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Accuracy in Academia National organization promoting 'traditional academic ethics.'
African Methodist Episcopal North Street Church
Agency for International Development
Agenda for Excellence
AIBS USE American Institute to Biological Sciences (AIBS)
Alice Lloyd Junior College
Alley Theater
Alumni College
Ambassadors Program
American Association for the Advancement of Scienc
American Association of University Professors
American Association of University Women
American Bankers Association Foundation
American Chemical Society
American Hymn Society
American Marketing Association
American Oil Foundation
American Olympic Team
American Psychiatric Association
American Scandinavian Foundation
American Student Information Service
American University
Amherst Congress
Amos Alonzo Stagg
Appalachian Program
Area Evangelism Mission
Association of American Universities
Association of College and Research Libraries
Association of College News Bureaus SA News Bureau
Association of College Teachers of Education
Association of Ohio College Teachers of Education
Athletic Association
Athletic League of Ohio Colleges
Australian Debate Team
Bauer Brothers Company
Beatrice Foods Company
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Biafra African country
Big Brother Movement
Big Brothers
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Brain's Conservatory of Music
Bread for the World
Buckeye Athletic Association
Buckeye Intercollegiate Conference
Buckeye Intercollegite Athletic Association
Buffalo Convention of the United Lutheran Church
Buffalo Orioles
Camp Lu-Bo-Ca
Catholic Church
Central Lutheran Union
Charles A. Coffin Foundation Funded fellowships in the hard sciences.
Christian Service Institute
Christian Youth Council of Ohio
Chrysler Corporation
Cincinnati Bengals
Cinevue Provided cable TV service to Wittenberg.
Citizens Dairy Co.
Clark County Dry Federation
Click Camera
College Inn
Commission on Mission and Priorities (CMP)
Community Organizations United for Progress
Community Welfare Council
Cosmopolitan University
Council of International Educational Exchange
CROP (Christian Overseas Rural Program)
Cummins Engine Foundation
Danforth Association
Dayton Miami Valley Consortium
Dayton Rotary Club
Dayton YMCA Junior College
Department of Defense
DePont de Mours & Co.
Dow Chemical Company
Dunkel Rating Service Provided content for the sports pages of the Torch.
Education Testing Service (ETS)
Edwards and Colby Comedy team
Equitable Life Assurance Society
Esso Education Foundation
Federal Communications Commission SA WUSO
Federal Emergency Relief Fund
Field Enterprises Educational Corporation
First Lutheran Church
Ford Foundation
Fourth Lutheran Church
Garland Library of War and Peace
Gary Public School
General Motors Corporation
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg Theological Seminary
Government -- Dept. of Transportation
Gulf Oil Corporation
H.E.W. (Health, Education, Welfare), U.S. Dept. of
Harmon Foundation Provided loans to Wittenberg students.
Harry's Place
Hartwick Seminary
Harvester Foundation Donated $100,000 to Witt in 1960
House of Representatives
I-tal Band
Immanual College, Greensboro, N.C.
Inner Mission
Institute for American Universities
Inter-Collegiate Athletic Association of Ohio
Inter-State Oratiorical Association
Intercollegiate Disarmament Council
Intercollegiate Peace Association
Intercollegiate Press Association SA Ohio College Press Association
Intercollegiate Prohibition Association
Intercollegiate Socialist Society
Intercollegiate Tennis Association
International Christian University (Tokyo)
International Harvester
International Harvester Foundation
International Student Association Conference
International Student Exchange Program
Issachar Project
Japan Foundation
Joffery II Dancers
John Chowning Collegiates
Kinsinger Missionary Fund
Kirby Stone Four
Kulas Foundation of Cleveland
Laymen's movement USE Lutheran Laymen's Movement
League of Nations
Lemon Pipers
Les Travailleurs
Literary Shield
Lott Brothers
Lubeck Choir
Luther College
Lutheran Brotherhood
Lutheran Brotherhood of Minneapolis
Lutheran Church
Lutheran Church in America
Lutheran Church, Findlay, Ohio
Lutheran Church, United
Lutheran Church, Urabana, Ohio
Lutheran Historical Academy
Lutheran Laymen's Movement National organization; UF Laymen's Movement
Lutheran Seminary at Leningrad
Lutheran Student Movement
Lutheran Students Conference
Lutheran Students Conference of America
Lutheran Students' Assoc of America
Lutheran World Federation
Lutheran Youth Conference
Lutherville Seminarian
Machine Gun Company
Macke Company
Majectic Christian Youth Center check spelling
Malabar Region of India.
March of Dimes
Mercy Medical Center
Midland College
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Corp
Mission Workers of Ohio
Modern Language Association of America
Modern Language Association of Ohio
National Assoc. of Broadcasters
National Guard Unit
National Science Foundation
National Student Federation of America
New Congress Movement National student movement to back peace candidates in 1970 elections.
North Carolina College
Oesterlen Orphan's Home
Ohio Academy of Science
Ohio Association for Gifted Children
Ohio Association of College and University Busines
Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC)
Ohio College Association
Ohio College Health Association
Ohio College Newspaper Association
Ohio College Press Association SA Intercollegiate Press Association
Ohio Collegiate Association
Ohio Debating League
Ohio Instructional Grant
Ohio Intercollegiate Association
Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)
Ohio Science Academy
Ohio Student Volunteer Union
Ohio Synod
Ohio Theological Schools Conference
Ohio Valley Region Conference of Lutheran check completeness
Ohio Valley Writers Conference
Ohio Wesleyan University
OPIRG USE Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)
Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)
Peace Corps
Peacock Grill
People's University
Philadelphia Urban Term
Pinkerton Agency Company that provided Witt's campus security service.
Planned Parenthood
Presser Foundation
Public Interest Research Group
Quinque Co.
Red Cross
Redbook Magazine
Regional Council for International Education
Rockefeller Foundation
Rockeffeler Educational Fund
S&H Foundation
Saint Augustine's House A Lutheran monastery.
Schaus Fellowship
Sears Roebuck Foundation
Seismographic Service Corporation
Shell Companies Foundation
Small Business Institute
Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc
South Africa
Soviet Union
Springfield Arts Council
Springfield Lion's Club
Springfield Symphony Orchestra
St. Katharine's College in Liverpool, England
Standard Oil Company
State Athletic Association
Student Foreign Mission Movement
Student national education association
Student Volunteer Movement USE Student Volunteers
Student-Soldier Fund
Summer Service Program Service program of the United Lutheran Church
Synod of Ohio
Texaco, Inc
Theological Seminary in Chicago
Town and Country Dance Association
Tri-Seminary Alliance
Tubingen, Germany
U.S. Information Agency
United Lutheran Church
United Nations
United States Steel Foundation
United Students Association
United Way
Unity State Bank
Viet Nam USE Vietnam
Vietnam UF Viet Nam
Washington Post
Week Day Religious Educators of Ohio
Western Conference of the Synod of Wittenberg
Western Electric Co.
Who's Who in America SA Awards
Wireless news service
Wittenberg, Commonwealth of
Woodrow Wilson Foundations
World University Service Aid program for foreign universities.
Wright State University
YAF USE Young Americans for Freedom (Yaf)
Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)
Young Artists' Group of Berlin
Zion Lutheran Church