmentHumanities departments planning together1:12/241978
[ ]English DepartmentAcademic meetings scheduled for guest speakers, open to faculty, students, and friends4:310/131978
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentDept offering summer trip to Japan and China; Information available1:111/31978
[ ]Theatre DepartmentTo present the play "Firebugs" Feb. 14-18. Directed by Mr. William Balling, Jr. - Witt prof4:71/191979
[ ]English DepartmentDept offers literary interest programs4:71/261979
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentWitt students Christine Dalgetty, Jeffrey Filcik, Linda Might, and Philips Winter to go to China1:11/261979
[ ]Physics DepartmentAcquire equipment with $2500 grant from National Science foundation3:12/91979
[ ]Political Science DepartmentMilton Rakove will discuss "Is the Machine Dead?"6:12/91979
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentDr. Jim Huffna, Witt faculty member, offers expertise (pic)1:22/231979
[ ]Theatre DepartmentSpring production "Night of January 16" at Blair Theatre may 9-13 at 8:15 p.m., 2:30 Matinee May 126:25/41979
[ ]Economics DepartmentProfessor shortage felt2:29/291979
[ ]Physics DepartmentDonates two artifacts to the Smithsonian1:110/191979
[ ]Biology DepartmentBiology Dept to offer field study in the Bahamas6:11/181980
[ ]Geology DepartmentDept to offer field study in the Bahamas6:11/181980
[ ]Mathematics DepartmentOffers new curriculum in computer science6:31/181980
[ ]Political Science DepartmentPanel Discussion by Political Science faculty on Iran and Afghanistan6:62/81980
[ ]Biology DepartmentBio majors hold "Bio Ball" at Ramada Inn (pic)6:34/251980
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentHuffman lectures on his research concerning the Japanese Press in the Meiji Era (pic)3:12/201981
[ ]Political Science DepartmentPresidential office and its difficulties examined by Michael Humphrey who spent a term in Washington, D.C.3:45/11981
[ ]Political Science Department; Schier, Dr. Steven E.Dr. Steven E. Schier resign to accept position at Carleton College in Northfiled, MN. Discusses past experiences at Wittenberg (pic)1:15/81981
[ ]Education DepartmentAssertive discipline workshops announced2:69/251981
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Groundbreaking and work on new HPE facilities has begun, completion date set (pic)1:29/251981
[ ]English Department; Ostrom, Dr. John W.New writing award offered in honor of professor Ostrum2:310/21981
[ ]Languages DepartmentPossibility of a foreign language requirement discussed by education policy committee1:310/161981
[ ]Languages DepartmentOffering self-paced individual instruction option for science majors wishing to aquire competency in Russian technical materials4:110/301981
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; FilmsJapanese films to be shown4:11/151982
[ ]Yingling, Greg;Eimer, Erhard O.;Psychology DepartmentRats take up new home6:32/51982
[ ]Art DepartmentField trip money stolen from Art department4:110/291982
[ ]Languages; Religion DepartmentStudents and Profs discuss sexism in classrooms (pic)1:111/121982
[ ]Political Science Department"New Federalism"4:12/251983
[ ]Art DepartmentArt Department News5:14/221983
[ ]English Department; ColloquiaMcEvoy looks through the glass4:25/131983
[ ]Education DepartmentLittle Jack Horner Visits Witt Corner (pic)8:12/101984
[ ]Speech DepartmentMay include speech major4:32/101984
[ ]Grants; Chemistry DepartmentChemistry changes curriculum7:35/31985
[ ]Psychology DepartmentNew faculty seek intellectual interaction3:710/111985
[ ]Education DepartmentEmphasis on Education8:91/311986
[ ]Biology DepartmentLearning in the Sunny Bahamas8:91/311986
[ ]Biology DepartmentBiology offers field study in the Bahamas10:72/141986
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish Deptartment proposes senior thesis honors8:11/301987
[ ]Education DepartmentEducation majors honored1:35/221987
[ ]Music DepartmentDr. Walters Recieves Award5:310/71988
[ ]English DepartmentMiller Resigns Due To Conflict1:110/71988
[ ]English Department; ColloquiaColloquia10/141988
[ ]Music DepartmentConcerts announced10/141988
[ ]Biology DepartmentChild Is Not Welcome In Biology Department3:110/211988
[ ]Hitt, John B.; Biology DepartmentChild is not welcome in Biology Dept3:110/211988
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWilder's: Skin Of Our Teeth11:110/211988
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe One Acts9:111/41988
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStafford Reviews `The Skin Of Our Teeth'8:111/111988
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentJebsen Announces One Act Auditions11:11/131989
[ ]Athletic DepartmentMurphy Resigns1:41/131989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCroston Directs Play12:31/201989
[ ]English DepartmentDr. Cobau To Chair English Department4:31/201989
[ ]Religion DepartmentCopeland Book Published3:31/271989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPlay Cast Announced13:21/271989
[ ]Sociology DepartmentSociology papers are sought1/271989
[ ]Sociology Department"Eye-Opener" experienced in sociology class2/31989
[ ]Economics DepartmentEconomics dept mixed on Laffer visit2/31989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMarshall, Harvey Star In 'On Tidings Endings'11:42/171989
[ ]Political Science DepartmentBaker, Bennett: Reagan will never go to trial3/31989
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentWomen face changing domestic roles3/31989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCast Set for Production6:34/71989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMoliere Teaches, Entertains5:15/191989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentActress Pleased With `Imaginary Invalid'7:15/261989
[ ]Religion DepartmentReligion offers course in Middle East5/261989
[ ]Music DepartmentSix recitals are on tap5/261989
[ ]Education DepartmentNew Instructor Appreciates Campus Openness5:49/221989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentFall Performance Cast Is Choosen7:59/291989
[ ]Sociology DepartmentSociologist examines links between drugs, crime9/291989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTidwell Adds Life To theatre With Three-Hat Act7:110/61989
[ ]Art Department; Ramsay, Prof. GeorgeRamsay's Art Displayed9:110/131989
[ ]English DepartmentBolls Publishes Second Book; `Earthbound' Contest Result6:410/201989
[ ]Psychology DepartmentArt Therapy Valuable In Dealing With Tension7:110/271989
[ ]Mathematics DepartmentMath professors up for tenure10/271989
[ ]Music DepartmentMusic at Witt to offer several special recitals10/271989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSatire, Comedy, and Drama Characterize The One Acts6:411/31989
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department`Good Woman' Good Show6:111/31989
[ ]Deaths; Health and Physical Education Department First woman HPE director dies1/121990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentMainstage rehearsals on1/121990
[ ]Religion DepartmentTrip teaches Bible culture1/121990
[ ]Religion DepartmentTrip Teaches Bible Culture5:11/121990
[ ]East Asian Studies Department$125,000 granted to East Asian Dept.1/191990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentModern Dance class up + running1/191990
[ ]Art DepartmentRamsey is teaching two-term course featuring computer art1/191990
[ ]Art DepartmentNew Art Teacher's Travel Breaks At Witt6:31/261990
[ ]Art DepartmentNew art teacher's travel breaks at Witt neon art opportunities available to all1/261990
[ ]Art DepartmentFlechtner creating sculpture for campus2/21990
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentAsian Studies Program Set in Budapest2/91990
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Credit restricted for gym course2/91990
[ ]Physics DepartmentPhysics Prof Utilizes NASA Grant1:52/91990
[ ]Physics DepartmentPhysics prof utilizes nose grant2/91990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMainstage Challenges Witt Actors8:22/161990
[ ]Psychology DepartmentPsych prof studies coronary2/161990
[ ]Theatre Department"Boys next door" challenges both actors and audience2/231990
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department`Boys Next Door' Challenges Both Actors And Audience7:42/231990
[ ]Music DepartmentKato Ensemble brings new music method to Witt3/21990
[ ]Music DepartmentProf to give horn recital3/21990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentVictorian "Insanity" to come alive on Blair stage3/21990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentFew roles left open for male leads in "Tales"4/61990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentSummer theatre tour offers credit and fun4/121990
[ ]Music DepartmentFaculty recital Sunday in Krieg4/201990
[ ]Religion DepartmentLife in concentration camp to be relived in memory of holocaust4/201990
[ ]Biology DepartmentProf Powlson Reflects On Changes Over The Years5:14/201990
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentWitt to host Asian seminar4/201990
[ ]Music DepartmentTownsend and Kalliope highlight music weekend4/271990
[ ]English DepartmentDedication Results In Release Of Publications5:45/41990
[ ]Art DepartmentJunior BFA works in Koch5/41990
[ ]Religion DepartmentRose Kaplowitz recounts holocause experience5/41990
[ ]English DepartmentBolls and Dixon Receive Artistic Awards4:35/181990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCanterbury Tales Offer Humerous Account Of Novel4:25/181990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentCanterbury Tales offer humorous account of novel5/181990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentStars shine in Risque "Tales"5/181990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStars Shine In Risque `Tales'6:15/181990
[ ]Music DepartmentTwo recitals highlight weekend5/181990
[ ]Music DepartmentMusic ends year with packed calendar5/251990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentPlaywrite Milan Stitt to pay second visit to Witt5/251990
[ ]Art DepartmentSenior art shown in Koch5/251990
[ ]Geography DepartmentThird World Studies major introduced by Leonard Brown5/251990
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'A Doll House' To Open At Witt This Fallp. 7, col.9/211990
[ ]English DepartmentAwknowledged Poet Linda Bierds Will Read Works Inpg. 6, col9/281990
[ ]Art DepartmentSelf-established Artist Kaplan Displays Paintingspg. 7, col10/51990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudents to Direct Upcoming One Actspg. 6, col10/51990
[ ]Art DepartmentTatum Brings Creativity to Wittpg. 6, col10/51990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTheatre Events Announcedpg. 6, col10/51990
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department HPED Offers Two New Courses Dealing With STD's,pg. 3, col10/121990
[ ]Philosophy DepartmentPhilosophy Department Adds McHenrypg. 5, col10/121990
[ ]Sociology DepartmentMcEvoy Reflects Timelessness In Photographypg. 6, col10/191990
[ ]Publications DepartmentWittenberg Directories To Arrive Soonpg. 2, col10/191990
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'A Doll House' To Explore Genderpg. 7, col10/261990
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department 'Kegs, Kicks, And Kompetition': A Pep Talk For Witpg. 2, col10/261990
[ ]Residence Life Department'Posting Policy' Is Enforcedpg. 16, co10/261990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCaraker Prepares 'A Doll House' For Productionpg. 7, col10/261990
[ ]Music DepartmentFaculty Artists to Preform In Kriegpg. 9, col10/261990
[ ]Philosophy DepartmentLast Rites Are Planned Saturday For Dr. R. G. Remsbergpg. 1, col10/261990
[ ]English DepartmentBalliet Gives Inspriration At Coloquiumpg. 2, col11/21990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCast Brings Ibsen's Characters To Lifepg. 7, col11/21990
[ ]Political Science DepartmentDr. Hu Combines China, Fun, And Political Sciencepg. 4, col11/21990
