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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaAlpha Xi Delta: A short account3:39/291910
[ ]Buildings; Fraternities and Sororities; Alpha Xi Delta; FiresAlpha Xi Delta house catches fire1:210/291911
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaSome interesting facts in connection with the the Alpha Xi Delta sorority2572/121913
[ ]Buildings; Fraternities and Sororities; Alpha Xi Delta; FiresRoof catches fire at Alpha Xi Delta house1:210/291914
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaDefective flue again disturbs Alpha Xi Delta3:24/291915
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaAlpha Xi Delta has been denied the privilege of bidding or pledging until April 25 for infraction of Pan-Hellanic council rush rules.1:32/171927
[ ]Intramural Sports;Alpha Xi DeltaIntramural Court Games Are Played - Independents II and Alpha Xi's Win first Contests3:51/131933
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaAlpha Xi Delta to open house1:35/11936
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaSorority sing1:15/141937
[ ]Alpha Xi Deltawins (intersorority sing)1:15/191939
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaAlpha Xi Delta wins scholastic honors for last semester1:511/151940
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaAlpha Xi Delta takes spring sing award1:45/291947
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaWins award for homecoming displays211/61948
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaAlpha Xi Delta captures annual sing trophy1:15/91958
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Xi DeltaCups for cow, purple people (homecoming display)1:510/241958
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaFuzzies score second straight win1:45/81959
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaFuzzys, Phi Mus win first in sings.3:25/131960
[ ]Greek Life;Sororities;Kappa Kappa Gamma;Delta Zeta;Alpha Xi Delta;Preston Nickoson, Carol;Brems, EmmaNew Sorority to Come to Campus 5:19/302015
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaWittenberg Welcomes Back Alpha Xi Delta 1:112/92015
[ ]Alpha Xi Delta;Greek Life;Quinones, Camila;Irving, Zoe;Porrello, Rachel;[Photos]Alpha Xi Delta Pledges 32 New Members 3:12/172016
[ ][Photos];Alpha Xi Delta;Porello, RachelAlpha Xi Delta Cookout Introduces Witt to New Sorority House4:19/62017
[ ]Alpha Xi Delta;Woodbridge, Hayley;Crum, AbigailAXiDs Host First Philanthropy Event of the Year 4:410/112017