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Afro Studies Two-year project to promote Afro-American culture at Witt; supported by a grant from the Board of College Education & Church Vocations of the Lutheran Church in America in 1969.
American Studies
Appalachian Semester
Art Department
Audio-Visual Services
Band School
Biology Department
Black History Program
Business Administration
Business Department
Business Majors
Campus Tour Guides
Chantry Music Press Started at Witt in 1965.
Chemistry Department
Community Education
Community Education Program
Community Education School
Community Workshop
Computer Program
Computer Science
Cuernavaca, Mexico Program
East Asia Study Program
East Asian Department
East Asian Studies
Economics Department
Education Department
English Department
English Majors
Environmental Studies
Exchange Programs
Exeter Program
Extension Division
Fine Arts Department
Future Studies
General Honors Program
Geography Dept
Geology Dept.
German Language
Global Studies
Hamma Divinity School
Hamma School of Theology
Health & Phys. Ed.
Health + Physical Education Dept
History Department
Home Economics Dept
Honors Program
Humanities Department
Industrial Management Training Program
International Studies
Language Department
Languages SA Guild House; SA Chinese; SA Japanese; SA French; SA German: SA Spanish; SA Latin
Languages -- modern
Liberal Arts (department)
Living-Learning Program
Majors + Minors
Management Development Center
Management Development Program
Math Workshop
Mathematics Department
Music Department
Music School
Philosophy course
Philosophy Department
Physical Education
Physics Department
Political Science Dept.
Pre-Med Program
Professor of English
Psychology Department
Religion and Language Dept
Religion Department
Religious Education Department
Saturday School Teacher education program [1905-1928?]
School of Business Administration
School of Music
Science Department
Semester at Sea
Sociology Department
Sociology Majors
Speech and Drama
Speech Department
Speech Major
Summer School
Theatre (University)
Theatre Department
Theological Seminary
University Theatre
Upward Bound
Urban Studies (Urban Emphasis)
Urban Term
Vocational Bureau
Washington Semester Program
Wittenberg Management Development Program
Wittenberg University Volunteer Program
Women's Program
Women's Study Committee