[ ]English DepartmentDr. Inboden Enjoys Teaching, Literature, Andpg. 5, col11/21990
[ ]Art DepartmentPawling's Watercolors To Be Shownpg. 7, col11/21990
[ ]HPE DepartmentEx-SEAL Teaches SCUBApg. 10, co11/91990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentUpcoming Theatre Eventspg. 7, col11/91990
[ ]Education DepartmentWelker Up For Tenure, Students Invited To Speakpg. 2, col11/91990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentJazzy 'Comedy of Errors' to run 8th weekpg. 7, col1/111991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Night of Sex' to be offered to all Wittenbergpg. 6, col1/251991
[ ]Art DepartmentKatherine Coy deemed 'successful artist'pg. 7, col2/11991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'LBJ' appeals to imaginationpg. 5, col2/81991
[ ]Psychology DepartmentStudent creativity is challenged in Roselius'pg. 9, col2/81991
[ ]English DepartmentGrotjohn brings poetic insights to English classespg. 6, col2/151991
[ ]English DepartmentPoet and essayist Gerald Stern reads from works atpg. 2, col2/151991
[ ]Theatre Department'Comedy of Errors' is professional quality 6, col2/221991
[ ]Art DepartmentArt is inspiration and vocation for Mannpg. 4, col2/221991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'91 dance concert choreography to offer jazz, bluepg. 8, col4/51991
[ ]Geology DepartmentBladhs incorporate geology, marriage in sharedpg. 6, col4/51991
[ ]English DepartmentFan talks to aspiring journalists, claimspg. 1, col4/51991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'91 Dance Concert team to make its debutpg. 8, col4/121991
[ ]English DepartmentDr. Grosh takes the fear out of learningpg. 6, col4/121991
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Dr. Martin scheduled to attend summitpg. 13, co4/121991
[ ]Art DepartmentArt faculty does more than just teachpg. 6, col4/261991
[ ]English DepartmentAwards unearnedpg. 1, col4/261991
[ ]Biology Department;English Department;Bolls, Dr. Nathan;Bolls, Imogene;Bolls's see their different disciplines as an asset4:14/261991
[ ]Music DepartmentWitt student musicians schedule two concerts overpg. 7, col4/261991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Miss Firecracker' coming May 16pg. 8, col5/31991
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish writing awards given on basis of merit,pg. 5, col5/31991
[ ]English Department; Music DepartmentFabers learned together and now teach togetherpg. 7, col5/31991
[ ]Intramural DepartmentIntramural Dept. hosts Fourth Annual Triathalonpg. 15, co5/31991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAllard to direct 'Strenuous Exercise'pg. 9, col5/101991
[ ]Biology DepartmentBiology students put knowledge to usepg. 6, col5/101991
[ ]English Department; Music DepartmentOttens have found love in friendshippg. 6, col5/101991
[ ]Art DepartmentSenior Art Exhibit opens May 26thpg. 9, col5/101991
[ ]Sociology DepartmentFaculty book focuses on rape issuepg. 1, col5/171991
[ ]Music DepartmentPamela Schuetze, Laura Evans set recitals Sundaypg. 6, col5/171991
[ ]Art DepartmentWitt graduates show art in Miller Gallerypg. 6, col5/171991
[ ]Art DepartmentArt students paint abstract mural for thepg. 7, col5/241991
[ ]English DepartmentKoppenhaver improving, enjoying visits to campuspg. 3, col5/241991
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Students can still sign up to windsurfpg. 13, co5/241991
[ ]Economics Department; Psychology DepartmentWishart and Wilson find love at Wittpg. 5, col5/241991
[ ]Music DepartmentWitt students will perform 10th weekpg. 7, col5/241991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWitt's Dance Program wins honorspg. 6, col5/241991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDr. Georges directs Sophocles' 'Antigone' set in 1940's France6:19/271991
[ ]Athletic DepartmentWittenberg Athletic Department to undergo reorganization13:110/111991
[ ]Music DepartmentWitt Wind Ensemble looking for members6:310/181991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentRevised 'Antigone' to open11:110/251991
[ ]Speech / English DepartmentWittenberg students involved in Springfield Headstart program7:110/251991
[ ]Art DepartmentSpring Break trip to Paris planned7:111/11991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne-act plays by student directors to be performed this weekend6:411/81991
[ ]Art DepartmentClass exhibits work throughout campus2:11/171992
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'The Meeting' to be performed at Witt7:41/311992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentUpcoming events in Theatre Department7:41/311992
[ ]Music DepartmentWittenberg Wind Ensemble to perform7:12/141992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTheatre presents 'Prelude to a Kiss'6:32/211992
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Prelude' to be performed this weekend5:12/281992
[ ]History DepartmentO'Connor and History Department reconsider changes for senior comprehensive test2:12/281992
[ ]Music DepartmentMusic recitals at Wittenberg7:53/61992
[ ]Religion DepartmentReligion Department offers tour of Middle East2:14/101992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSpring dance concert displays talent8:54/101992
[ ]Music DepartmentHoosiers enjoy Brass Choir8:34/171992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThis year's Dance Company gives 'best ever' performance8:14/171992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg Theatre and Dance Department offers fun and variety to acting students8:15/11992
[ ]Music DepartmentKalliope travel back in time to 149210:15/81992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMusical 'Fantasticks' to captivate audience6:55/151992
[ ]Art DepartmentWaves of the future hit Witt Art Department6:15/151992
[ ]Athletic DepartmentEvans and Neibuhr appointed as women's and men's athletic coordinators in a restructured depart.8:15/221992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMusical 'Fantasticks' comes to campus7:45/221992
[ ]Religion DepartmentInterested in a journey to the Middle East1:45/291992
[ ]Athletic DepartmentWittenberg officials plan to demolish stadium this summer5:55/291992
[ ]English Department; English ClubNew English club examines wide range of ideas2:110/21992
[ ]English DepartmentSpeech-English major will be revitalized2:510/21992
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Female athletes expand number8:110/91992
[ ]Athletic Department - Hall of HonorHall of Athletic Honor Day recognizes alumni athletes8:110/91992
[ ]Russian Area Studies; Political Science DepartmentGorbachev interpreter Palazchencko visits Wittenberg campus1:410/161992
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Faculty to take another look at plan to drop HPE1:210/301992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentBathwater entertains audience with irony and fascination7:511/61992
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentFar East sees Wittenberg video5:41/151993
[ ]Philosophy DepartmentPhilosopher of international reputation to address ethics1:31/291993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentNew improvisation class to focus on education issues1:52/51993
[ ]English DepartmentStudent interest sparks founding of a writing minor1:42/51993
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department HPE major under consideration by EPC Committee1:42/121993
[ ]Biology DepartmentMicroscope benefits Bio class3:14/231993
[ ]Chemistry DepartmentAdvanced computational computer lab helps chemistry students with molecular structures1:45/71993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAfrican American drama group to perform at WU7:55/141993
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Faculty meeting set to address HPE major/minor termination1:45/141993
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Debates continue over HPED major/minorelimination; no decision reached as of yet1:25/281993
[ ]Education DepartmentMore effective teaching strategies introduced for helping children learn to read and write2:45/281993
[ ]Music DepartmentStudent performances close spring term recital series8:55/281993
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent teaching program helps prepare Witt education majors2:15/281993
[ ]Biology DepartmentNew class shocks the monkey3:19/241993
[ ]Physics DepartmentAstronomy captures students' gaze3:110/11993
[ ]History DepartmentWittenberg fall colliquium honors Behrman1:210/11993
[ ]Business DepartmentSchindler teaches 'real life' business1:210/121993
[ ]Physics DepartmentBright stadium lights disturb students' star gazing practice1:310/191993
[ ]Psychology DepartmentClass studies differences in the psychology of women5:110/191993
[ ]HPE DepartmentHPE major dropped; fight for survival ends1:210/191993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentChoreographer coming to Witt7:410/261993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentFour 'One Acts' slated this week7:110/261993
[ ]Geography DepartmentGeography 103 class eyes ecology issues3:410/261993
[ ]Faculty; HPE DepartmentProfessors discuss future of faculty, staffing, HPE major1:310/261993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentBoar's Head Feaste set by churches Jan. 7, 810:411/21993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne-Acts very successful11:211/21993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAugust Wilson play to be presented in Chakeres Theatre10:311/91993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentJoe Turner drama enraptures Witt audience10:311/161993
[ ]English DepartmentPublication slated for [Robert] Squillace5:31/251994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPippin could help Wittenberg students shake off what's left of winter's blahs6:42/81994
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department [Tom] Martin scales mountain on 50th birthday6:12/81994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPippin rehearsals running smoothly as musical nears opening night10:42/151994
[ ]English DepartmentKent Dixon gives inmates chance to express themselves through creative writing program1:13/11994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPippin a musical and visionary delight12:13/11994
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentTiannaman Square uprising subject of colloquium1:23/81994
[ ]Religion Department[Dr. Rochelle] Millen given project grant2:13/81994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSeasoned actor Walter Rhodes direct s at Witt12:14/121994
[ ]Psychology Department[Dr. Mary Jo] Zembar involved with campus and community6:14/121994
[ ]History Department[Cynthia F.] Behrman receives honorable mention for teacher award1:34/191994
[ ]Geology DepartmentDr. Ritter has more than just rocks in his head7:14/291994
[ ]Political Science Department'Autonomy' brings [Dr. Staci] Rhine to Wittenberg campus6:19/271994
[ ]Sociology DepartmentFormer Wittenberg student becomes new professor [Ms. Pieratt]7:19/271994
[ ]Athletic DepartmentNew assistant coach takes on soccer, lacrosse, greek system - [Jim Woodcock]10:39/271994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPlay auditions brings new talent to stage12:49/271994
[ ]Art Department; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldArtists plan international project to fight hunger5:310/41994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg theatre students direct one act plays for fall9:410/41994
[ ]Art Department[Cynthia] Prebus to teach history of art4:510/181994
[ ]Biology DepartmentBio beats sewing for [Margaret] Goodman6:310/251994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentInherit cast hones its performances9:111/11994
[ ]Music Department[Dr. Donald A.] Busarow celebrates twenty years of teaching at Witt4:111/11994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentEvolution play packs in Chakeres Theatre1:111/81994
