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[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaThe tenth annual biennial congress of ATO was held at Atlanta Ga.97:11/11887
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaThe tenth biennial congress of Alpha Tau Omega97:11/11887
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaSixth annual state conclave was held in Delaware, Feb. 22, 1896165:13/31896
[ ]Beta Theta; Alpha Tau Omega; Pearson, Daisy; RecreationSleighing parties1872/61901
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaAlpha Tau Omega: a short account4:29/291910
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaOhio ATO fraters assemble at Witt in 22nd conclave33/131912
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaOver 200 members initiated into mysteries of Alpha Psi chapter of ATO4344/301913
[ ]Tau Kappa AlphaCharter for the National Honorary fraternity to be presented to Wittenberg1:41/121922
[ ]Tau Kappa AlphaKenneth Rush '21 presents charter of Tau Kappa Alpha1:11/191922
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega;BowlingA. T. O. Pin Hitters Win Championship - Tim Hayward of Phi Psis is High Roller of Season With 156 Average3:23/201924
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaAlpha Tau becomes the forty-first chapter admitted to the National Music Fraternity1:21/131927
[ ]Tau Kappa Alpha;Brees, Paul R.Seven Initiated Into T. K. A. Ranks - Forensic Fraternity Holds Induction Ceremonies For Platform Artists2:512/131928
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaATO purchase lot to build new frat house1:51/311929
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaArchitect's drawing gives view of ATO house4:33/201930
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaAlpha Tau Omega to hold services for opening1:510/91930
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaGroup wins varsity night cup twice1:112/181931
[ ]Pi Kappa Alpha;Alpha Tau Omega;Intramural Sports;BasketballPi Kaps, A.T.O. Gain Early Lead In Basketball - Eight Games Open First Week In The Intramural Cage Sport3:11/131933
[ ]Intramural Sports;Alpha Tau OmegaSchedule Is Out For Fall Intramurals - ATO's to Defend Speedball Championship In League A3:39/291933
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega;Intramural Sports;Fraternities;Pi Kappa AlphaATOs, Dorm Undefeated In Court Race - Pi Kaps Lead In B League And Handball Competition3:32/91934
[ ]Tau Kappa Alpha;FraternitiesTau Kappa Alpha Will Initiate Nine Tuesday, April 164:44/121935
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaAlpha Tau Omega homecoming decorations win4:510/301936
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega"Mighty Alpha Taus" chant wins vote of judges in songfest1:65/141942
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaFraternity under suspension until 1951, is official administrational decree1:15/181950
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaAlpha Tau Omega adopts German girl3:312/111953
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaTaus hold Founders Day3:43/211958
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Xi DeltaCups for cow, purple people (homecoming display)1:510/241958
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaFormal dinner given to honor Patrick Maguire, recipient of the Fred Wallace Booth award, and receivers of the Bl1:44/191973
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaAlpha Tau Omega adds wing to frat house (pic)5:69/231976
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaATOs give honors3:24/211978
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaFraternity donates $383 to American Cancer Society3:72/161979
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaOnly fraternity housemother discusses her job (pic)6:11/111980
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaFraternity presents awards to three of its member4:12/291980
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega; Gamma Phi Beta; Volunteersbecome big brothers and big sisters to 20 children through Springfield organization6:55/21980
[ ]Big Brothers/Big Sisters; Gamma Phi Beta; Alpha Tau OmegaGamma Phi and ATO become big brothers and big sisters to 20 children through the Springfield organization6:55/21980
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaATOs join CROP and other students in walk against hunger2:110/311980
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaBell makes bum buoy (pic)5:11/181985
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega;Polis House;Student Senate;Interfraternity Council;Southard, Michael J.;FraternitiesYo Bro! Here Comes ATO 2:411/192014
[ ]Greek Life;Fraternities;Alpha Tau Omega;Southard, Michael J.;Polis House;[Photos]Yo! Whoa! Where Did ATO Go!? 1:14/152015
[ ][Photo];Duraj, Jon;North, Charles;Sigma Delta Pi;Celebrate Service;Jewish Culture Club;George, Lucas;Alpha Delta Pi;Lambda Chi Alpha;Beta Theta Pi;Hobson, Zachary;Fairbanks, Angela;Robinette, Joe;Whiteley, Grace;Bennett, JoAnn;LeMaster, Biran;McNeill, Elizabeth;Jones, Brandon;Kolb, Drew;Project Woman;Criswell, Lindsey;Phi Kappa Psi;Bobbitt, Megan;Hoff, Ruth;Preston Nickoson, Carol;Powers, Kyle;Lorko, Kelsey;Fletcher, Kamyia;Black, Cameron;Barnard, Evan;Winn, Kayla;Scott, Richard;Tiger Pep Band;Records, Molly;Marks, Josh;Delta Tau Delta;Alpha Phi Omega;Gill, Casey;Leadership Awards CeremonyWittenberg Hosts Seventh Annual Leadership Awards 3:14/122017
[ ]Gamma Phi Beta;Lambda Chi Alpha;Leadership Awards Ceremony;Office of Student Involvement;Tune, Rachel;O'Malley, Madeline;Wallace, Rachel;Residence Life;Negrophilia;Duraj, Jon;WittInvest;White, Sarah;Kovack, Michael;Bauman, Libby;Bockhold, Carly;Green, Jaymi;Boone, Maxim;Bunsold, Katherine;Residence Hall Association (RHA);Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance (GSDA);McNeal, Elizabeth;Hunt, Karen;Jurewicz, Sarah;Wagner, Isabella;Carey, Kevin;Samuel, Charles;Angelo, Ross;Alpha Xi Delta;Foland, Vanessa;Alpha Delta Pi;Phi Kappa Psi;Nickerson, Carol;Glass, Abby;Water Polo;Caving Club;Kappa Delta;Winn, Kayla;George, Lucas;Delta Tau Delta;Frandsen, Michael;[Photo]Eighth Annual Leadership Awards Held As Part of Inauguration Week 5:14/112018
[ ]Alpha Xi Delta;Barren, Brad;Delta tau Delta;Bulcha, Leul;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Flechler, Luke;Delta Sigma Phi;VanTilburg, Harrison;Phi Kappa Psi;Senters, SkylarSecond Annual Xi Man Philanthropy Event a Hit 8:14/112018