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[ ]Songs (College); Alma MaterPrize of $10 offered by Dean Shatzer for appropriate words to the tune Alma Mater1:34/281921
[ ]Alma MaterShell setting to be used for crowning scene on Alma Mater Day1:14/271922
[ ]Alma MaterSixth Alma Mater Day to be Festive Occassion1:65/151924
[ ]Alma MaterWittenberg Women's League offers prize of $20 for pageant; first context of it's kind offered1:111/171927
[ ]Arrow and Mask; Alma MaterPageant prize awarded to "Arrow and Mask," senior women's honorary society1:52/161928
[ ]Alma MaterWittenberg Women's League to present Alma Mater Fete1:25/171928
[ ]Alma MaterWitt Women's League gives pageant Commenment Week4:25/221930
[ ]Alma MaterWome elect Ellen Easton Alma Mater Queen (por)1:44/301931
[ ]Alma MaterAmplifying of pageant prologue will mark change (por)1:45/211931
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater Day program is explained1:24/291932
[ ]Alma MaterTradition of crowning of Alma Mater originated in May Queen festivals; present idea furthered by W.W.L. in 19271:34/291932
[ ]Alma MaterPageant plans are explained1;25/61932
[ ]Alma MaterHonor is given to Toledo girl (Ruth Bell).1:24/281933
[ ]Alma MaterLeading roles assigned for fourteenth annual fete.1:35/121933
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater announces Alma Mater practice1:55/191933
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater changes theme of annual fete1:54/131934
[ ]Alma MaterPageant plans nearly finished1:74/271934
[ ]Alma MaterGirls choose year's Alma Mater Queen1:55/111934
[ ]Alma MaterLena Jane Beilhart is Alma Mater (por)1:45/181934
[ ]Alma Mater;Co-Eds Will Choose Alma Mater Queen April 25 - Faculty Committee Is To Announce Winner Honor Day1:34/121935
[ ]Alma MaterMargaret Brillhart queen (por)1:35/31935
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater to present Alma Mater fete June 81:45/241935
[ ]Alma MaterLorraine Albright1:54/31936
[ ]Alma MaterCoeds will honor Alma Mater1:65/291936
[ ]Alma MaterHistory of Alma Mater elections recalled as pageant approaches1:55/291936
[ ]Alma MaterPageant plans are complete (Barbara Warner)1:45/211937
[ ]Alma MaterPageant plans are complete (Barbara Warner1:55/281937
[ ]Alma MaterWWL presents 1939 Alma Mater Queen on Monday4:34/11938
[ ]Alma MaterMary Elise Heckathorn1:14/81938
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater pageant1:25/61938
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater pageant (por)1:15/201938
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater pageant1:15/271938
[ ]Alma MaterGeorgiana Stearns Alma Mater Queen 19401:44/61939
[ ]Alma MaterDancers, costumers prepare for campus pageantry1:15/191939
[ ]Alma MaterDancers, costumers prepare for campus pageantry1:15/261939
[ ]Alma MaterAlice Hepner (por)1:35/171940
[ ]Alma MaterFete to honor Tulloss1:15/241940
[ ]Alma Mater1941 Alma Mater-elect is fourth straight Chi Omega honored1:14/41941
[ ]Alma MaterBeauty Queen is new Alma Mater (por)1:44/101942
[ ]Alma Mater"Symphony of Life" is ...theme for pageant June 62:55/11942
[ ]Alma MaterNichols is Alma Mater queen (por)1:15/141942
[ ]Alma Mater"Symphony of Life" is ...theme for pageant June 6 (por)1:15/291942
[ ]Alma Mater"Honor to Alma Mater"1:15/141943
[ ]Alma MaterOne act play is on Alma Mater program4:65/141943
[ ]Alma MaterPhyllis Lauver (por)1:24/141944
[ ]Alma MaterPageant nears completion1:53/91945
[ ]Alma MaterBetty Jane Hewitt selected (por)1:34/131945