[ ]History DepartmentVietnam War triggers [Patricia] Pelley's interest in history6:111/81994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne-Acts hilariously played10:411/151994
[ ]Student Organizations; Sociology DepartmentJim Mason lecture: focus on 'domestic' world view2:11/71995
[ ]Mathematics Department'Grauss' [Dr. Douglas] Andrews: Future Astronaut?7:31/171995
[ ]Athletic Department; Bartzack, MikeBig man on campus, so he thinks10:11/171995
[ ]Security DepartmentTwo juveniles vandalize campus and accost student with hammer1:11/241995
[ ]Art Department; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWittenberg artists create 200 bowls to fight hunger in Springfield community1:11/241995
[ ]English DepartmentVeler leads a brand new Wittenberg Today into the 21st century4:11/311995
[ ]Religion DepartmentWitt students travel to Middle East1:51/311995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg's dance program expands to include minor3:41/311995
[ ]Business DepartmentNew system to evaluate bus. majors1:32/141995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentReynolds excited about upcoming comedy13:1-32/141995
[ ]Political Science Department; Student Democrats; College RepublicansClubs debate gridlock11:12/211995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMeasure for Measure opens10:52/211995
[ ]English DepartmentDr J. A. Faber's heritage rooted in diverse cultures4:14/111995
[ ]Geology DepartmentKeith Fowlow joins Geology staff5:14/111995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMarsha Hanna to direct spring term theatre production13:54/111995
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; History DepartmentAlumnae [Janet] Jackson speaks about women in politics1:44/251995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSenior Swan Song to be a celebration of years of preparation9:25/21995
[ ]History DepartmentDr. [Joseph] O'Conner's fatherly pride emanates on campus6:15/121995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCast gives excellent performance of Isn't it Romantic9:15/231995
[ ]Behrman, Dr. Cynthia; History DepartmentDr. Behrman shares wisdom of history5:35/231995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentShaw's Man and Superman comes to Witt's mainstage14:2-39/121995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWiden's Prophecy gets thumbs down14:19/121995
[ ]Residence Life DepartmentHanging poster policy still easy6:4-510/31995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMother-daughter relationship, universal themes explored in play, Eleemosynary9:1-311/141995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDirecting class, student actors produce successful weekend of six one-act plays9:1-311/211995
[ ]Philosophy DepartmentPhilosophy honorary inducts new members4:1-312/51995
[ ]English DepartmentRichards joins English faculty4:1-21/231996
[ ]Lewis, Dr. Joseph; History DepartmentLewis advocates oral history2:12/131996
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish Department hires two professors1:3-53/261996
[ ]Psychology DepartmentSeven new members inducted into National Psychology honor society2:1-24/21996
[ ]Biology DepartmentBio class earns credits in the Bahamas9:1-39/171996
[ ]Foreign Languages DepartmentNew equiptment and location enhance language lab7:1-49/171996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent directs spoof on Shakespeare9:3-59/241996
[ ]Music DepartmentWhere it's at: Choirs at Witt6:19/241996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentRoad to Mecca to open threatre's season14:1-310/11996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentRoad to Mecca delivers powerful performance10:1-310/81996
[ ]Biology DepartmentBiology Department plans spring break trip to San Salvador, Bahamas8:1-210/151996
[ ]Athletic Department - Hall of HonorFive new inductees join Witt Hall of Honor13:1-310/151996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTheatre rents costumes for Halloween festivities15:4-510/151996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAudience, small cast combine for laughs in abridged performance of Shakespeare13:3-510/291996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudents begin production on fall one-act plays14:1-211/51996
[ ]English DepartmentFirst year is a success for new English witing concentration major3:1-311/121996
[ ]Political Science DepartmentPoli Sci profs interpret election6:4-511/121996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne Act performances hit the stage15:1-412/101996
[ ]Music DepartmentStudents and faculty combine talents15:512/101996
[ ]Philosophy Department; ColloquiaPhilosophy colloquium questions existence of reality3:3-42/41997
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMoliere's 'The Misanthrope' comments on aristocracy10:12/181997
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'The Waiting Room' explores women't issues10:12/251997
[ ]Music DepartmentOldham and Boomhower display musical talents9:42/251997
[ ]Philosophy DepartmentJulian of Norwich: anchoress was philosopher, optimist3:33/181997
[ ]Sociology DepartmentMedia contribute to false gender roles, says Nibert2:43/181997
[ ]English DepartmentDixon considers Shakespeare in film3:43/251997
[ ]History DepartmentTaylor examines film biography3:33/251997
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Us and Them' falls short of expectations on Diversity Day15:44/111997
[ ]Music DepartmentKazez gives lectures, performances in India7:14/111997
[ ]Physics DepartmentNight sky plays host to wonderous spring show8:14/111997
[ ]Religion DepartmentProfessor addresses issue of religious boundaries3:14/111997
[ ]English DepartmentCreative Writing class pens its poetic opinions8:19/231997
[ ]Sociology DepartmentMcEvoy exhibit reflects on relationship with nature and each other15:19/231997
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTear-jerking drama 'Dolores' opens in Blair15:59/231997
[ ]Religion DepartmentCopeland running for a seat on the Springfield City Commision2:49/301997
[ ]Athletic Department - Hall of HonorWitt alumni honored for athletic achievements12:59/301997
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentGreater funds allow East Asina Studies Club to expand cultural awareness6:110/71997
[ ]Music DepartmentM n' M recitals feature faculty and students in monthly informal performances10:310/71997
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Amadeus' a stellar theatre season opener9:110/141997
[ ]Art DepartmentKnoop's unique bone sculptures and laser prints appealing to the eye9:110/141997
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentStudents and faculty don Korean Fashions8:110/141997
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Jeffrey' thoughtful and sexy14:110/281997
[ ]English DepartmentJakes visits English class6:210/281997
[ ]English DepartmentStudents tackle questions of canon8:110/281997
[ ]Biology DepartmentSummer program focusing on marine biology and policy grants Snyder 'eye opening experience'6:111/41997
[ ]English DepartmentThe Writer's Reading attracts a crowd8:311/111997
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDirecting Class One-Acts present a variety of new faces and talents to Witt8:411/181997
[ ]History DepartmentHistory Professor Celms retiring at the end of the semester6:112/91997
[ ]Music DepartmentJazz Festival with John Fedchock punctuates year in jazz at Wittenberg8:112/91997
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDegrees proves a worthwhile expedition8:32/101998
[ ]Art DepartmentCeramics by Bill Hunt: a creative and diverse exhibition at Koch Hall8:42/171998
[ ]Athletic Department - Hall of HonorTiger athletes honored Saturday for their superb accomplishments on and off the field10:12/171998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMagnificence set and acting make Cabaret a hit8:12/241998
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEAS colloquium offers a glimpse of exhibit8:33/171998
[ ]Management DepartmentSenior management majors apply skills through Entrepreneurial Business Award3:33/171998
[ ]Art DepartmentArt exhibit portrays feeling of landscapes9:13/241998
[ ]English DepartmentNeeake Neeake speaks of Native American plight3:43/241998
[ ]Sociology DepartmentNibert finds Wittenberg reaches Springfield people6:13/311998
[ ]Athletic DepartmentSchraibman adds to Wilberding's coaching responsibilities by giving him head golf coach job10:13/311998
[ ]Art DepartmentArt Students combine talent and energy to raise money for charity7:14/71998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe Inspector General a fitting closure to '98 season8:14/71998
[ ]History DepartmentHistory dept. hires female professor, Celms to retire2:14/171998
[ ]Music DepartmentProf Kazez returns from trip to Mid-East9:14/171998
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"The Glass Menagerie" opens Theatre Department's season9:19/221998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent theatre group schedules upcoming performances at Agora and local Street Fair8:19/221998
[ ]Art DepartmentNew art group plans gallery hops, discussion and travel8:110/61998
[ ]Athletic DepartmentNew athletic trainers fully transitioned3:310/61998
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"The Glass Menagerie" opens theatre season9:110/131998
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"Beau Jest" incites laughter, reflection9:111/31998
[ ]English DepartmentFive alumni writers come to Wittenberg2:511/31998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWET students perform musical variety show8:111/31998
[ ]English DepartmentWriter's Reading provides creative outlet for students9:411/31998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDance concert reveals emotion and talent8:111/101998
[ ]Political Science DepartmentPolitical Science department introduces new course on Moscow; plans trip to city3:111/101998
[ ]Geography DepartmentWitt sponsors geography conference2:411/101998
[ ]English DepartmentWittenberg alumni return to share poetry and experience8:411/101998
[ ]Management DepartmentSeniors Keberle and Buhalis use WittCAM as vehicle to develop business innovation award3:111/171998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent directed one act plays display talent9:111/241998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentKoch takes one-act to different level9:412/81998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSecond round of one-acts impresses audiences9:112/81998
[ ]Art DepartmentStudents form Wittenberg Art League3:312/81998
[ ]Huffman, Dr. Jim ; History DepartmentTeacher, grandfather, writer and gardener, Dr. Jim Huffman wears many different hats7:112/81998
[ ]Art Department; Osbun, Dr. JackProfessor's artwork displayed for last time in Koch Hall art gallery8:41/261999
[ ]Athletic Department; Schraibman, CarlSchraibman resigns after seven years as athletic director12:41/261999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWET presents "Wittenberg Entertains Tonight"9:11/261999
[ ]Music DepartmentHandbell choir's director to tour Europe9:12/21999
[ ]Art Department; Mann, Dr. JackSculpture class creates statues2:12/21999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentShaw's "You Never Can Tell" features guest director9:32/21999
[ ]Education DepartmentState imposes changes for new education majors1:42/21999
[ ]History Department; Cutler, Dr. RobertAfter thirty years, Dr. Robert Cutler retires with happy memories of classes and students at Witt7:12/91999
[ ]Theatre Department"A Need for Brussel Sprouts" explores relationships6:42/161999
[ ]Athletic Department; Martin, Dr. Thomas P.Dr. Martin brings Highpointing to campus12:42/231999
[ ]Hamilton, Dr. Jerry R.; Education DepartmentHamilton spends time interacting with students6:12/231999
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department ; Martin, Dr. ThomasHighpointing is more than just a way of life for one Wittenberg professor11:33/21999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentShaw's "You Never Can Tell" delights audiences8:13/21999
