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[ ]AdmissionsThe first admission of a Negro to Wittenberg College101:112/11875
[ ]AdmissionsA Negro was admitted to the Preparatory Dept. of Wittenberg College108:11/11876
[ ]AdmissionsShould Greek language be an entrance requirement?41:110/161901
[ ]AdmissionsRequiremnts changed by faculty ruling. Foreign language units decreased, more latitude in electives1:312/201911
[ ]AdmissionsRequirements Are Changed; Entrance Requirements Altered by College Faculty [Principal Changes are in Electives]1:14/31924
[ ]AdmissionsHealth certificate needed at time of enrollment1:43/171927
[ ]AdmissionsAll time record is in jeopardy3:13/181955
[ ]AdmissionsApplications run 54% over those of 19571:21/91958
[ ]AdmissionsExchange of letters between President Stauffer and SAFE concerning admission of Negroes to Wittenberg4:13/241964
[ ]AdmissionsAdmissions policy faces change1:31/81965
[ ]AdmissionsApplications down 4% from same time last year.8:14/211967
[ ]AdmissionsCommittee reports aid to black students for 1970-71 will be $200,000 or 20% of budget7:45/291970
[ ]AdmissionsFrosh lead enrollment decline (pic)1:59/191973
[ ]AdmissionsAdmissions are Down & Up1:62/211974
[ ]AdmissionsApplications are up (pic)1:13/101974
[ ]Admission CounselorsTwo recent graduates of Wittenberg and one former Springfield resident hired. Biographical information listed for Alvera Hooper, Jim Klenke, and Ingrid Lundquist6:79/91978
[ ]Admissions"College Night" to be held for prospective students4:611/71980
[ ]AdmissionsAnnouncement of filmstrip "This is Wittenberg" which emphasizes Witt's ties with the Lutheran Church.3:69/251981
[ ]AdmissionsAdmissions Standards Rise4:12/11985
[ ]Admissions OfficeAdmissions offers jobs5:41/121990
[ ]Admissions OfficeAdmissions Office Retains High Standards Amidpg. 1, col9/281990
[ ]Admissions OfficeProspective Students To Flood Campuspg. 1, col11/91990
[ ]Admissions OfficeForeign Student enrollment is crucial to school'spg. 6, col4/121991
[ ]Admissions OfficeAdmissions combatting decreasing demographicspg. 3, col5/171991
[ ]Admissions[Amy] Dunham enjoys position as Witt admissions counselor5:111/161993
[ ]AdmissionsNancy Conway enjoys admissions work6:31/251994
[ ]AdmissionsAdmissions office needs students for phone calling5:12/81994
[ ]AdmissionsStudent Ambassador program important for prospectives2:42/151994
[ ]AdmissionsOhio Counselor program gives Wittenberg national exposure, helps recruiting process3:310/181994
[ ]Admissions[Chris] Thompson believes in 'persona and confidence'5:111/11994
[ ]AdmissionsMix of 'academics and athletics' brought [Ken] Benne to Admissions4:111/151994
[ ]AdmissionsAfor-American recruitment 'on the rise' at Witt2:12/71995
[ ]AdmissionsAdmission's applications up 18 percent, Benne says1:45/161995
[ ]AdmissionsWittenberg's newest admission counselors find unattended positions8:1-52/61996
[ ]AdmissionsWitt counts on $5000 geographical grant to boost sagging new student enrollment2:1-512/101996
[ ]AdmissionsWittenberg applies Affirmative Action to hiring, not admissions2:411/111997
[ ]AdmissionsAdmission expects 650 new students1:13/311998
[ ]AdmissionsAdmissions office wants 630 to fill class of 20032:52/21999
[ ]AdmissionsAdmissions: Ahead of the Game8:42/192002
[ ]AdmissionsProspectives visit campus3:12/52004
[ ]AdmissionsWhat's happening in Reci?4:42/102005
[ ]AdmissionsWhat's happening in Reci?4:32/172005
[ ]Admissions; Standardized TestsPerspective Wittenberg students: Say goodbye to the SAT and ACT2:19/272007
[ ]Advice; Admissions; College Life; Lamarre, Manny; Otibu, L.Ask Manny: Is it better to attend a big or a small school?4:310/112007
[ ]Admissions; Technology; Campus Life; Strauss, Erica; Bamberger, Jordan; Schnell, Guillermo; Nevin, Margot; Barnett, Kylee; Wessels, CalWhat life is really like at Wittenberg: Blogs tell all3:110/112007
[ ]Sports; Football; AdmissionsVisiting football players get red-carpet treatment8:11/312008
[ ]Admissions; Campus Tour Guides; Chasteen, LeslieA guide's tale: Walk backwards and tell stories2:12/72008
[ ]Administration; Admissions; Askeland, Lori; Faculty and Staff; Uher, Tim; Wortham, ForestAffirmative action embraces a new demographic: Young white males3:12/282008
[ ]Office of University Communications; AdmissionsWitt Light: tells stories of how we pass it on3:12/282008
[ ]Diversity; Admissions; Concerned Black Students (CBS)Is Wittenberg lacking cultural diversity? 1:13/132008
[ ]Eggers, Kelly; Campus Tour Guides; AdmissionsOne tour guide talks back13:12/122009
[ ]"Admissions; Humor; Faculty and Staff; Kelly, Sarah; Hunt, Karen"New approach to admissions 1:012/22011
[ ]"Admissions; Faculty and Staff; Kelly, Sarah"New admissions approach leads to record number of applicants 3:022/162011
[ ]"Admissions; Faculty and Staff; Hunt, Karen; Admissions Office"Witt accepts record number for class of '15 2:024/192011
[ ]Admissions;Social Media;Ballinger, Ross;Rafferty, BobShowing off the Goods: Wittenberg Admissions Videos 5:12/132013
[ ]Admissions;Sullivan, Mark;Joyner, Laurie M.;Prospective StudentsDecrease in Enrollment Leads to Increase in Deposit1:14/172013
[ ]Freshmen;Admissions;Smelko, Vet;Wittenberg Welcomes the Class of 20174:19/112013
[ ]Admissions; College of Wooster; Kenyon College; ; Wittenberg UniversityWittenberg's Exclusivity: Acceptance Rates1:111/62013
[ ]Admissions;Hunt, Karen;ApplicantsAdmissions Department Sees Spike in Applicants 1:13/42015
[ ]Applicants;Admissions;Hunt, Karen;Green, RandyApplications On The Rise 3:14/132016
[ ]Freshmen;Hunt, Karen;Admissions;Green, J. Randy;[Photo]Class of 2020 largest in 14 years 1:19/72016