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[ ]Opinion;Association of American Universities;Academics;Phi Beta KappaDo You Stop To Think?2:13/201924
[ ]Faculty;Scholarship;AcademicsIdle Ideals2:12/251926
[ ]Academics; CurriculumNew Russian minor offered4:510/231981
[ ]AcademicsThe future of education: return to basics of reading and writing9:1-410/31995
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Student Senate; AcademicsSenate, faculty, administration discuss academic standards2:110/121999
[ ]Registrar; Academics; CurriculumCurriculum expansion to meet "student's interests"2:111/21999
[ ]Registrar; AcademicsRegistrar McGregor addresses scheduling3:111/21999
[ ]Faculty and Staff; AcademicsFaculty set to discuss changes in campus grading policy1:12/62001
[ ]Majors; AcademicsDouble Major Requirements to Change?3:12/52002
[ ]Faculty and Staff; AcademicsFaculty Debates Pros, Cons of Shorter Semester1:12/262002
[ ]College Life; AcademicsShots From The Cupola7:49/112003
[ ]Faculty and Staff; AcademicsWho is responsible for professors7:112/112003
[ ]AcademicsPurdue seeks undergrad papers for conference2:311/112004
[ ]Satire; Academics; Curriculum; AlcoholErickson introduces alcohol studies major [satire] 1:13/302006
[ ]Satire; Academics; DatingWitt's M.R.S. degree deemed IMPOSSIBLE [satire] 4:13/302006
[ ]Academics; SeniorsWittenberg seniors are infected with slacking off in the spring 8:14/272006
[ ]Maddox, Christine; Religion; Academics; English MajorsClues to self found in "final narrative" 6:310/122006
[ ]Opinion; AcademicsThe process of procrastination: Writing a college paper4:110/252007
[ ]Opinion; AcademicsJust do it..tomorrowNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/15/2007, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/08/2007. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 8:111/152007
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Academics; English Department; Richards, CynthiaProfessor strives to keep classroom experience fresh4:14/242008
[ ]Academics; Opinion; WikipediaThe Torch's take: The forbidden Wikipedia: Unsafe source? 9:19/112008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Communication Department; Cunningham, Sheryl; Academics; Campus LifeA new professor's perspective of Witt 2:111/202008
[ ]Examinations; Academics; HealthThe college student's guide to surviving finals8:112/112008
[ ]Roby, Elizabeth; Academics; DrugsAdderall doesn't add up12:12/122009
[ ]Academics; Student Senate; WUSO; AthleticsGPA requirements: One size doesn't fit all1:12/122009
[ ]Weible, David; College Life; Academics; AdviceHow to take advantage of the fastest four years of your life12:13/52009
[ ]Conferences; AcademicsStudents present at national conferences1:14/232009
[ ]Academics; Campus; Faculty and StaffWitt recognized in Princeton Review9:19/102009
[ ]Opinion; Academics; College LifeDrew: On procrastination5:43/252010
[ ]Honor Council; AcademicsThe perplexing puzzle of plagiarism 5:14/82010
[ ]Academics; Satire; MajorsFrom Maj. Major Major Major to Major Tom: A major dilemma4:14/222010
[ ]Academics; Campus; Faculty and Staff"University ranking system 'mysterious,' flawed"1:019/82010
[ ]Torch; Academics; Campus"University ranking system 'mysterious,' flawed"2:019/152010
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; Provost; Academics; Copeland, Warren""Witt begins Provost search, again"1:0111/102010
[ ]Academics; Campus; Faculty and StaffWitt students rank Wittenberg1:0111/102010
[ ]Athletics; AcademicsAthletic initiative sets Witt athletics apart from the rest 3:013/222011
[ ]"Lallo, Jake; Academics; Advice"16 year old balances high school and college 5:014/192011
[ ]Health;Health and Counseling Services;AcademicsTiger Doc: Tips from Dr. McKee 4:311/162011
[ ]Academics; Oral Communication Center (OCC); Student ServicesThe "OCC" Possibly Closing 2012-20131:12/12012
[ ]Summer Jobs; Employment; Travel; Entertainment; Academics6 Word Memoirs: Summer Plans8:15/22012
[ ]Academics; Advice; Health; Laffenburger, Linda; FoodKeep Calm and Carry On Through Finals3:15/22012
[ ]Hildebrandt, Jordan; Seniors; Study Abroad; Academics; EntertainmentThe Unclothed Kiwi: Jordan Hildebrandt Up Close9:15/22012
[ ]Academics; Computer Science Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Geography Department; Graduation requirements; Hanson, Peter F.; Languages Department; Music Department; Theatre and Dance Department; WittSemsPotential Cuts [Possible discontinuance of departments explained] 1:111/142012
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Isaacson, Sven;Hanson, Peter;Academics;Finances;EPC Releases Preliminary Recommendations for Academic Changes1:51/232013
[ ]Academics; [Photo]; School of Community Education (SCE); Taylor, Thomas; ; Wagner, BrookeWittenberg to Offer New Programs in Nursing and Criminology1:53/202013
[ ]Academics;Physical Fitness;Martin, Thomas;WittSems;Hanson, Peter;Bennet, Georgia;Ulmer, JakeStudents Respond to Potential Cuts2:14/242013
[ ]Academics;Zurmehly, Joyce;Nursing Program in the Works for Wittenberg2:19/112013
[ ]Academics; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Health and Physical Education Department; Hinson, Scot‘P’ Credit Eliminated from General Education Requirements 1:49/252013
[ ]Academics;Buckman, Ty;Hinson, Scot;Dudek, Raymond C.;Summers, Meaghan;Tune, AndersFirst Year Experience to Replace WittSems Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 1:310/22013
[ ]Ankrom, Jeff;Academics;Sports;Dobrowolski, Benjamin;Zito, KatherineHow Important are Academics to Wittenberg's Athletes? [Wittenberg: Student-Athletes?] 3:112/112013
[ ]Academics;Awards;Honors;Office of University Communications;Gerboth, Karen;Hall, Leigh;Duraj, JonWitt Implements New Merit Program1:31/292014
[ ]Honor Societies;Academics;Smiseck, Wendy;Fairbanks, Angela;Mortar Board;Preston Nickoson, Carol;Allan, James;Honors ProgramAcademic Honors Societies: Too Legit to Quit Joining? 3:42/52014
[ ]Wittenberg University;Academics;Finances;Budget;Hinson, Scot;[Photo]In Wake of Budget Cuts Professors Get Resourceful 2:32/192014
[ ][Photo];Brooks Hedstrom, Darlene;Archaeology;AcademicsNew Minor Unearthed [New Minor Will Allow Students to “Uncover”¯ Their Potential] 1:12/262014
[ ]Honors Program;Academics;Allan, James;Doll, Elizabeth;Coulter, Kailey;Matson, Kelsey;Matthies House;[Photo]New Honors Program Offers More Flexibility 2:33/52014
[ ]Field Hockey;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Awards;Academics;[Photo]Women’s Field Hockey Team Celebrates Academic Success 7:14/12015
[ ]American Studies;Taylor, Thomas;Majors;Academics;Faculty Committee Board;Wittenberg -- financesSay Goodbye to American Studies 5:111/22016