[ ]Athletic DepartmentAthletics Director search under way3:13/231999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCreative mask characterization stimulates imagination through expression for students in Acting II class9:23/231999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDance concert originated from senior thesis2:53/231999
[ ]Art DepartmentEmpty Bowls charity dinner hopes to raise $4,000 by selling all bowls thrown3:33/231999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSeniors bid farewell at dance concert8:13/231999
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"Crimes of the Heart" filled with charm and scandal6:33/311999
[ ]English Department; Faculty; Jones, Dr. MaryJones tells exciting stories of travel in Middle East5:14/231999
[ ]Political Science Department; Staff; Fagan, BrendaPolitical Science Assistant has variety of experiences7:19/211999
[ ]Athletic DepartmentPurnell, Athletic Director, busy wearing two hats12:19/211999
[ ]Kulas, Fran; Athletic DepartmentSports Spotlight: Fran Kulas11:49/211999
[ ]Education DepartmentMasters in education possibly reintroduced1:19/281999
[ ]Athletic Department; FootballSports Spotlight: Joe Fincham11:49/281999
[ ]Faculty; English DepartmentWittenberg first full-time position for April Lindner7:19/281999
[ ]Zilske, Deanna; Theatre DepartmentZilske directs Godspell with 90's flavor9:39/281999
[ ]English Department; Education Department; Buckman, Ty; Lawson, Lora; Wilkerson-Foster, CarmieleEnglish, education departments welcome new faces and ideas2:110/51999
[ ]Geology DepartmentGeology students gain experience in mountains outside St. Louis, MO1:110/51999
[ ]Art Department; Faculty; Mann, JackMann brings variety of talents to Witt7:310/51999
[ ]Chemistry Department; Psychology Department; FacultyTwo departments awarded Chairs2:310/51999
[ ]Music Department; Art Department; Morris, Amy M.; Durrenberger, ChristopherNew professors fill gaps in departments2:410/121999
[ ]Athletic Department; Shutt, Steve; SportsSports Spotlight: Steve Shutt12:110/121999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent actors leave audiences rolling in the aisles in "Hay Fever"8:110/121999
[ ]Education Department; Staff; Voytko, KathyVoyrtko has busy life6:110/121999
[ ]Psychology DepartmentAD/HD support group to hold first meeting3:410/261999
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Viillamil, RafaelCommunication not stifled by adventurous and emotional "Wings"8:410/261999
[ ]Holder, Curtis; Dinklage, William; Geography Department; Geology DepartmentGeography, geology gain new professors2:410/261999
[ ]Theatre DepartmentBlair and Chakeres Theaters to host student-directed one-acts9:211/21999
[ ]Athletic Department; Dawson, SteveDawson still going strong after 16 years of coaching soccer12:411/21999
[ ]Livingstone, Amy; Wood, Molly M.; Citino, Nathan J.; History DepartmentNew Profs bring new interests3:111/21999
[ ]Common Learning; Ankrom, Jeff; Economics DepartmentAnkrom to take over Common Learning2:311/91999
[ ]Field Hockey; Caravaggio, Grace; Athletic DepartmentCaravaggio brings new life to women's field hockey11:411/91999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDance Concert artistic and humorous9:311/91999
[ ]English Department; Student UnionEnglish Department puts artistic side under lights at Wally's8:111/301999
[ ]Nibert, Dr. David; Sociology DepartmentCourse asks whether economics, biology cause oppressive action2:112/71999
[ ]Stockstill, Dr. Lowell; Management DepartmentStockstill, management professor, uses humor to teach7:112/71999
[ ]Field Hockey; Beshara, Marianna; Athletic DepartmentBeshara hopes to continue winning tradition12:11/282000
[ ]English Department; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Student UnionPoets entertain in the CDR8:31/282000
[ ]Basketball - Men;Athletic Department; Brown, BillBrown enjoys Division III environment12:12/82000
[ ]History DepartmentChanges made to History major2:42/82000
[ ]Athletic Department; Purnell, GarnettSACC can make a positive impact12:22/82000
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Wittenberg Experimental TheatreComedy "Lights Out" a family affair8:12/152000
[ ]Reinsel, Kathleen; Biology DepartmentReinsel enjoys research; working with Biology majors and non-majors alike7:12/152000
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWitt students perform one act play on Antioch campus8:32/152000
[ ]Reed, Don; Philosophy DepartmentReed excited abot new Hollenbeck teaching space, interested in theory8:12/222000
[ ]Athletic Department; Rueppel, Bob; Swimming and DivingRueppel's efforts result in success for men and women15:12/222000
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"Little Shop of Horrors" hits main stage11:12/292000
[ ]Askeland, Dr. Lori; English DepartmentAskeland encourages students to "go with the flow, resist the current"9:12/292000
[ ]Kennedy, Dr. Tom; Music Department; BandKennedy welcomes students to band concert, hopeful for traveling band8:12/292000
[ ]Bell, Marvin; English Department; Wittenberg SeriesMarvin Bell caps residency with reading1:12/292000
[ ]Andrews, Dr. Douglas M.; Faculty; Mathematics DepartmentAndrews enjoys fitness activities, Russian poetry, writing music8:13/212000
[ ]Faculty; Education DepartmentMaster's in education now one step closer1:13/212000
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"Falsettoland" an impressive musical11:13/282000
[ ]Bowen, Brian; Biology Department; FacultyBowen enjoys duties at Witt, work as EMT; remembers friendships with professors8:13/282000
[ ]Athletic DepartmentStudent Athletes praised for fall's academic performance15:33/282000
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Waggoner, CatherineTheatre and Dance professor up for tenure1:33/282000
[ ]McEvoy, Dr. Alan; Rape; Sociology DepartmentSociology professor appears on Nightline to discuss rape2:14/42000
[ ]Stroeh, Dan; Theatre and Dance Department; Keiter, JoshuaStroeh affirms life in performance12:14/42000
[ ]Biology Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Biology 100 revamped2:14/142000
[ ]Education Department; Welker, Dr. RobertWelker remembers odd jobs; prepares to chair Education Department7:14/142000
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg mainstage, An Enemy of the People, presents talent, hardwork8:110/102000
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCarnival sweeps audience into enjoyable world of puppets, crazy characters, and music9:110/242000
[ ]Art DepartmentWAL completes Koch elevator project8:310/242000
[ ]Religion Department; Campolo, Tony; Lerner, Michael; Wallis, JimRoundatable discusses religion's influence on poverty2:310/312000
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Stroeh, DanStroeh's show It is no Desert up for playwriting awards11:410/312000
[ ]Athletic Department - Hall of HonorWitt inducts four to Hall of Honor16:110/312000
[ ]Management DepartmentManagement majors develop award for local businesses3:111/142000
[ ]Communication DepartmentCampus News Analysis - Major dependent on faculty cooperation3:112/52000
[ ]Education Department;Welker, Robert;Dexter, JimMA in education program nets Board of Regents' approval1:112/52000
[ ]Communication DepartmentOpinion of The Torch - All former Comm. complaints addressed in new proposal6:112/52000
[ ]Music DepartmentOrchestra, band expect exciting semester6:11/232001
[ ]Art Department; Flores, LorenzoPottery and printmaking allow Flores to connect with past and family7:11/232001
[ ]Music DepartmentWitt students in honors band9:41/232001
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentHamlet fresh, successful in black box8:12/62001
[ ]Mitchell, Fred; English DepartmentMitchell named Wittenberg fellow at English colloquium2:12/62001
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department 2nd Annual Wittenberg Triathlon15:42/272001
[ ]Art DepartmentEmpty Bowls once again a rousing success10:14/32001
[ ]Athletic DepartmentWittenberg athletes lay claim to national academic awards14:14/32001
[ ]Athletic DepartmentWittenberg Athletics Year in Review104/242001
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"All My Sons" to run Oct. 11-148:310/22001
[ ]Alcohol Policy; Athletic DepartmentPurnell tightens alcohol restriction for Wittenberg athletes3:110/22001
[ ]Communication DepartmentCommunications critical for success12:310/92001
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAll My Sons9:110/162001
[ ]Editorials; Athletic DepartmentWhere Do Athletics fit in at Witt?7:111/132001
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPvt. Wars, The Visitor from Forest Hills, Wasp, The Lesson and Trifles premiered in the One Act Festival8:111/202001
[ ]Editorials; Music Department; Student AidScholarship policy adversely affects the quality of student organizations at Witt6:111/202001
[ ]Editorials; Athletic DepartmentWittenberg athletics in perspective15:111/202001
[ ]Communication DepartmentDr. Tipson Stresses Importance of New Communication Department1:11/292002
[ ]Art DepartmentJava House: The Site for the Senior Art Exhibit8:12/52002
[ ]Art DepartmentCelebrated Ceramist comes to Witt9:32/262002
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentHMS Pinafore Play Is a Masterpiece All Its Own5:13/52002
[ ]Foreign Languages DepartmentNew Hope for Foreign Language Majors to Find Jobs in the Future2:43/52002
[ ]Athletic Department;AwardsWittenberg Athletes Receive Academic Awards14:14/92002
[ ]Art DepartmentCelebration of the Arts: With the Witt Art Major Open House3:15/72002
[ ]Biology Department; International EducationWitt Biology Students' Summer in the Bahamas5:19/102002
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSchool Scandal Opens9:110/82002
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentScandal Big Success9:410/152002
[ ]Campus; Physical DepartmentWhat the Hell Is a Rant? More Problems at Witt7:111/52002
[ ]Curriculum; Foreign Languages Department"Swords and Sorcery:" Mythology and Fantasy1:211/122002
[ ]Athletic Department; Opinion; Intramural SportsAthletic Department, Isn't it Time to Reevaluate Intramurals?6:111/122002
[ ]Communication DepartmentCommunications Department Grows on Campus5:111/122002
[ ]English Department; RacismWitt Students Travel to Indiana to Learn about Slavery5:111/122002
[ ]Biology DepartmentSummer Trip to Duke Marine Lab5:311/262002
[ ]Communication Department2003 Graduates First to Receive Communications as Major2:12/42003
[ ]Politics; Political Science DepartmentCongressman Hobson Speaks at Poli-Sci Colloquium1:12/42003
[ ]International Education; Spanish DepartmentSpeaking Spanish at Witt: A new way o communicate on campus15:32/42003
[ ]Mathematics DepartmentMath teachers wanted15:42/112003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPerformance art center at Wittenberg a necessity?2:12/112003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTheatre produces Electra9:32/112003
[ ]Music Department; Gould, Michael; Iwazaki, ChiekoGould, Iwazaki perform Japanese instruments5:12/252003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentGreek tragedy meets the Middle East in Electra5:12/252003
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentCultural Japan boasts fashion, form and festival dance5:13/42003
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEast meets West: cultural program brings a piece of Japan and offers insight to Wittenberg students9:13/42003
[ ]Foreign Languages DepartmentNew foreign language added2:33/42003
[ ]Athletic DepartmentPoll: demands on student athletes rising1:13/42003
[ ]Sociology DepartmentSociology majors present theses5:13/42003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe Dreyfus Affair is coming3:43/252003
[ ]Boughrum, Jordan; Klemp, Josh; Theatre and Dance DepartmentChick Plays, two seniors' humorous final production8:14/12003
[ ]Africana Studies DepartmentDiscussing the Wives of Sango3:34/12003
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Cornish, AnthonyLonder director brings dreamy, new interpretation to Shakespeare play5:14/12003
