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Basketball Clinic
Careers in Religion for Women Workshop
Central Ohio Industrial Exposition
Chemistry Conference
Christian Careers Conference Week
Civil Rights Conference
Conference on Social Affairs
Conference on Worship
Eaglesmere Conference
Ecumenical Conference
English Colloquium
Festival of the Arts SA Festival of Worship, Music and the Arts
Future Workshops
Genetic Control Symposium
Geology Field Conference
Global Issues (Seminar)
Human Relations seminar
Humanities Conference
Inter-Lutheran Festival
International Symposium of Feelings and Emotions
Kiwanis Future Teachers Clinic
Little Ashram Lutheran weekend retreat in 1961.
Lutheran Educational Conference
Lutheran Student Missionary Conference
Lutheran Youth Conference Conference at Wittenberg with youths from Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. UF Youth Conference of Lutheran.
Marriage School National event to discuss issues of marriage and family affected by war; held at Witt in 1951.
National Entertainment Conference
National Lutheran Education Conference
National Lutheran Sunday School Convention at Busy check spelling (bucyrus?)
National Peace Conference
National Student Conference
Nobel Conference Conference attended by several faculty members in 1975.
Northfield Student Conference
Ohio Student Leadership Conference
Older Boys Conference Event at Wittenberg for Christian high school boys
Pan-Lutheran Student's Missionary Convention
Pastor's Institute
Photography Workshop
Physical fitness institute
Preaching Institute Kessler Foundation event held at Hamma School.
Religious Conference
Speed Reading Session
Student Leadership Conference
Symposium of feelings and emotions USE International Symposium of Feelings and Emotions
Washington Seminar for Lutheran Students
Wittenberg Arts Festival and Symposium
Wittenberg Symposium
Women's Forum SA Women's Program