[ ]Alma MaterNorma Jean Jones (pic)1:54/171946
[ ]Alma MaterStudents honor Alma Mater in festivities tomorrow1:45/311946
[ ]Alma MaterJanet Downey elected Alma Mater queen (pic)1:54/181947
[ ]Alma Mater"America" to be Alma Mater theme1:45/291947
[ ]Alma Mater(June) Lindow, Alma Mater (por)1:34/141948
[ ]Alma MaterHelen Snyder (por)1:14/261950
[ ]Alma MaterMarilyn Mitchell (por)1:24/261951
[ ]Alma Mater; Coe, JoanneJoanne Coe elected Alma Mater (por)3:45/81952
[ ]Alma MaterLee Doellman (por)1:45/71953
[ ]Alma MaterElections to determine queen (pic)1:44/301954
[ ]Alma Mater"W" basis for Alma Mater theme1:45/211954
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater Candidates (por)1:13/111955
[ ]Alma MaterMiss Lianne Valleau (por)1:15/61955
[ ]Alma MaterRoyalty dances at Alma Mater pageant1:15/201955
[ ]Alma MaterRoyalty dances at Alma Mater pageant2:45/201955
[ ]Alma MaterSheila Little will reign (por)1:15/41956
[ ]Alma MaterPageant dates back to 19183:25/181956
[ ]Alma Mater37-year tradition backs Alma Mater celebration2:23/11957
[ ]Alma Mater37th Alma Mater plans underway2:23/11957
[ ]Alma MaterAnn Van Meter is 1957 Alma Mater: "Nutcracker Suite" 37th pageant theme1:55/31957
[ ]Alma MaterAllion, Nimmer, Parker chosen as Alma Mater candidates1:14/111958
[ ]Alma MaterSue Allison will reign1:65/21958
[ ]Alma Mater"America Dances" to give tribute1:15/231958
[ ]Alma MaterPageant revised1:13/61959
[ ]Alma MaterCourt personnel, chairmen chosen1:14/171959
[ ]Alma MaterMyrna Gale resigns as new Alma Mater (por)1:45/11959
[ ]Alma Materinvestiture Friday (por)3:35/151959
[ ]Alma Mater; Christian Fellowship Council; Elections; Service Chairmen; Student Senate; Women's Athletic Association (WAA)Elections will decide positions2:34/11960
[ ]Alma MaterUshers chosen for ceremony1:34/81960
[ ]Alma MaterBeth Rilling queen for 19611:35/61960
[ ]Alma MaterSteeped in tradition2:45/131960
[ ]Alma MaterAnna Walchiner queen for 19621:15/51961
[ ]Alma MaterPat Campbell queen for 19631:15/111962
[ ]Alma MaterStephanie Steininger queen for 19641:15/101963
[ ]Alma MaterLinda Koch queen for 19651:15/81964
[ ]Alma MaterAnn Moorhead queen for 19661:15/71965
[ ]Alma MaterTradition symbolizes ideals2:45/71965
[ ]Alma MaterShirley Pray queen for 19671:15/61966
[ ]Waltonen, Linda J.; Alma MaterThree candidates nominated by Mortar Board (por)1:14/281967
[ ]Alma MaterBecky Warner 1968 queen (pic)1:15/121967
[ ]Alma MaterBecky Warner elected 1967 Alma Mater (por)15/121967
[ ]Alma MaterCandidates chosen; Joyce Coyne, Judy Moist, and Julia Rembserg (pic)1:14/121968
[ ]Alma MaterJulia Remsberg elected (pic)1:45/101968
[ ]Alma MaterCandidates named; May 9 investiture is planned (pic)1:34/251969
[ ]Alma MaterDebbie Smith to reign (pic)1:45/91969
[ ]Alma Mater1970 candidates are Ellen Trinter, Nancy Music, and Diane Smith (pic)1:14/241970
[ ]Alma Mater;Opinion;Women's Liberation"Why not an alma pater?" position defended2:55/151970
[ ]Alma MaterSurvey to be taken to determine future of Alma Mater2:44/221971
[ ]Alma MaterVote indicates desire to retain tradition1:15/131971
[ ]Alma MaterEden Alexander, Lynne Bana, Ellen Brubeck, Bonnie Feltcher, and Jamet Vomlehm are nominees for honor. (pic)1:15/271971
[ ]Alma MaterCandidates chosen for 1972-73: Susan Amidon, Barbara Caniam, Diane Giffen, Rhonda Kacir, and Susan Williamson (pic)1:15/61972
[ ]Alma MaterDiane Giffen is Alma Mater queen (pic)1:45/181972
[ ]Alma MaterFinalists Jan Ackers, Maureen Bruson, Barbara Cook, Pat Funk, and Ann Lomperis (pic)1:15/101973