[ ]Education DepartmentEducation program to be inspected for national accreditation2:14/112003
[ ]Athletic Department;Student AthletesWitt student-athletes earn academic honors13:14/112003
[ ]College Life; English DepartmentFaculty and Students spend summer enjoying classic novels and new favorites as books of choice5:19/112003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTHDN [Theatre and Dance] Department jumps in full force2:19/112003
[ ]Biology DepartmentMarine Ecology class experiences ecosystem in Beaufort, NC5:110/92003
[ ]Communication DepartmentSecond Annual communication speak-off a success1:110/92003
[ ]Biology Department; Meilaender, Gilbert; McHugh, Nancy; Nelson, Paul; Wright, ShirleyStem cell debate attracts renowned speakers1:110/92003
[ ]Evangelist, Caery; Philosophy DepartmentCaery Evangelist enlightens students during colloquium5:111/132003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne-Act plays shine throughout campus1:112/112003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDance and Theatre Department to present spring performances5:11/292004
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentFreeman Grant makes East Asian travel possible2:21/292004
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEAS students and faculty celebrate the Chinese New Year8:12/52004
[ ]Communication Department; Smith, Matthew J.The real truth behind reality television1:12/52004
[ ]Clemetson, Lynette; Political Science DepartmentNY Times journalist visits Wittenberg1:13/252004
[ ]Foreign Languages Department; Mickel, StanleyProfessor discusses the Chinese language3:13/252004
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department ; SatireDog-walking and beer pong for P.E. credit [satire]1:14/12004
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMy Fair Lady comes to life on the Wittenberg stage9:14/82004
[ ]Athletic Department;Student AthletesWittenberg student-athletes earn academic honors10:14/222004
[ ]Athletic DepartmentWittenberg Athletic Department featured in NCAA video10:19/162004
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Biology DepartmentBiology alumni share wisdom3:311/12004
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEast Asian studies do what you love4:111/12004
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Political Science DepartmentPolitical Science majors benefit from alumni speakers4:111/12004
[ ]Music departmentMusic programs receive new direction2:32/32005
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAdultery and blackmail in Blair: "Dial 'M' for Murder" premieres4:12/102005
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEast Asain studies department shares its talents2:12/102005
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe Learned Ladies to perfrom4:32/172005
[ ]Communication DepartmentXi Phi chapter natioanlly recognized2:22/242005
[ ]Theatre DepartmentLove and laughter in the Learned Ladies at Witt8:13/242005
[ ]Foreign Languages DepartmentSpanigh Dept. to visit Guatemala4:14/212005
[ ]Art DepartmentStudents prepare for upcoming art show2:14/212005
[ ]Art Department; Bendezu, Dante GuvaraArtist brings Peruvian culture to Wittenberg1:19/222005
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"The Cripple of Inishman" to be Wittenberg's next play1:310/62005
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentJapanese caligraphy exhibit comes to Witt2:210/272005
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentThe cultural shift of women in China1:111/32005
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentStudents help educate elementary schools about East Asian cultures2:311/172005
[ ]Psychology Department; Baumanis, RonaldPsychology alumnae shares neuropsychological experiences 1:112/82005
[ ]Women's Studies Department"Tea with the Feminists" successful 2:11/262006
[ ]Communication DepartmentCommunication Department redesigns major curriculum 1:11/262006
[ ]Art DepartmentTime stands still in art show2:12/22006
[ ]English Department; JournalismHyperbole: Effective journalism technique? 5:12/232006
[ ]Art DepartmentSenior Art majors reveal their final thesis projects 1:14/132006
[ ]Management Department; SeniorsCongratulations 2006 Management Graduates3:14/272006
[ ]English Department; JournalismWittenberg opens new window of opportunity with Journalism minor 2:19/72006
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDepartment of theater and dance announces season2:39/142006
[ ]Health and Fitness DepartmentBusting the fat myth 11:19/282006
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCome see Witt's fresh talent 2:39/282006
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentLights, Camera, Action: Theatre Department gets set for season 9:19/282006
[ ]Spanish DepartmentThe Latin American way of life 1:19/282006
[ ]Theatre DepartmentTheatre Department set for fall 8:110/52006
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Letters; Nibert, David; Physical Plant; Sociology Department; Students chemically exposed but not notified 5:111/92006
[ ]Communication DepartmentWant credit for reading comics?: Comic-con in San-Diego 2:412/72006
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAll the world's a stage 4:11/252007
[ ]Reviews; Theatre and Dance DepartmentParallel Lives: a hilarious theatrical act 8:12/12007
[ ]History DepartmentThe History Department shines toward a bright future 4:42/82007
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe Vagina Monologues: a sure eye opener 8:32/222007
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe Shape of Things 8:13/12007
[ ]AIDS; Africana Studies Department"Survivor Wittenberg" coming in April 11:33/222007
[ ]Satire; Health and Fitness DepartmentNew course added to Health adn fitness curriculum: Lapdancing4:13/292007
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTaming of the Shrew: A preview of what to expect8:14/52007
[ ]Letters - Torch; Psychology DepartmentTorch controversy11:14/52007
[ ]Communication Department; Curriculum; Faculty and Staff; Sati, MohamedVisiting instructor brings diversity to Communication Department7:14/192007
[ ]Athletic Department; FreshmenFreshmen, let the games begin10:19/132007
[ ]Athletic Department; Soccer - Men; Softball; McAnnis-Entenman, Benjamin; Williams, JackieNCAC Players of the week10:29/132007
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Athletic Department; Judy, AllisonNewest athletic trainer adds both experience and spunk to staff10:19/202007
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Long, RaynaTheater to open new season with "Fuddy Meers"1:19/202007
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Athletic Department; Roope, Jeff; Jureswicz, Sarah; Ross, Sean; Schwab, TravisWittenberg athletic department recruits new coaches3:19/202007
[ ]Campus; Faculty and Staff; Nibert, David; Physical Plant; Sociology DepartmentLetter to the editor: David Nibert [Response to regular campus herbicide sprayings]5:19/272007
[ ]Koch Hall; Faculty and Staff; Sociology Department; McEvoy, Alan; PhotographyIn a new light: Photographic exhibit in Koch Hall8:110/42007
[ ]Colloquia; Books; Faculty and Staff; English Department; McClelland, MichaelMystery's enviornmental message: Michael "Mac" McClelland presents his newest novel "Arribada Blues" at recent English Department colloquium1:110/42007
[ ]Deaths; Faculty and Staff; Music Department; Kennedy, TomThe life of Tom Kennedy is honored by a musical celebration2:110/42007
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg Department of Theatre Presents "Major Barbara"3:110/42007
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsMajor Barbara: Dry script equals minor dissapointment8:110/252007
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentFall 2007 dance recital, a little somethin' for everyone8:111/12007
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsFall Dance Concert leaps to center stage yet again5:211/82007
[ ]Africana Studies Department; LesothoAfrica Fundraiser4:41/312008
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Patton, Roxie; Body Image; Smith, April; Wenzell, Collin; Turner, Ben; Davis, JordanRoxie Patton directs "Fat Pig" to debut in Blair Hall6:12/72008
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; East Asian Studies Club; Shih-Ming; Dragon Dance TeamWittenberg rings in the new year of the rat with the Chinese new year celebration6:12/72008
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; East Asian Studies Department; Hu, XiaoqingTheater dept. brings a taste of China to Witt ["Wild Wind"]5:42/142008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; History Department; Proctor, TammyWittenberg's claim to fame: Proctor to appear in documentary directed by George Lucas3:12/142008
[ ]Motion Pictures; Senior Theses; Communication Department; Phelan, Kari;"Mean Girls" revealed: More than just a movie2:12/212008
[ ]Reviews; Theatre and Dance Department; East Asian Studies Department; Hu, Xiaoqing"Wild Wind": A bit lost in translation6:12/282008
[ ]Astronomy; Physics DepartmentLunar eclipse leaves Witt students seeing red6:32/282008
[ ]Communication DepartmentWanted at Witt: New Communications professor 2:13/132008
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsDept. o theatre and dance thinks audiences won't be pissed by "Urinetown" 5:24/32008
[ ]Philanthropy; Empty Bowls; Art Department;Empty bowls, full stomachs 1:14/102008
[ ]Africana Studies Department; Lesotho; Africa; Study Abroad; Faculty and Staff; Rosenberg, ScottWittenberg returns to Lesotho 1:34/172008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; English Department; Birt, PattiBirt brightens many a day with smiles and staples: An inside look at the life of the beloved secretary of the Wittenberg English Department2:14/242008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Academics; English Department; Richards, CynthiaProfessor strives to keep classroom experience fresh4:14/242008
[ ]AIDS; Africana Studies Department; Lesotho; Africa;Survivor Wittenberg: Students unite for Lesotho3:24/242008
[ ]Alcohol; Athletic Department;Student Athletes; Drugs; Faculty and Staff; Purnell, Garnett; Sports; Student HousingCampus reacts to substance abuse allegations 1:29/112008
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; B & D Consulting Washington Semester Internship Program; Faculty and Staff; Gogel, David; Haske, Ed; Lamarre, Manny; Political Science DepartmentWittenberg's new DC lobbying internship 3:19/112008
[ ]Art Department; Buildings; Koch HallFinger paint to functional art: Art majors speak out 5:510/92008
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Gorges, Corwin; Bodi, AmberTheater Department opens with"Bus Stop" 2:110/92008
[ ]Africana Studies Department; Lesotho; Africa; Study AbroadLesotho meeting 4:310/162008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; English Department; Dixon, KentProf. Dixon stays busy while on sabbatical 6:110/162008
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsTake a ride on the magic "Bus" 5:110/162008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; English Department; McClelland, Michael; BooksThe man behind the mustache: Prof. McClelland on sabbatical 5:510/162008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Letters; Nibert, David; Physical Plant; Sociology Department; Letter to the Editor: Re: Wittenberg's 2,4-D lawn treatment9:110/302008
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent actors and directors prep the stage for One Acts6:110/302008
[ ]Books; Faculty and Staff; Communication Department; Smith, Matthew; Irwin, KenJewish lit series tries to expose graphic novels to whole new audienceNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/06/2008, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/14/2008. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 5:511/62008
