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Architecture and the Church Panel sponsored by Hamma Divinity School, 1962
Baldwin, Mrs. Maud Junkin
Biddle-Barrows, Sydney Spoke at Witt about experiences as co-founder of elite prostitution agencies in New York; UF Mayflower Madam
Blanc, Mel Spoke at Witt in 1978.
Brademas, John Commencement speaker, 1967
Campus Speakers
CBS Sponsors Congressman Louis Stokes
Christ in Art Presentation by Weckamn, George in 1978
Christ-Janer, Victor Architect; appeared at Witt in 1968
Civilization Series
Countess, Judith Spoke at Witt in 1962
D'Arcy, Lady Margaret Spoke at Witt in 1958
Energy Seminar
Epiphany Lectures
Faculty Enrichment Series
Fraunfelder, Prof. Hans Nuclear Physicist, spoke at Witt in 1962.
Front Porch 1920 off-campus event at which students met U.S. presidential candidate Warren G Harding
Fry, Dr. Franklin F. Spoke at Witt in 1927
Graduation Speaker USE Graduation
Groppi, Fr. James Spoke at Witt in 1969
Kessler Foundation Lectures
Lecture Series 1965-1966
Leuci, Bob Spoke at Witt in 1982 about his experiences with the New York Police Dept.
Lucas, Jerry Spoke at Witt in 1980
Lund, Ralph Vice president of Chemlab Corp; spoke on campus 1978
May, Rollo Speaker; appeared at Witt in 1980
Mayflower Madame USE Biddle-Barrows, Sydney
Oak Oration
Ohio Bell Lecture Series
Olds, Sharon Poet. Spoke at Witt in 1982
Paterson, Katherine Author. Spoke at Witt in 1987
Quest and question Series of lectures on The Development of Economic Thinking
Sex and the Student USE Birth Control
Sex on Campus (series)
Simon, Arthur executive director of Bread for the World; appeared at Witt in 1987
Subliminal Seduction in Advertising
Swan, Dr. Eugene La Forrest representative of the American Social Hygiene Association; appeared on campus in 1924
Tillich, Paul
Town and Gown lecture series
Trudeau, Garry Cartoonist; 1981 commencement speaker
Tyson, Dr. Brady United Nations officer. Spoke at Witt in 1977
Union Board Speaker
Westheimer, Dr. Ruth
Woman and the Human Revolution Series of presentations by Dr. Elizabeth Powelson.