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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Beta Theta; Alpha Tau Omega; Pearson, Daisy; RecreationSleighing parties1872/61901
[ ]Theta Alpha PhiChapter of National Dramatic Fraternity is Established Here1:511/21922
[ ]Theta Alpha PhiTheta Alpha Phi Pledges Eleven - Dramatic Program For College Is Discussed at Meeting1:42/181926
[ ]Alpha Theta AlphaAlpha Theta Alpha replaces the name Sadhe Aleph fraternity as a social fraternity4:25/31928
[ ]Alpha Theta Alpha; Sadhe Aleph FraternityName changed to Alpha Theta Alpha4:25/31928
[ ]Theta Alpha PhiSponsors a national play writing contest4:32/201930
[ ]Alpha Theta AlphaAlpha Theta Alpha is first1:310/91930
[ ]Lambda Chi Alpha; Theta Kappa Nu; Kappa PhiTheta Kappa Nu approves petition of Kappa Phi; local group to be installed in fall1:15/211931
[ ]Alpha Theta AlphaGroups to go national (Delta Sigma Phi)1:73/181932
[ ]Alpha Theta AlphaMember of group which will soon get national charter tells of loacl history of Alpha Theta Alpha, Sadhe Aleph1:34/11932
[ ]Alpha Theta Alpha; Sadhe Aleph FraternityTo get national charter. Member tells local history1:34/11932
[ ]Alpha Theta AlphaTwo local fraternities to become chapters of national organizations4:14/81932
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Theta AlphaTwo local fraternities to become chapters of national organizations1:24/81932
[ ]Theta Kappa Nu; Lambda Chi AlphaUnion makes new fraternal group4:69/151939
[ ]Phi Alpha ThetaNew history honorary to be installed tonight2:55/181949
[ ]Theta Gamma AlphaHistory of a new social group5:14/181958
[ ]Theta Gamma AlphaReceives unamimous "go ahead"1:34/181958
[ ]Theta Gamma AlphaFirst initiationNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:54/261958
[ ]Theta Gamma AlphaBecomes a permanent part of Wittenberg. Will join in sing4:35/21958
[ ]Theta Gamma AlphaInitiates159/261958
[ ]Theta Gamma AlphaInitiates2:510/101958
[ ]Theta Alpha PhiConvetion at Purdue University5:53/251960
[ ]Phi Alpha ThetaConvenes at Wittenberg. Historian to speak1:412/21966
[ ]Theta Alpha PhiInitiates ten new members2:34/181969
[ ]Kappa Alpha Psi; Delta Sigma ThetaBlack fraternity and sorority find acceptance at Wittenberg8:1-211/51996
[ ]Awards;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Residence Halls;Center for Civic and Urban Engagement; Davidson, Lacey; Dooley, Scott; Gamma Phi Beta; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Delta Pi; Duraj, Jon; Brooks, Kent; Robinson, Dennis; Kinzler, Nicole; Moore, Aaron; Lambdi CStudents and Faculty Rewarded for Their Leadership On and Off Campus 3:14/252012