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Dance Concert; Reviews Dance concert flies high, but never truly soars6:111/132008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Communication Department; Cunningham, Sheryl; Academics; Campus LifeA new professor's perspective of Witt 2:111/202008
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Economics Department; Political Science Department; Pre-Law Association; Ramirez, CarlosWitt alumnus speaks about the economy 1:411/202008
[ ]Reviews; Theatre and Dance Department; Frank, Paden; Bailey, Jess; Rauch, Martina; Bruce, Jessica; Bodi, AmberOne act play festival: The reviews are in6:112/112008
[ ]Davis, Jordan; Theatre and Dance Department; Reviews; Rosenthal, Dan"Waiting for Godot" premiers at Wittenberg's Blair Theater6:12/52009
[ ]Politics; Faculty and Staff; Hasecke, Ed; Political Science DepartmentSen. Voinovich Retires4:12/52009
[ ]Fleisch, Dan; Faculty and Staff; Physics Department; Books; Internet; National NewsA small review ends with a big trip: Professor hand delivers book to dissatisfied customer 2:32/262009
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentRaise the curtain, Spring theatre preview 2009 7:12/262009
[ ]Anes, Michael; Chemistry Department; Dudek, Ray; Faculty and Staff; Mathematics Department; Parker, Adam; Psychology Department; Saturday Science Program; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldThe science of sight: High Schoolers come to Wittenberg for science program 3:12/262009
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Reviews; Turner, Ben; Smith, Evan, Davis, Jordan; Kabbes, DavidTurmoil and Growing Up on the Upper West Side: Strong Performances and bold and brash script bolster6:13/262009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Art Department; McInnis, DanAn interview with Wittenberg's newest Art Professor: Delving into the mind of Dan McInnis (pic on front page)3:14/162009
[ ]Communication Department; Communication Leaders ProgramChicago trip highlights Comm Leaders program1:14/162009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Music Department; Faber, TrudyFaculty Artist Trudy Faber's recital a hit in Weaver Chapel7:14/162009
[ ]Music DepartmentStudent Recital6:34/162009
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsMain stage performance of "Red Herring" stellar6:14/232009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Art Department; FinanceConfusion on funding art projects1:14/302009
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsDance concert mixes high art with high fun for hit show10:14/302009
[ ]Africana Studies Department; AIDS; Lesotho; AfricaSurviving Wittenberg for an African cause1:34/302009
[ ]Athletic Department;Student Athletes; SportsTake a look at a few Wittenberg senior athletes... (pic)16:15/72009
[ ]Athletic Department;Student Athletes; Awards; SportsThis week in sports: Wittenberg SAAC Awards (pic)15:15/72009
[ ]Communication Department; Faculty and Staff; Smith, MattComic-con crash lands on campus9:19/172009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Art Department; Dooley, ScottProf's exhibit underway3:49/172009
[ ]Africana Studies Department; Lesotho; Africa; Study AbroadWitt brings happiness, playgrounds to Lesotho children1:19/172009
[ ]Biology Department; Faculty and Staff; Phillips, Dr. RichardProfessor's projects pertinent to Witt3:19/242009
[ ]Art Department; Study Abroad; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWittenberg students bring Rome to Springfield Museum of Art3:19/242009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Music Department; Busarow, Dr. DonaldBusarow: Set to begin stage one of phase out1:310/12009
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWhat happens in the dining room gets revealed in "The Dining Room"8:110/12009
[ ]Music Department; Faculty and Staff; Durrenberger, ChristopherWittenberg professor to play with Springfield Symphony3:110/12009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; History Department; Proctor, Tammy; BooksProctor honors and celebrates impact of Girl Scouts1:110/82009
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsSpend some time in "The Dining Room"8:110/152009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; English Department; Jones, Mary EllenWitt: Farewell to Jones1:310/152009
[ ]Communication Department; Faculty and Staff; Smith, MattStudents invited to study popular culture at Comic-Con3:110/292009
[ ]Kazez, Daniel; Music Department; TechnologyMusic prof's iPhone application rings Wittenberg's name2:112/102009
[ ]Art Department; SeniorsArt majors archive work for public8:12/112010
[ ]English Department; Salinger, J.D.; DeathsRead-A-Thon gives deceased Salinger a new voice1:13/42010
[ ]Reviews; Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe 25th Annual Putman County Spelling Bee6-73/42010
[ ]Technology; Philanthropy; Empty Bowls; Art Department;The Torch's take: Empty... consciences?4:13/252010
[ ]Employment; Motion Pictures; English Department"Last Truck" tells poignant tale of Ohio GM plant closure 2:14/152010
[ ]Communication Department; Communication Leaders ProgramThis year's Communication Leaders2:24/292010
[ ]Journalism; English Department"Witt Students ""Speakeasy"" from Chi-Town"1:019/222010
[ ]International Education; Study Abroad; Spanish DepartmentMemorable Summer Excursion to South America5:019/222010
[ ]Internships; Communication Department; Student EmploymentStudents sharpen media skills through new internship3:029/222010
[ ]English Department; PoetryWitt students pass the light of poetry3:0110/62010
[ ]"National News; Astronomy Department; Fleisch, Dan""Newly discovered planet is ""just right"" for life"2:0110/132010
[ ]"Religion Department; Nelson, Paul; Majors"Chairman of religion department denies rumors2:0210/132010
[ ]Political Science Department; Politics; Entertainment"Rally to restore sanity and fear attracts Wittenberg- and 215,000 others"3:0211/32010
[ ]"Communication Department; Entertainment; Faculty and Staff; Smith, Matthew"Students invited to study popular culture at San Diego's Comic-Con International5:0211/32010
[ ]Careers; Communication DepartmentWhere are they now?4:0111/102010
[ ]"Books; English Department; Faculty and Staff; McClelland, Michael; Dixon, Mimi; Askeland, Lori; Fitz Smith, James"The List'3:0211/172010
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; Stockstill Jr., Lowell E; Business Department"Wittenberg mourns passing of Cr. Stockstill1:0211/172010
[ ]Awards; Broz, Stefne Lenzmeier; Communication Department; Cunningham, Sheryl; Faculty and Staff; Waggoner, CatherineCommunication department recieves national reognition2:0212/82010
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; History Department; Rosenberg, Scott; Lesotho; Africa; Study Abroad"Rosenberg taking two student groups to Lesotho1:0212/82010
[ ]"Boshier, Derek; Art Department"Famous Pop Artist Visits Wittenberg 3:011/262011
[ ]"Springfield Museum Of Art; Art Department; Beavers, Katalin"Student art on display at Springfield Museum of Art 4:011/262011
[ ]"Study Abroad; Political Science Department; Smigelski, Lauren; Internships"A different kind of Hill: Stories from abroad 8:012/162011
[ ]"Study Abroad; Political Science Department; Smigelski, Lauren; Internships"Who's on the Hill?: Story from abroad 9:012/232011
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Advice; Women's Studies; English Department; Richards, Cynthia"Is this what it's like to have the curse? 9:013/222011
[ ]Philanthropy; Empty Bowls; Art Department"Empty Bowls raises $35,500 for second year in a row" 1:013/292011
[ ]"Theatre and Dance Department; Stout, Adrienne""Freshman stars in ""Wait Until Dark""" 4:013/292011
[ ]"Wittenberg Series; Gruen, Sarah; English Department; Colloquia"Best-selling author talks writing and elephants 1:014/122011
[ ]Writing Center; English Department; Wittenberg Poetry SocietyMatchbook Project aims to celebrate the poet in everyone 4:014/122011
[ ]"Business Department; Tassone, Megan; Hertzog, Brian; Pike, Tarah"WittEntrepeneurs give students real life experience 2:024/122011
[ ]"Fashion; Riley, Conor; Business Department""FOR SALE: Wittenberg ""Boyfriend Cut"" Underwear" 3:014/192011
[ ]"Art Department; Buildings; Koch Hall; Beavers, Katalin; Heminger, Mary"Senior Art Exhibition [photographs] 2:014/192011
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Concerts; ReviewsSpring concert showcases spectrum of dance talents 5:015/32011
[ ]Art Department;Faculty and StaffFaculty Art Show 9:19/132011
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Reviews; FreshmenNew Student Showcase: A Review 8:19/282011
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Leventhal Lecture; Brands, H.W.; Politics; History DepartmentWitt Series: Author Uses History to Explore the Problems of the Present 1:19/282011
[ ]Business Department;Gradwohl, Wendy;MajorsBusiness Department Introduces New Major 4:110/52011
[ ]Bergold, Roy;Business Department;Food;Health;CareersControversy Over Marketing Extraordinaire’s Planned Visit to Witt 1:110/52011
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Plays; ReviewsTheatre Review: Crimes of the Heart 8:110/122011
[ ]Wittenberg Choir;Music DepartmentWittenberg Choir to Perform at OMEA 2012 1:110/122011
[ ]Busarow, Donald;Music Department;Wittenberg ChoirWiittenbergs Mourns Passing of Dr. Busarow 5:411/22011
[ ]Reviews;Theatre and Dance Department;Dance Concert; Kula, EmilyFall Dance Concert: A Showcase of Talent 6:111/92011
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Miller, Karl; Stroeh, Dan; Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg Acting Alum Returns to Campus1:111/222011
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;EntertainmentOne Act Play Festival Brings Student-Directed Talent to Witt 7:112/72011
[ ]Philosophy Department;McHugh, Nancy;Dixon, BethWittenberg’s “Revolutionary”ť New Course 1:112/72011
[ ]Study Abroad;Bays, Sam;Political Science Department; Lutheran College Washington SemesterNot Your Typical Study Abroad: A Student’s Experience in DC 9:31/252012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Rissolo, Amy;Steiding, John; Greenberg, Ryann;Reynolds, StevenSpring Semester Theatre Preview 5:11/252012
[ ]English Department; Incorvati, Rick; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWittenberg Professor Awarded First Ever Progressive Hero Activist Award 1:11/252012
[ ]Dixon, Kent;English Department;Dixon, MimiSaying Goodbye to our “Dix”ť: Kent Dixon holds Colloquium to Precede His Upcoming Retirement 2:11/312012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsTheatre Review: "Beyond Therapy" by Christopher Durang8:12/152012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;ReviewsA Magical Winter’s Night: A Preview of Almost, Maine 5:12/222012
[ ]Art Department; Faculty and Staff; Prebys, Crispin; Fleishman, MaxArt Department Hires New Graphic Design Professor 2:13/212012
[ ]Music Department; Faculty and Staff; Durrenberger, Christopher;ConcertsCypress Strings Quartet to Perform at Wittenberg 1:13/212012
[ ]Reviews; Theatre and Dance DepartmentUncensored: A Review of Speech and Debate 6:14/42012
[ ]Women's Studies Department;International Studies;Wilkerson, Carmiele;Women;Tea with the Feminists;FeminismHuman Trafficking Exhibit Coming to Wittenberg 4:14/182012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Reviews; EntertainmentThe Pirates of Penzance: Not Your Typical Pirates 8:14/182012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Reynolds, Steve“Pirates of Penzance”ť Sells Out — In a Good Way 4:14/252012
[ ]Reviews;Theatre and Dance Department;Dance ConcertLast Bows of the Season at Chakers Faculty and Senior Dance Concert4:15/22012
[ ]Georges, Corwin;Theatre and Dance Department;Music Department;Schubert, DavidTheatre, Dance, and Musical Chairs: Corwin Georges Named Music Department Chair 3:19/52012
[ ]Politics;Baker, J. Robert;Political Science DepartmentWittenberg Hosts Debate for Local Politicians 3:19/122012
