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A Thurber Carnival Performed at Wittenberg by visiting national touring company 1962.
Air Force Band
American Chamber Trio
American Woodwind Quintet
Antioch String Quartet
Berger's Continental Ensemble Gypsy folk musicians, performed at Witt in 1941.
Blemish, Zit Elvis Presley parodist, performed at Witt in 1973.
Brothers Four
Brubeck, Dave Musician; appeared on campus in 1955
Catharsis Jazz rock band; performed at Witt in 1972
Chad Mitchell Trio
Champaign Rhythm and blues group, performed at Witt in 1985. Sponsored by Concerned Black Students.
Chapel Choir of Westminster Choir College
Chicago Children's Choir
Chicago Symphony Winds
Christiansen, Dr F. Melius Director of St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; appeared at Witt in 1928
Claremont Quartet Appeared at Witt in 1966
Coca, Imogene Performed in A Thurber Carnival at Witt in 1962; SA A Thurber Carnival
Collins, Judy Folk singer. Performed at Witt in 1970
Cossaks Performed at Witt in 1963
Don Cossack Chorus
Dregs Band, performed at Witt in 1981.
Eagles, Gil Psychic. Performed at Witt in 1974
Earth, Wind and Fire
Ferrante and Teicher Piano Duo.
Force MD's Musical Group (national)
Four Freshmen National vocal group
Four Preps National Vocal group
Freiburg Baroque Soloists National musical group
German Grand Opera Company Performed at Wittenberg in 1931.
Gettysburg Choir Performed at Wittenberg in 1960.
Greg Khin Band National music group, played at Wittenberg in 1984.
Guest Artist Series
Gustavus Adolphus Choir Performed at Wittenberg in 1957
Hannefor Circus Performed at Wittenberg in 1972.
Hansel and Gretel Opera performed at Wittenberg in 1934.
Harvard Glee Club Performed at Wittenberg in 1960
Illinois Ballet
Imperial Singers and Bell Ringers
Indiana University Madrigal Singers
Inman and Ira Performed at Witt in 1963
INXS Rock band, performed at Witt.
Jesus Christ Superstar
Katrina and the Waves band; see card for Squeeze
Kent State Chorale
Ladies of the White House Exhibition of innaugural gowns of the First Ladies of the United States, 1956.
Leno, Jay Comedian. Performed at Witt in 1989
Lettermen, The Performed at Wittenberg in 1964.
Lewis, Huey
Livingston Taylor and Greg Greenway performed on campus in 1985
Longines Symphonette Performed at convocation in 1957
Makeba, Miriam and Chad Mitchell Trio
Mariemma Spanish dancer performed on campus in 1948.
Marshall Tucker Band Country rock band, performed at Witt in 1977.
Masterbeats, The Performed in Yellow Springs in 1967
Melos Ensemble of London Performed at Witt in 1968
Michael Stanley Band see card for Poco, Starcastle, and Michael Stanley Band
Mirage (Rock Group)
Momix Dance Company Performed at Witt in 1988
Morris Brown Choir
Muddy Waters Blues singer. Performed at Witt in 1972
Ohio State University's American Dance in Repertor Performed and held workshops at Witt in 1972.
Ontos Christian Rock band. Performed at Witt in 1979
Otis Day and The Knights performed on campus?
Outlaws, The Band, performed at Wittenberg in 1979.
Pantomime Performed at Witt in 1980.
Peter, Paul and Mary performed on campus?
Pleasure Seekers Band, performed at Witt in 1978.
Poco see card for Poco, Starcastle, and Michael Stanley Band
Poco, Starcastle, and Michael Stanley Band
Porgy and Bess Singers Performed at Witt in 1961.
Pousette-Dart Band Performed at Witt's Homecoming in 1977.
Rare Earth Rock group failed to perform at Witt in 1972.
REM performed on campus?
Rich, Buddy and the Killer Force
Royal Lichtenstein Circus
San Francisco Mime Troupe
Scott-Heron, Gil, Brian Jackson & The Midnight Ban
Silkin, John British poet; appeared at Witt in 1978
Smothers Brothers
Spanky and Our Gang appeared at Witt in 1968
Spheeris, Jimmy Light Jazz performer; played at Witt's Homecoming in 1977.
Spyro Gyra
Squeeze Band; appeared at Witt in 1989
St. Olaf Lutheran Choir
Starcastle see card for Poco, Starcastle, and Michael Stanley Band
Story, Liz visited campus in 1988
The Tanners Folk music quartet of Wittenberg students, early 1960s.
Theatre of Concern Theatre performance troupe; appeared at Wittenberg in 1966.
Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band
USAF Band USE Air Force Band
Welsh Imperial Singers
Westfalian Kantorei Singers from Herford, Germany, performed at Wittenberg in 1961.
Wilmington College Aeolian Choir
Wittenberg Series
Youngman, Henny Performed at Witt in 1981