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Academy Dramatic Club
Alpha Omega Players
Bishop Company Theatre group in the 1950s and 1960s.
Black Masque the dramatic club of the academy; SA Drama Club
Brass Choir
Brass Quartet
CARE All-Star Jug Band
Chapel Players
Collegium Musicum
Dance Club
Dance Company
Drama SA University Theater; UF Dramatic Society; UF Drama Club
Dramatic Society USE Drama
Four Flats Vocal Quartet at Wittenberg
Glee Club
Hamma choir
Jazz Ensemble
Jazz Tap Ensemble
Just Released Alternativerock band formed by Witt students, late 1980s - early 1990s.
Kalliope Faculty and student Renaissance music ensemble.
Madrigal Singers
Melody Madcaps Campus musical trio in the early 1940s: Gordon Staub, William Gosewisch and Donald Kaiser.
Men's Glee Club
Morningstar Chrisitian music group composed of Witt students (1979).
Musical Arts Quintet
Orchestra, college
Pep Band
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
Phi Mu Alpha Symphonia
Philharmonic Quartette
Rhythm Choir
Schola Cantorum Christian music group on campus
Symphonic Band
Temponaires Campus student quartet in mid 1950s.
Tuesday Theatre Theatre performance group; Founded in 1972
Wind Ensemble
Witt Choir
Witt Gospel Choir
Wittenberg Bell Choir
Wittenberg Brass Choir
Wittenberg Choir
Wittenberg Dance Company
Wittenberg Players
Wittenberg String Ensemble
Wittenberg Symphonic Band
Wittenberg Symphony
Wittenberg Symphony Orchestra
Wittenberg Trio
Wittenberg Wind Ensemble