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentA parody of the Victorian Era: Previewing Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest 5:110/32012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Plays;Burgason, Carl;Moore, Rachel;Chadd, Ian;Stout, Adrienne;Van Deusen, Sarah;Odell, Jocelyn;Glen, Aaron;Stout, AdrienneEarnest or Not? A Photo Recap of the Theatre and Dance Department's Production "The Importance of Being Earnest," by Oscar Wilde [Photo Package: “The Importance of Being Earnest”ť] 4:310/102012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Ragan, Corey;Reynolds, PatrickOrchestrated Chaos at Night of the Gonzo Theatre 4:110/312012
[ ]Online Exclusive;Geography DepartmentStanding room only at music Open Forum 11/92012
[ ]Online Exclusive;Music Department“Major of Discovery”ť called vital to University’s Mission 11/92012
[ ]La Count, Steven;Physics;Physics DepartmentA Day in the Life: PhysCon 2012 in Orlando 4:111/142012
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; Japanese; Opinion; Pastor, Theodore; Letter to the Editor: From An EAS Alum 6:411/142012
[ ]Academics; Computer Science Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Geography Department; Graduation requirements; Hanson, Peter F.; Languages Department; Music Department; Theatre and Dance Department; WittSemsPotential Cuts [Possible discontinuance of departments explained] 1:111/142012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Faculty and Students: "It's So Much More Than Dance"ť 2:111/282012
[ ]Dixon, Mimi;Dixon, Kent;English DepartmentMimi Dixon Says Goodbye 1:411/282012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;PlaysOne Act Play Festival Showcases Student-Directed Talent 5:111/282012
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Health and Physical Education Department ; Physical Education; PE Credit Contributes to Wholeness of Person 2:111/282012
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department ; Martin, Helen; Martin, Thomas; Witnesses to History Abroad and on Campus: A Look into the Lives of Thomas and Helen Martin5:111/282012
[ ]Online Exclusive;Art;Art DepartmentWittenberg Welcomes Artist Tara Polansky to Campus 11/282012
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Foreign Languages Department; International StudiesLanguage Forums: French, Japanese Contribute to Globalized Wittenberg 1:112/52012
[ ]Andrews, Dr. Douglas M.; Kazez, Daniel; Li, Peiqian; Music Department; Music; Prebys, Crispin; TechnologyIntonation in Your Pocket: New App from Music Department Combines Music and Science 1:12/62013
[ ]Bennett, Timothy; Foreign Languages Department; McIntyre, Christine; [Photo]; Student HousingForeign Language House Could Open Up New Opportunities, Experiences for Students 2:12/132013
[ ]Cuba; Foreign Languages Department; McIntyre, Christine; Study AbroadWittenberg Students to Go On the Trip of a Lifetime to Cuba 5:12/132013
[ ]Atsuko Utamaru; East Asian Studies Club; East Asian Studies Department; Qiu, Iris; Long, Aaron; [Photo]; Pierce, Ashleigh; Smith, AutumnChinese New Year Celebration Embraces East Asian Cultures 2:12/202013
[ ]Blanco, Fernando; Kessler, Sarah; McIntyre, Christine; Nichols, Beatrice; Ohio Latin Americanist Conference (OLAC); Osterbrock, Craig; Price, Rebecca; Quinones-Echevarria, Shylea; Ramey, Shaydon; Spanish Department; Van Dyne, Nick; Vogel, Brittney; WilliaHosting Conference an Opportunity for Wittenberg [Conference Grants Wittenberg Large Opportunity] 1:32/272013
[ ]American Sign Language (ASL); Bennett, Timothy; Foreign Languages Department; Grant, Jordan; Swardenski, Erin; Taylor, ThomasA Sign of Change? ASL as a Foreign Language Against University Policy3:34/102013
[ ]Blanco, Fernando; Faculty; Fenton, Ellie; Foreign Languages Department; [Photo]; Pinhas, Tom; Spanish Department; Vendeville, CaraInsight into Faculty Member's Departure1:14/102013
[ ]Faculty and Staff;Joyner, Laurie M.;Duncan, Christopher;Finances;Budget;Geography Department;Lenz, Ralph;Houseknecht, Justin;Brooks Hedstrom, DarleneWittenberg Faculty and Departments Fear for the Future1:44/102013
[ ]Geography Department;Gegeshidze, Archil;Medvedkov, Olga;Hudson, George;GeorgiaWittenberg Friend in Georgia Appointed Ambassador1:14/102013
[ ]Art Department;Seniors;Mann, Jack;Armstrong, Taylor;Joyner, Laurie M.;Beam, Morgan;[Photos]Art Department Senior Thesis Exhibition4:34/242013
[ ]Internet;Macksamie, Matt;Hazarika, Sage;Cooper, George;Business Department;Kaplan, Thomas E.;Student ServicesFind a Job on WittJobs: New website lets community members seek and offer talents and skills4:14/242013
[ ]Ankrom, Jeff; Athletic Department; Purnell, Garnett; Wittenberg Searches for New Athletic Director7:39/112013
[ ]Education Department;Cooke, Elyse;Keidash, Katherine;Baker, MadisonReal World Wittenberg 4:19/182013
[ ]Education Department;Education;Yontz, Brian;OhioOhio Moves from Praxis II to OAE 4:19/252013
[ ]Academics; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Health and Physical Education Department; Hinson, Scot‘P’ Credit Eliminated from General Education Requirements 1:49/252013
[ ]Music Department;Zinn, Sara;Glasgo, VictorRecital Showcases Range of Student Talent 4:110/92013
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Plays;Gundlach, Will;Page, Annie;Pashoian, Nick;Babyak, Christian;Thrall, Robby;Kirwin, Bobby;Van Deusen, Sarah;Cunning, Moriah;Glen, Aaron;Reynolds, StevenFinding Connections: Six Degrees of Separation 3:410/162013
[ ]Carey, Sas; East Asian Studies Department; Health; Online ExclusiveDepartments Sponsor Presentation on Integrated Medicine in Mongolia 11/132013
[ ]Ritter, John;Geology Department;AwardsOhio Professor of the Year: Dr. John Ritter4:11/292014
[ ]Plays;Theatre;Theatre and Dance Department;Cunning, Moriah;Pytel, Brandon;Parry, Eileen;Rogus, Amanda;Craig, Courtney;[Photo]Student Director Presents "Doubt" 5:11/292014
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; [Photos]East Asian Studies Festival3:22/52014
[ ]Stridsberg, Chrissy;[Photo];Theatre and Dance Department;Dance;Faculty;Columbus Moving CompanyNo Standing, Only Dancing 3:12/192014
[ ]Crean, David;[Photo];Music;Music Department;Chapel OrganWittenberg Organist Brings Passion, Experience: David Crean, a doctoral student at the Julliard School, has big plans for Wittenberg 4:13/52014
[ ]English Department;Conkle, Megan;Stout, Adrienne;McClelland, Michael;[Photos]Let Us Read 2:14/22014
[ ]Rebhorn, James;Theatre and Dance Department;CelebritiesRemembering James Rebhorn Actor - Class of 1970 1:14/22014
[ ]Green, Caitlin;Mersch, Aly;Harriman, Liz;Art Department;Exhibitions;[Photos]Wittenberg Students' Art on Display [Painting Exhibit] 3:24/22014
[ ]English Department;Dixon, Kent;Dixon, Mimi;Richards, Cynthia;Spargo, R. CliftonNew Creative Writing Rotating Position Announced 2:14/162014
[ ]Geography Department;Environmental Issues;Environmental Protection Agency (EPA);SpringfieldWater Saftey Forum 4:54/302014
[ ]MacDonald, Katharine Polack;English DepartmentThe Lovely Lady of Literature2:15/72014
[ ]Faculty;Biology Department;Ison, Jennifer;English Department;Spargo, R. CliftonFresh Faces on Campus this Fall that aren’t Freshman 1:49/102014
[ ]Carnegie Science Hall;Kaplan, Thomas E.;Sociology Department;Business Department;Hollenbeck HallThe Future of Carnegie 2:39/102014
[ ]English Department;Wittenberg Series;Oates, Joyce CarolWittenberg Series Lands Acclaimed Author 1:19/242014
[ ]Sociology Department;Hanna, Peggy;World Peace;SpeakersFrom Military Captain to Peace Activist, Paul Chappell to “Wage Peace”ť at Wittenberg 2:310/82014
[ ]Miami University;Languages Department;ConferencesClassroom Lessons Put to Use at Language Conference 2:110/152014
[ ]Spargo, R. Clifton;English Department;Colloquia;[Photo]Clifton Spargo Resurrects the Fitzgeralds BY MADDIE LAW 1:110/152014
[ ]Reviews;Theatre and Dance Department;[Photos]“The Mousetrap” Review 5:110/152014
[ ]Economics Department;Ankrom, Jeff;FacultyJeff Ankrom of the Economics Department Leaving Wittenberg After 32 Years 2:411/52014
[ ]Waggoner, Catherine;Mississippi Delta;Communication DepartmentWitt in Mississippi — AJ Meyer 3:111/52014
[ ]Chang, Shih-Ming Li;Theatre and Dance Department;Christianity;[Photo]Shih-Ming’s Food Cart 3:111/122014
[ ]English Department;Colloquia;[Photos]Author Mindy McGinnis Shares Her Story 4:12/252015
[ ]Bailey, Julius;Philosophy Department;[Photo]Witt Professor Visits Capital University To Talk Hip-Hop and Kanye West 2:42/252015
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Barstow, Adam;Paolacci, Katie;Van Deusen, Sarah;Reviews;[Photos]Fuddy Meers Blends Chaos and Comedy in Last Week’s Run 5:13/42015
[ ]English Department;Founders Pub;Literary Awards;Simon, Alina;Brown, Trevor;Hunt, Hannah;Cascino, Julie;[Photos]Pub Fest — Michaela Freeman 3:14/12015
[ ]Thomas Library;Curriculum Resource Center;Education Department;Snyder, Kara;Pallant, Joan;[Photos]CRC Grand Reopening 2:14/222015
[ ]Peralta, Andres;Spanish DepartmentSpanish Professor Absent from Class for Almost Two Months 1:14/222015
[ ]Faculty Art Show;Koch Hall;Dooley, Scott;Art Department;[Photos]From the Studio: A Look at the Faculty Art Show in Koch Hall 6:19/92015
[ ]Kaplan, Thomas E.;Taylor, Thomas;School of Community Education (SCE);Business Department;Nursing Pathway Program;[Photo]Meet Tom Kaplan: The New Dean of SCE 3:29/92015
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Reynolds, Patrick;Van Deusen, Sarah;Barstow, Adam;[Photo];Plays“Stones in His Pockets” Play Review 8:19/162015
[ ]Sociology Department;McCarter, Kellyn;Wagner, Brooke;Racial IssuesAcquired Taste 10:19/232015
[ ]History Department;Brooks Hedstrom, Darlene;Sabbatical Leave System;Colloquia;[Photos]Semester Spent Studying Kitchens 10:39/232015
[ ]Shakespeare, William;Stratford Shakespeare Festival;English Department;Theatre Department;[Photo]Wittenberg Takes to Stratford Ontario, Canada 8:19/232015
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Plays;Burgason, Carl;Van Deusen, Sarah;Estenson, Kim;[Photos]“Arms and the Man” Review 6:110/142015
[ ]DeVantier, Katherine;English Department;Seniors;[Photo]Passing on the Senior Light-with Kate DeVantier 4:311/42015
[ ]Computer Science Department;Shelburne, BrianThe Revival of Computer Science Major 3:111/42015
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Dance Concert;[Photos]Dancing Through Fall 6:111/112015
[ ]Photography;Art Department;McInnis, Dan;[Photo]Witt’s Own Finalist in Smithsonian Portrait Competition 9:311/182015
[ ]Thompson Gallery;Art DepartmentSenior Winter Show Opens in Thompson Gallery 6:112/92015
[ ]English Department;Kent and Mimi Dixon Professorship;Poetry;Colloquia;[Photos]Astronauts, Ants and Bears . . . Oh my! Heather Christle’s Poetry Reading 7:31/272016
[ ]Bailey, Julius;Racial Issues;Racism;Philosophy Department;Faculty Publishing;[Photos]Let’s Talk Racism: Bailey Releases ‘Racial Realities and Post-Racial Dreams’ 8:12/32016
[ ]Budget;East Asian Studies Department;Theatre and Dance Department;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);[Photos]Students Concerned About Potential Cuts 5:42/32016
[ ]Ohio Private College Instrumental Conductors Association (OPCICA);Music Department;Rayens, Emily;Krupa, Justin;Hulen, Sophie;Kovack, Michael;Burdwood, Jack;Lobl, Caitlin;Mullins, Luke;[Photo]Witt Musicians Receive State Honors 5:12/32016
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Corbett, Ryan;Schlicher, Lana;Jensen, Kamilla;Hoyer, Zach;Cahoon, Caitlin;Plays;[Photos]‘Dinner with Friends’ 6:12/32016
[ ]Foreign Languages Department;Budget;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Theatre and Dance Department;Zembar, Mary Jo;Inboden, RobinEPC Program Reviews Stopped by Faculty Vote 1:42/102016
[ ]Foreign Languages Department;Budget;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Theatre and Dance Department;Zembar, Mary Jo;Inboden, RobinFaculty Votes to Stop Program Reviews 3:32/102016
[ ]Music Department;Atkins, Lori;Grove, Lisa;Hesseman, Joseph;Woodwind concert;[Photos]Pre-bowl Woodwind Quintet Performance and Faculty Spotlight 8:12/102016