[ ]Alma MaterJanet Ackers elected Alma Mater (pic)1:45/171973
[ ]Alma MaterCandidates named15/21974
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater selection1:45/91974
[ ]Alma MaterQueen to be chosen1:15/11975
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater candidates chosen1:64/291976
[ ]Alma MaterMarcie Miller chosen1:55/131976
[ ]Alma MaterNominations are being accepted4:24/141977
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater choices revealed; five finalists chosen6:65/51978
[ ]Alma MaterFive finalists chosen1:55/41979
[ ]Alma MaterJunior women to be selected to represent Witt and it's standards1:15/41979
[ ]Alma MaterSandra Van Auker named to highest honor (pic)1:15/181979
[ ]Alma MaterAlma mater nominations to be chosen.2:14/181980
[ ]Alma MaterCandidates selected, backgrounds given (pic)6:15/21980
[ ]Alma Mater1981 Candidates listed; backgrounds given (pic)1:25/11981
[ ]Alma MaterVirginia S. Warnecke named 1981-82 Alma Mater (pic)1:15/151981
[ ]Alma MaterLuchetti Named Alma Mater (pic)12:15/131983
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Maters compare notes3:15/201983
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater candidates chosen6:15/41984
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater nominations8:14/121985
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater Nominees chosen (pic)1:15/31985
[ ]Alma MaterWittenberg Honors Awards (pic)1:15/171985
[ ]Alma MaterCandidates named1:14/251986
[ ]Alma MaterJan Richards Named 1987 Alma Mater1:15/161986
[ ]Alma MaterFive nominees for Alma Mater announced1:14/241987
[ ]Alma Matersommer named Alma Mater1:15/151987
[ ]Alma Mater; Cramer, KimberCramer named Alma Mater1:15/131988
[ ]Alma Mater1989 Alma Mater Candidates Slated4/211989
[ ]Alma MaterCroker voted Alma Mater5/121989
[ ]Alma MaterWinning was "Shock" for Alma Mater Croker5/191989
[ ]Alma MaterFive finalists selected for Alma Mater4/201990
[ ]Alma MaterCawood chosen as Alma Materr5/111990
[ ]Alma MaterFive Alma Mater candidates announced for schoolpg. 2, col4/191991
[ ]Alma MaterDunham chosen as Alma Materpg. 1, col5/101991
[ ]Alma MaterSix junior women announced as Alma Mater candidates1:24/171992
[ ]Alma MaterWittenberg Alma Mater candidates1:54/161993
[ ]Alma MaterFive finalists selected for Alma Mater candidacy for 1993-942:14/231993
[ ]Alma MaterWilliamson named Alma Mater '931:25/71993
[ ]Alma MaterFive finalists announced for Witt's '94-'95 Alma Mater1:24/191994
[ ]Alma MaterWeaver Convocation announces honoraries1:35/61994
[ ]Alma MaterKlenke announces Alma Mater finalists1:2-43/191996
[ ]Alma MaterWendy Sayre named Alma Mater1:1-54/121996
[ ]Alma materAlma mater to honor Otten6:2-34/301996
[ ]Alma MaterAlma mater candidates claim diverse experiences2:43/251997
[ ]Alma MaterHochstetler named Alma Mater1:24/111997
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater carries on Wittenberg tradition2:43/171998
[ ]Alma MaterThompson named Alma Mater1:24/171998
[ ]Theiss, Breanna; Pryor, Johnny; Williams, Misty; Alma MaterTheiss chosen at Alma Mater; Pryor, Williams receive MLK recognition1:24/161999
[ ]Veit, Brianne; Campbell, Katie; Duey, Sarah; O'Keefe, Shannon; Wilkes, Teresa; Alma MaterAlma Mater candidates1:13/212000
[ ]Convocations; Alma Mater; Veit, BrianneHonors Convocation sees Veit garner Alma Mater recognition1:24/142000
