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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]AlcoholEditorial2:15/171968
[ ]AlcoholStudents' Courts requests reevaluation of rules1:15/171968
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol policy explained1:39/231976
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol rules enforced1:310/71977
[ ]AlcoholNew policy cited6:19/291978
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol survey to be sent to random students, administration and staff1:71/191979
[ ]Alcohol(AEC) Analyzes survey on student attitudes toward alcohol and drugs6:52/161979
[ ]AlcoholWittenberg abuse of alcohol is being examined4:211/21979
[ ]AlcoholInformation released on campus use6:11/251980
[ ]AlcoholMore information of student drinking habits6:12/11980
[ ]AlcoholLooks at the linkage to residency8:12/81980
[ ]AlcoholMarijuana usage relates to frequency of alcohol use6:12/151980
[ ]AlcoholMovies concerning problems will be shown3:52/151980
[ ]AlcoholFilm and discussion helps students find out more about abuse1:12/221980
[ ]Alcohol Policy; Scott, RichardScott follows Policy: Party waiver policy discussed (pic)6:29/261980
[ ]Alcohol; Peacock GrillUnderaged students fined for drinking at Peacock Grill (pic)3:110/31980
[ ]AlcoholHealth Center discusses ways to help alcoholics2:411/141980
[ ]AlcoholismAlcohol Awareness program entitled "Green Bean Week" is successful4:15/81981
[ ]Alcohol;Prohibition;OpinionClocks turn back sixty years for the Prohibition weekend2:12/51982
[ ]Wittenberg Alcohol Task Force (AFT)Witt alcohol-free weekend planned 1:32/51982
[ ]AlcoholNew Ohio drinking law causes confusion (pic)1:19/241982
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; AlcoholNon-alcoholic fraternity rush has advantages3:110/221982
[ ]AlcoholIssue Oriented1:110/281983
[ ]AlcoholIssue 1: What's it about?1:111/31983
[ ]AlcoholWitt gets AA1:11/131984
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol Awareness program4:12/81985
[ ]AlcoholGovernment attempts to Raise Drinking Age to 21 (pic)17:12/221985
[ ]AlcoholCampus Leaders advocate alcohol awareness6:25/31985
[ ]Alcohol PolicyDrinking policy stresses personal responsibility2:110/41985
[ ]Task Force on Alcohol"Task force on alcohol wants to 'Promote responsibility'"8:81/311986
[ ]AlcoholR.A., Student arrested for aggravated drug trafficking10/61989
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol is a poison4:110/131989
[ ]Alcohol and Drug AbuseMock trial planned5:110/131989
[ ]AlcoholStrict implication when providing alcohol to minors1:110/131989
[ ]Alcohol PolicyStrict Implications When Providing Alcohol To Minors1:110/131989
[ ]Deaths; Alcohol and Drug AbuseIntoxicated driver dies1/121990
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Beta Theta Pi; AlcoholBeta violates alcohol policy: receives one-year probation2/21990
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Beta Theta Pi; AlcoholBeta probation produces liability lecture2/161990
[ ]Alcohol PolicyStudent Senate explores new alcohol policy3:29/201991
[ ]Alcohol PolicyOff-campus residents meet to discuss alcohol policy1:410/41991
[ ]Alcohol PolicyWittenberg students speak out about new alcohol policy5:110/41991
[ ]Alcohol PolicyUniversity continues to enforece Open Container Policy1:35/11992
[ ]AlcoholDrinking crackdown will only hurt campus-- we've learned our lesson9:1-49/121995
[ ]Alcohol'We haven't learned a thing,' says Henry6:3-59/191995
[ ]AlcoholResponsibility can prevent future tragedies6:39/191995
[ ]AlcoholKrumholtz elaborates on alcohol policy2:3-59/261995
[ ]AlcoholStudents speak out on alcohol, privacy2:1-29/261995
[ ]AlcoholGrant funds campus alcohol awareness program2:1-41/301996
[ ]Alcohol PolicyStudent behavior this spring to determine off-campus keg ban2:32/251997
[ ]AlcoholDrinking in halls remains a problem2:210/141997
[ ]AlcoholStudents say binge drinking is widespread2:310/141997
[ ]AlcoholVarsity captains take steps for alcohol awareness with CHOICES program2:32/171998
[ ]AlcoholOhio schools collaborate to stop campus binge drinking1:32/241998
[ ]AlcoholSix students attend regional conference on alcohol usage1:14/71998
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol peer education group to help students make healthy choices2:310/131998
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol Awareness Week promotes smart drinking3:110/261999