[ ]Calendar;Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE);Accreditation;Hiller, Darby;Faculty Executive Board;Hanson, Peter F.Re-Accreditation Means New Calendar 1:12/102016
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Burgason, Carl;Reynolds, Patrick;Plays;[Photos]A Corporate Corporation 6:12/172016
[ ]Accreditation;Calendar;Class Schedule;Hanson, Peter F.;Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHC)Reaccreditation Leads to New Fall Schedule 4:42/172016
[ ]Racial Issues;Police -- Special weapons and tactics units -- United States;Colloquia;Office of Multicultural Student Programs;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Political Science Department;Black History Month;[Photo]One Hundred and Twenty Five Years of Reform 1:12/242016
[ ]English Department;Battle, Sha'Dawn;Racial Issues;West, Kanye;[Photo]Professor Battle Talks Empathy, Disembodiment and the Subversive Potential of Kanye West 5:12/242016
[ ]Phi Beta Kappa;English Department;MacDonald, Ian;Racial Issues;SpeakersPhi Beta Kappa Endowed Speaker: Hazel Carby 1:33/22016
[ ]Plays;Theatre and Dance Department;Reynolds, Patrick;Van Dueson, Sarah;Burgason, Carl;[Photos]The Grapes of Wrath 6:13/22016
[ ]Foreign Languages Department;Amaya, Olivia;Mazurowski, Sierra;Barnard, Evan;Cason, Isaac;Hoff, Ruth;Torteson, Deanna;[Photos]Across Cultures: Languages Host World Café 6:13/232016
[ ]Wood, Molly;History Department;ColloquiaHistory: Sometimes it Rhymes 5:44/62016
[ ]Warber, Katie;Communication Department;Colloquia;[Photo]Tricia Burke Presents Research at Spring Communication Colloquium 5:14/62016
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Barstow, Adam;Sharrar, Korie;Page, Annie;Schlicher, Lana;Plays;[Photos]Two Thumbs Up for “Becky Shaw” 8:14/62016
[ ]Cunningham, Sheryl;Communication Department;Birth Control;Women's Rights;Planned Parenthood;[Photos]Where Are the Women? 7:14/62016
[ ]Fulbright Scholars;Newman, Melissa;Bennett, Timothy;Germany;Foreign Languages Department;[Photo]Wittenberg’s Fulbright Scholar 4:14/62016
[ ]Music Department;Music Recitals;Mullins, Luke;Bayback, Christian;Timko, Lucy;Riggle, Austin;[Photo]General Student Recital 8:34/132016
[ ]Pankhurst, Jerry;Runsak, Eric;Sociology Department;Russian Area Studies;[Photo];Wittenberg MottoPankhurst’s Career Honored 4:34/132016
[ ]Senior Art Show;Art Department;Dehnke, Jimmy;Ficke, Emma;Hunt, Hannah;Collins, Katherine;Gleason, Dennis;[Photos]Seniors Rock Art Show Opening 9:14/132016
[ ]Wittenberg Film Festival;Cinema Studies Department;YouMedia Springfield;Hagen Center for Civic and Urban Engagement;Inboden, Robin;McCuistion, Stephanie;Traylor, Brian;Films;[Photo]First Annual Witt Film Fest 9:34/202016
[ ]Plays;Theatre and Dance Department;Barstow, Adam;Paolacci, Katie;Jensen, Kamilla;Burgason, Carl;Stout, Garett;[Photos]Wittenberg Students Exceed Expectations with ‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee’ 6:14/202016
[ ]Raffensperger, Christian;History Department;Europe;Harvard University;[Photo]Raffensperger Releases New Book 1:14/272016
[ ]Wittenberg Jazz Ensemble;Music Department;ConcertsJazz It Up a Little 9:15/32016
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Spring Dance Concert;Ritzi, Evelyn;Feese, Heather;[Photos]Spring Dance Concert 7:15/32016
[ ]Online Exclusive;Celebration of Lifelong Learning;Business Department;Communication Department;Communication and Business Leadership Experience (CABLE);Gradwohl, WendyCelebration of Lifelong Learning 9/142016
[ ]History Department;Wood, Molly;Milliken, MattNo Time for Stalin.. Declare History Major! 5:19/142016
[ ]Sloneker, Christopher;Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC);Basketball - Men;Biology Department;Business Department;[Photo]Sloneker Makes Mark As Heavily Involved Student-Athlete 12:19/142016
[ ]Sociology Department;Psychology Department;Colloquia;Case Western Reserve University (CWRU)Sociology and Psychology Colloquium 3:19/142016
[ ]Richards, Cynthia;Stratford Shakespeare Festival;English Department;Theatre Department;Canada;[Photos]Wittenberg Students Take on Stratford, Canada 6:19/142016
[ ]Music Department;Music Recitals;Durrenberger, Christopher;Schubert, David;Slagle, Diane;Faber, Trudy;[Photos]Opening Music Faculty Recital 6:19/212016
[ ]Wittenberg University Student Education Association (WUSEA);Fletcher, Kamyia;Education Department;Kletzly, ColeenClub Spotlight: WUSEA Provides Outreach Opportunities 4:19/282016
[ ]History Department;Livingstone, Amy;Colloquia;EuropeHistory Colloquium with Livingstone 1:19/282016
[ ]Political Science Department;Williams, Derek;[Photo]Major Spotlight: Political Science Full of Opportunity 4:19/282016
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Plays;Reviews;Rogus, Amanda;Arlin, Kelsie;[Photo]‘Rabbit Hole’ Is All Too Real 9:19/282016
[ ]Art Department;Gimenez-Berger, Alejandra;Wittenberg Art League;[Photo]Major Spotlight – Art Department 4:310/122016
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Plays;Marshall, Payton;Betts, Carson;[Photos]‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ 7:110/122016
[ ]Philosophy Department;Schoonover, Steven;ColloquiaWhat Does It Mean for a Will or Society to be Free? 5:111/22016
[ ]Ireland;English Department;Colloquia;Poetry;[Photo]Eavan Boland: Witty, Charming and Inspiring 5:411/92016
[ ]Lincoln Elementary School;Education Department;McGuffey, Amy;Community Garden;Community ServiceBringing New Life to Lincoln Elementary Through Collaborative Garden Effort 4:111/162016
[ ]Musgrave, Mackenzie;Music Department;Music RecitalsMackenzie Musgrave Makes Music in Senior Recital 11/162016
[ ]Secret Societies;Campus Culture;Religion Department;Oldstone-Moore, JenniferResponse to Wittenberg Torch article: “Staff Shatters Silence Surrounding Secret Societies” — Jennifer Oldstone-Moore 11/162016
[ ]Wittenberg University Student Education Association (WUSEA);Springfield Community;Peale, Margaret;Bowler, Michaela;Kletzly, Coleen;Long, Courtney;Education DepartmentWUSEA Engages Springfield Youth 7:112/72016
[ ]Sociology Department;Wagner, Brooke;Whitmer, Jennifer;SexHuman Trafficking Experiment Yields Fascinating Results 4:11/252017
[ ]Stankovic, Vlada;History Department;Raffensperger, Christian;Carluccios, MikeVlada Stankovic Brings Research to Wittenberg 4:21/252017
[ ]McClelland, Mac;English Department;ColloquiaMac McClelland Offers Insight into His Novel, “The Magnitude of Her Fury” 3:12/12017
[ ]Quinones, Camila;[Photo];Senior Spotlight;English Department;Cinema StudiesSenior Spotlight: Camila Quińones Reflects on Her Busy Time at Wittenberg 8:12/12017
[ ]University Theatre;Theatre and Dance Department;[Photos];Feigel, Kristen;Beechey, Morgan;Shelton-Dooley, Brittany;Reynolds, Samantha;Strommen, Benjamin;Rogus, Amanda;Kowalski, Karina;Reviews“Dead Man’s Cell Phone” A Must-See 7:12/12017
[ ]English Department;Colloquia;LiteratureEnglish Department Delights With Dystopian Literature 3:12/82017
[ ]Warber, Katie;First Year Seminar (FYS);WittSems;Communication DepartmentFYS Coordinator Stepping Down 7:13/12017
[ ]Colloquia;History Department;Cassis, MarciaMarcia Cassis Presents Çadir Höyük 4:13/12017
[ ]Empty Bowls;Second Harvest Food Bank;Sharrar, Korie;Miner, Brandon;[Photos];Art DepartmentEmpty Bowls, Full Bellies 1:13/222017
[ ][Photo];Languages Department;Buford, Philip W.;Montalvo, Isaac;Wilson, Kennan;Makela, CurtisWorld Café: A Celebration of National World Language Week 5:33/222017
[ ]Colloquia;Communication Department;Crawford, RebeccaCommunications Colloquium Explores Health and Healing 3:13/292017
[ ]English Department;Hobarty, Trevor;Dann, Anissa;Symons, Maria;Burchett, Chloe;Quinones, Camila;Colloquia;Hinson, Scot;Hamm, Jessica;MacDonald, Ian;MacDonald, Katharine Polack;Mattison, MichaelBooks and Beer: The Best Fest of the Year 4:14/52017
[ ]Wagner, Brooke;Criswell, Lindsey;Sociology Department;Project Woman;Womyn's Center“Audrie and Daisy”: A Film About the Aftereffects 4:44/122017
[ ]English Department;Sigma Tau Delta;Writing Center;Summers, MeaghanStrike a Match with Poetry 3:34/192017
[ ]Opinion;Theatre and Dance Department;Dance;AthleticsCollegiate Dancers Deserve Training Resources 4:14/262017
[ ][Photo];Theatre and Dance Department;Stout, Jillian;Kostell, Ann;Hoyer, Zach;Barstow, Adam;Brattain, Hannah;Beck, Caleb;Davis, Jacob;Washington, O'Jeanique;Gregg, Aacha;Reviews“Next To Normal” A Successful Performance 10:14/262017
[ ]Music Department;Durrenberger, Christopher;Knobeloch, Sarah;DiGiacomo, SamanthaMusic Department Faculty Give Students a Stellar Show 9:19/202017
[ ]History Department;McCartney, HannahHistory Club Ventures to the Renaissance Festival 4:19/272017
[ ]English Department;Colloquia;Reynolds, Samantha;Eckenrode, Ashley;Schneider, CarlyEnglish Department Educates Future Publishers 5:110/112017
[ ]Russell, Laura;Colloquia;Communication DepartmentGraduate Laura Russell Returns for Colloquium — Nicole Fracasso 4:111/12017
[ ][Photo];Pardon, Sivan;Athletic Department;Water Polo;Williams, GaryWater Polo Head Coach Sivan Pardon Begins Inaugural Season 12:111/12017
[ ]English Department;Colloquia;Battle, Sha'Dawn;Mattison, Michael;Polak, Katherine;Ryan, Jennifer;Bailey, JuliusBattle, Polak and Mattison Defend Their Selections on The List 4:111/152017
[ ][Photos];Dance Concert;Theatre and Dance Department;Chakeres Memorial Theatre;Shih-Ming Li Chang;Pohlabel, Micaela;Cannon, Abigale;Fink, Rachael;Sparks, CollinSold-Out 33rd Annual Fall Dance Concert is a Success 6:111/152017
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Lofton, Daniel;Dumm, Elena;Graeter, Theodore;Coughlin, Jackson;Hagerman, James;Kobler, Drake;Moss, Mallory;Dunphy, Seamus;Peebles, Allison;Bones, Madeline;Andrulis, Katherine;Feiler, Audrey;[Photo]Annual 10-Minute Plays Leave Students Weak From Laughter 9:112/62017
[ ]History Department;Brooks Hedstrom, DarleneBrooks Hedstrom Releases Book and Celebrates Publishing 8:112/62017
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg Theater & Dance Hosts First Gonzo Night of the Semester 6:11/312018
[ ]Dillon, Kelly;Bullying;Internet;Communication DepartmentDillon Presents Research on Cyberbullying and Cyber-Harassment Online only2/72018
[ ]Fallon, D'Arcy;English Department;Askeland, Lori;Oldstone-Moore, Jennifer;Incorvati, RickTake a Ride on “The Yum Yum Bus” 5:12/72018
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Locker, Julie;Cahoon, Caitlin;Shelton-Dooley, Brittany;[Photos]Wittenberg Theatre and Dance’s Show “Dry Land” Was A Hit 9:12/72018
[ ]Diversity;Race relations;Black History Month;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Shades of Pearls;Theatre and Dance Department;[Photos]Being Black On Campus: A Discussion About Diversity Issues At Witt 6:12/282018
[ ]Sociology Department;Class of 2018;Fort, Annie;Parsons, Emily;Higgins, Emmaline;McNeil, Elizabeth;Baker, Yvonne;Cahoon, Caitlin;Still, David;Watkins, Alyssa;Watkins, Katherine;Beidelschies, Kayla;Hill, Donna;Murray, Daniel;Ophardt, KathyrnSociology Department Kicks Off Senior Presentations 4:42/282018
[ ]Empty Bowls;Art Department;Tura, Erica;Wallenfang, Austen;[Photos]Empty Bowls Combats Hunger 5:13/282018
[ ]English Department;Gallion, Alexis;Ryan, Jennifer;Hinson, Scot;Stone, Jayne;Harper, Theresa;Howard, Nikki;Beechey, Morgan;Sharp, Alexander;Dann, Anissa;Murray, Daniel;Founders PubEnglish Department Hosts LIT-erary Pub Fest 4:14/42018
[ ]Krieg Hall;Leapley, David;Jones, Andrew;Bear, Colvin;Jones, Brandon;Slagle, Diane;Music Department;Music Recitals;Jones, TheodoreFaculty Artist Recital Held in Krieg 4:14/42018
[ ]Athletic Department;Frandsen, Michael;Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC);Rodeheffer, Charles;Williams, Gary;Brock, Isaiah;Williams, DelaneyAthletes Kickoff Inauguration Week with Pep Rally 3:14/112018
[ ][Photos];Theatre and Dance Department;Oberschake, Taylor;Estenson, Kim;McCord, Logan;Schmidt, AlexandraTheater Department Hosts “Cabaret” Production 7:14/182018
[ ][Photos];Theatre and Dance Department;Dance Concert;Chang, Shih-Ming Li;Mullens, Magdeline;Ponn, Kylie;Gage, Chase;Abdul-Aziz, Mecca;Lofton, DanielTheater Department Hosts Spring Dance Concert 6:15/22018