[ ]Alma Mater; Morgan, Lucinda; Young, Amanda; Grossman, Jen; Reider, Abby; Funderburg, CarrieWittenberg Alma Mater Candidates Announced1:13/52002
[ ]Editorials-Alma MaterJune Cleaver to Present Alma Mater Award?7:13/262002
[ ]Alma Mater; OpinionWitt Students Need More than Just Alma Mater Candidates6:13/262002
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma LuxAlma Mater, Alma Lux Candidates Announced2:33/252003
[ ]Alma Mater; Stock, Chenoa M.; Buchenroth, Katie; Krotine, Leah M.; Unertl, Sarah M.; Henrickson, Sarah E.Alma Mater candidates2:44/12003
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma Lux; Stock, Chenoa; Castle, ColinStock and Castle, announced Alma Mater and Alma Lux1:34/112003
[ ]Alma Lux; Alma MaterAlma Lux, Almas Mater nominees3:14/82004
[ ]Alma MaterAlma lux and Alma Mater candidate 4114:13/242005
[ ]Alma Lux; Alma MaterAlma Mater and Alma Lux: Meet the candidates / Witt announces Alma Mater and Alma Lux finalists 1:13/232006
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma LuxAlma Mater and Alma Lux 2007: Finalist profiles 3:13/222007
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma LuxAlma Mater & Alma Lux 2008 Finalists2:14/32008
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma Lux; Awards; Lamarre, Manoach; Bryant, LaurenAlma Lux & Mater winners announced 4:14/242008
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma LuxAlma Mater & Alma Lux Candidates4:13/262009
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma LuxCandidates for the Alma Mater and Alma Lux honors gathered outside the Bayley Alumni House (pic)1:13/262009
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma Lux2010 Alma Mater, Alma Lux nominees 2:14/12010
[ ]"Alma Mater; Alma Lux; Awards; Henry, Anna; Conklin, Allison; Watson, Sarah; Wilson, Mary; Miller, Gabby; Johnson, Benjamin; Moore, Aaron; Millice, Jordan; Duffy, Michael; Hertzog, Brian"Alma Lux and Alma Mater awards2:023/222011
[ ]Alma Lux; Chadd, Ian; Downing, Phillip; Werner, Eric; Toewe, Hannes; Grandy, Trevor; Alma Mater; Hassink, Hilary; Houser, Lauren; Stamon, Amy; Cook, Elyse; Gregory, Michelle2012 Alma Lux and Alma Mater Awards Announced 8:43/212012
[ ]Alma Mater;Alma Lux;Wilke, Samuel;Baker, Jordyn;Devine, Julia;Ross, Rachel;Roth, Mallory;Thompson, Zoe;Jajack, Andrew;Lacagnin, Michael;Longstreth, Benjamin;[Photo];Alma Mater and Alma Lux Candidates Revealed4:13/202013
[ ]Alma Lux;Alma Mater;Barnard, Evan;Lough, Zachary;Barstow, Adam;Lorenz, Andre;Steinmetz, Courtney;Lorko, Kelsey;Martin, Ellen;Gielink, Grace;Quinones, Camila;[Photos]Alma Mater Alma Lux Nominations 4:13/232016
[ ]Celebration of Learning;Alma Mater;Alma Lux;Bundy, Taylore;Miller, Ali;Honors Convocation;[Photos]A Day of Celebration and Honors 6:14/132016
[ ]Alma Lux;Alma Mater;Fairbanks, Angela;Honors Convocation;Abdul-Aziz, Mecca;Begg, Tyler;Siemon, Brett;Murray, Daniel;George, Lucas;Wood, Keaton;McNeill, Elizabeth;Presper, Irene;Tickner, Zara;Kesig, Hannah;[Photos]This Year’s Alma Lux and Alma Mater Nominations 6:13/222017
[ ][Photos];Alma Mater;Alma Lux;Class of 2019;Fairbanks, Angie;Greenwood, Loie;Marsh, Clayton;Rodeheffer, Charles;Samuel, Charles;Unternaher, Justin;Porello, Rachel;Siefert, Morgan;Pohlabel, Micaela;Wallace, Rachel;Wagner, IsabellaAlma Mater and Alma Lux Nominations for the Class of 2019 6:13/212018
[ ][Photo];Frandsen, Michael;President's Inauguration;Vandiford, Sophia;Woehrle, Nancy;Wallace, Rachel;Alma Mater;Alma Lux;Abdul-Aziz, Mecca;George, LucasFrandsen Is Officially Wittenberg’s Fifteenth President 1:14/112018