[ ]Donaldson, Casey; Field Hockey; Volleyball; Alcohol PolicyFall Season off and rolling16:49/122000
[ ]Alcohol PolicyWelcome to Witt: Same Place, New School8:49/122000
[ ]AlcoholDayton coach speaks on evils of alcohol advertisements, and their effects on society (pic)1:19/262000
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol violations rank first among campus crimes1:110/242000
[ ]Alcohol Policy; Athletic DepartmentPurnell tightens alcohol restriction for Wittenberg athletes3:110/22001
[ ]Alcohol Policy; Security OfficeUnder cover police on campus unnerve students and Witt Security1:111/132001
[ ]Editorials; Alcohol; DrugsIs that drugs he's talking about?7:111/202001
[ ]Alcohol PolicyKegs May Be Banned Next Year2:44/232002
[ ]Editorials-Alcohol Policy; CAAPCAAP Speaks Out on New Alcohol Policy5:15/72002
[ ]Editorials-Alcohol PolicyNew Keg policy based on Assumptions5:15/72002
[ ]Student Senate; Alcohol PolicyOpen Forum on Alcohol Policy Draws Large Crowds3:15/72002
[ ]Alcohol Policy; OpinionTorch Considers New Alcohol Policy Unfounded and Irresponsible4:15/72002
[ ]Alcohol PolicyAlumni Speaks out on New Alcohol Policy and Past Parties at Witt6:19/102002
[ ]Alcohol Policy; EditorialsTake One Down, and Pass it Around...7:19/102002
[ ]Alcohol PolicyWill the banning of kegs equal more trash?15:19/102002
[ ]Editorials-Alcohol PolicyStudent Speaks out on New Alcohol Policy6:29/172002
[ ]Editorial- Alcohol PolicyMoore Urges Students to Turn Inward to Fix Alcohol Policy Problems6:19/242002
[ ]Alcohol PolicyShots From The Cupola7:411/52002
[ ]Editorials-Alcohol PolicyShots From The Cupola7:111/122002
[ ]Academic Honesty; Alcohol PolicyShut up and Speak Your Mind: Student Input at Witt7:111/122002
[ ]Alcohol Policy; Academic IntegrityOld Issues, Like Old Habits Die Hard at Wittenberg7:111/192002
[ ]AlcoholStudent speaks out against drunkards11:12/112003
[ ]AlcoholWitt students: "slip on down to the oasis"7:12/252003
[ ]Holidays; AlcoholCinco de Mayo: More than just another excuse to drink6:15/62003
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol abuse prevention3:110/92003
[ ]Satire; AlcoholEducation outside of the classroom [satire]7:14/12004
[ ]AlcoholUnexpected class reunion: Old friends learn hard lessons8:110/72004
[ ]AlcoholStudents and alcohol: Out of control combination4:14/282005
[ ]AlcoholColleges cracking down on Alcohol3:111/172005
[ ]Technology; Cellular Telephones; AlcoholDon't touch the cell...if you're drunk, because you might regret it8:12/22006
[ ]Satire; Academics; Curriculum; AlcoholErickson introduces alcohol studies major [satire] 1:13/302006
[ ]AlcoholCurbing the problem of first year drinking fatalities 1:14/132006
[ ]Satire; AlcoholTorch editor Baker binges on booze and ends up in rehab at Mercy3:13/292007
[ ]Alcohol; Campus Life; Security OfficeBusted: Campus wide crackdown on drinking 1:19/62007
[ ]Campus Life; Campus Climate; AlcoholConsultant hired to study campus climate2:19/132007
[ ]Letters; AlcoholLetter to the editor: Joseph Weeks [Response to letter distributed on campus signed Dr. Jonathan Witt]5:19/132007
[ ]Alcohol; Humor; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldStraight up: Experiencing McMurray's mcsober9:19/272007
[ ]Ebert, Lori; Alcohol; Campus LifeAlcohol speaker a hit with students4:111/82007
[ ]Henderson, Sam; Military Service; AlcoholWittenberg Marine saves life on the home front4:111/82007
[ ]Alcohol; Crime; Rape; Security Office; Sexual AssaultIs Wittenberg dangerous?4:11/312008
[ ]Deaths; Fazli, Karl; Alcohol; Fraternities and Sororities; Delta Sigma PhiOne year later: Wittenberg remembers Karl Fazli1:12/142008
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; AlcoholOutdated: Romance at Wittenberg passé8:12/142008
[ ]Alcohol; Opinion; Rape; Sexual Assault; Spring BreakTorch's take: Witt students opt for a relaxing break 9:13/132008
[ ]Finances; Family; Student Employment; Campus Life; AlcoholAre mom and dad giving too much cushion? 8:14/172008
[ ]Alcohol; Athletic Department;Student Athletes; Drugs; Faculty and Staff; Purnell, Garnett; Sports; Student HousingCampus reacts to substance abuse allegations 1:29/112008
[ ]Alcohol; Opinion; Security OfficeThe Torch's take: How to interpret police behavior 9:19/182008
[ ]Campus Life; International Students; Alcohol; PoliticsAdapting to America and Witt 1:410/92008
[ ]Alcohol; Restaurants; Reviews; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWith new look, local bar looks to be more welcoming5:410/302008
[ ]Health; Weather; Alcohol; Campus LifeFour quick, easy, and realistic ways to stay healthy this winter 6:111/202008
[ ]Alcohol; Reviews; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldThe age-old question: Station or McMurray's?12:12/52009
[ ]Music; Donofrio, David; Delta Sigma Phi; Alcohol; Cart, Ted; Neff, Parker; Beirut, Pat; Reilly, Anna; Kelly, Lauren; Mitchell, Jake; Jones, Chris; ReviewsPost-It returns with plenty of guitars, big vocals, and pelvic thrusts7:12/192009
[ ]Spring Break; AlcoholShake, Stir, Sip: It's Spring Break!8:32/192009
[ ]Alcohol; ReviewsBeer Madness 20098:14/162009
[ ]Food; AlcoholHave the munchies? We have the solution...6:24/162009
[ ]Alcohol; ReviewsMarch Madness is over, but Beer Madness has just begun10:14/162009
[ ]W-Day; Campus Life; Traditions; AlcoholW Day's future brightens as seniors strive to revive tradition1:15/72009
[ ]Alcohol; Music; Security Office; WittFestWittFest: Games, bands, and handcuffs3:15/72009
[ ]Alcohol; Dating; Editorials; MusicClosing time effect: Lab partner by day, prince charming by night5:111/52009
[ ]Alcohol; ; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldMcMurray's raises entry age to 19 under pressure from Witt 1:12/42010
[ ]Alcohol; ; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldDean Kelly sets record straight on McMurray's 1:12/252010
[ ]Alcohol; Campus Life; Fashion; FinancesWhat ar you doing for Halloween?6:0110/272010
[ ]"International Education; Study Abroad; Alcohol; Douglass, Brad; Larson, Hannah"Transition from being abroad to being back at Witt 4:012/22011
[ ]Study Abroad; Alcohol; RecreationAbroad hangover: Students find adjusting back to Witt Life difficult 2:012/232011
[ ]Police and Security;Crime;AlcoholPolice Log 5:19/72011
[ ]Crime;Police and Security;AlcoholPolice Log 3:19/202011
[ ]Crime;Police and Security;Alcohol;DrugsPolice Log 2:110/52011
[ ]Police and Security;Crime;Alcohol;Drugs;TheftPolice Log 2:410/122011
[ ]Alcohol;CrimePolice Log 3:111/22011
[ ]Alcohol;Campus SafetyFreshmen Column 9:411/92011
[ ]Crime;Alcohol;Dean of StudentsPolice Log 2:111/162011
[ ]Alcohol;Alcohol Policy;CrimePolice Log 2:312/72011
[ ]Crime;Alcohol;Drugs;Residence HallsCautionary Tales on Campus: Wittenberg Police Log 2:11/252012
[ ]Crime;Alcohol;Drugs;Residence HallsPolice Log 3:11/312012
[ ]Crime;Alcohol;Drugs;Residence HallsPolice Log 3:12/82012
[ ]Crime;Alcohol;Residence HallsPolice Log5:13/282012
[ ]WittFest; Drugs; Alcohol; Crime; BuildingsWittFest Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log4:15/22012
[ ]Campus Life;AlcoholDefinitely Drinking: Journalism Poll Finds Drinking On Witt’s Campus is Prevalent 3:111/282012
[ ]Alcohol; O'Neill, Brian; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldMcMurray’s Finds Life in Former Funeral Home 1:19/182013
[ ]AlcoholSmoke it Up: New Alcohol Trend Promotes Drunk Culture 4:19/252013
[ ]Alcohol; United States of America (USA)Lucky Number 21: Why is Our Drinking Age So High? 6:111/132013
[ ]Applin, Shirelle;Drugs;Alcohol;HealthMixing Substances: A Cocktail of Problems 4:211/132013
[ ]Online Exclusive;Alcohol;Alcohol PolicyWeapons of Mass Consumption 2/52014
[ ]Alcohol;Health;Hallman, David;Campus SafetyA Sobering Wake Up Call 1:32/192014
[ ]Alcohol;Social MediaDrunk Internet Lemmings: The Implications of Neknominations6:12/192014
[ ]Alcohol;Athletes;Alcohol Policy;Hubbard, Beth;Collins, Sam;Weston, TobieIs Dry Season Effective? 8:52/192014
[ ]Rape;Sexual Assault;Campus Life;Wagner, Brooke;Askeland, Lori;Causbie, Kate;Pickelsimer, Donna;Lopez, Mark;AlcoholWittenberg's Rape Culture - Students, Faculty, and Staff Speak to the Culture of Rape that Permeates our Community4:12/192014
[ ]Police and Security;Lopez, Mark;AlcoholMeet Mark Lopez [Interview with Chief Lopez] 2:12/262014
[ ]Oberschlake, Sean;Alcohol Policy;Student SenateStudent Senator Exploring Bringing Kegs back to Campus 1:44/152015
[ ]Police and Security;Campus Safety;Sexual Assault;Hutchins, Jim;Student Code of Conduct and Ethics;Alcohol Policy;Illegal Drug PolicyAnnual Security and Fire Report 1:110/142015
[ ]Residence Life;Addiction;Tanner, Meagan;Alcohol and Drug AbuseResidence Life Addresses Addiction 5:13/212018
[ ]Flaws, Kaylee;Vo, Hai;AlcoholSt. Patrick’s Day for the Students 1:13/212018
[ ]Alcohol;Parties;McCartney, Lee;Campus Safety;Police and SecuritySt. Patty’s Day Hangover: Is Witt’s Party Scene Too Much? 1:13/282018