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Armstrong, Alyssa (2009)
The Pancake Problem: Prefix Reversals of Certain Permutations
Barclay, Brianne (2004)
Statistics in the Social Sciences: Inferential Statistics as Rhetoric in Sociology
Barrett, Melissa (2005)
Symbols of Desire and Entrapment: Decoding Hardy's Architectural Metaphor in Jude the Obscure
Berger, Erin (2010)
The Relationship Between Fungiform Papillae Density, PTC Supertasting, Food Preferences, and Eating Behaviors in College Students
Berry, Andrea (2010)
A Look into Ladies Home Journal: Tracking the trends and changes of strategy, themes and messaging in women's health and beauty products advertising from 1970 to 2009
Bewley, Alison (2015)
Quantifying the Distance that Solitary Bee Genera Move Pollen in a Fragmented Prairie Plant Population
Biniker, Meghan (2003)
A Histological Study on Human Tumors of the Brain and Nervous System by Means of High-Resolution Light Microscopy, Immunomicroscopy, and Electron Microscopy
Blackwood, Justin (2009)
The Imitations [novella]
Boucher, Jeffrey (2010)
Democratization in the Post-Socialist World: Exploring causality among political freedom, economic freedom, and economic well-being
Boyer, Elizabeth (2014)
Above, Below, and in Between: Colum McCann and the New York City Novel
Bragdon, Sarah (2003)
A Performing Arts Center and Its Place in the Liberal Arts
Bringman, Katie (2003)
The Historical Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet or Social Revolutionary?
Brockman, Brittany (2011)
Spirit Possession, Exorcism, and the Power of Women in the Mid-Heian Period
Brubaker, Jennifer (2006)
Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Nanosalts
Burkhart, Brenna (2013)
Ultrastructure of Spermiognesis in the Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake, Pelamis platurus(Squamata: Elapidae: Hydrophiinae)
Burmeister, Taylor (2014)
Margaret Cavendish and the Demystification of the King as a Means of Self-Fashioning
Butler, Tracy R. (2006)
Hemispheric Lateralization of Emotion, Sociotropy, and Autonomy: Effects of an Acheivement and Interpersonal Experience on Drawing Placement and Affect in College Students
Byers, Alexis (2014)
Investigating the Algebraic Properties of Cayley Digraphs
Campbell, Julie (2011)
Lifebooks: Effective tool in the Adoption and Foster Care Systems or Not?
Cengel, Abigail (2012)
Living Links: The Role of Marriage between Welsh and Anglo-Norman Aristocratic Families in the Welsh Struggle for Autonomy, 1066-1283
Cengel, Lauren (2012)
Partners in Rule: A Study of Twelfth-Century Queens of England
Cheney, Betty Jean (2010)
Single Drop Microextraction: An Educational Undergraduate Laboratory Procedure Using Caffeine and DEET
Clinger, Jonathan (2013)
Ultrastructural Description of the Late Spermatid in Notophthalmus viridescens
Conkle, Megan (2014)
A Civil Conversation With Death: A Study of Spiritual Anxiety in John Updike's Short Fiction
Cooper, Rebecca (2009)
Achieving Nanosecond Timing with the Vernier Method
Coulter, Kailey (2014)
President Obama and Syria: The Politics of Persuasion
Cravens, Brittany (2010)
Surrogacy Law?: The Unparalleled Social Utility of Surrogacy and The Need for Federal Legislation
Drapkin, Leah (2010)
Latin American Liberation Theology: Did it Liberate? The Emergence and Development of Latin American Liberation Theology, Its Ability to Liberate, & Its Future
Earley, Vanessa (2004)
Using the Past in the Present Struggle: Paule Marshall's The Chosen Place, The Timeless People
Empey, Margaux (2014)
Assessment of Plastic Pollution in the North Carolina Marine System
Engdahl, Susannah M. (2013)
Solving the Bioheat Equation for Transcutaneous Recharging of a Medical Device Using Electric Fields
Eshelman, Elizabeth A. (2006)
Best-Seller or "Entire Mistake"? : The Effect of Form on the Receptions of Anne Brontë's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Mrs. Henry Wood's East Lynne
Ewald, Luke (2011)
Effects of Sensation Seeking and Athletic Involvement on Substance Use in College Students
Fetherolf, Christina (2008)
To Marry God: The Portrayal of God as an Abusive Husband in Ezekiel
Fidder, Valerie (2004)
"The Great Unsaids": The Importance of Mother-Daughter Communication in Amy Tan's The Bonesetter's Daughter and The Kitchen God's Wife
Figel, Emily (2005)
A Private Terror Passed Down: A Textual Analysis of the Memoirs of Second Generation Holocaust Survivors
Fugate, Joseph M. (2012)
Calibration and assessment of Wittenberg University's recirculating laboratory flume in generating various bed states of mobile sand beds
Hahn, Anna Jane (2008)
Waves of Immigration: A Comparative Analysis of the Thematic Similarities and Differences in European and Latin American Immigration to the United States
Hartenstein, Stuart (2009)
Soaring to Excellence: America's Consistent Foreign Policy in a Changing World
Hendrix, Leigh Ellen (2008)
Russian Energy Policy: Exploring the Efficacy of a Resource‐Dependent Economy and Foreign Policy
Herrmann, William (2012)
Creating a Fun Program that is Simple and Easy to Use
Hicks, Amanda Jane (2006)
Is Rac1 Glutathionylated in Intact Cells?
Hildebrandt, Jordan (2012)
Calibrating M-Sequence and C-Sequence GPTSs with uncertainty quantification and cyclostratigraphy
Hord, Jane Lyle (2009)
The Effect of Society's Stigma of Borderline Personality Disorder on the Identities of Persons with Borderline Personality Disorder
Hoshino, Kaoru (2007)
The Overnight Education Reform in Postwar Japan: Controversies Behind the Adoption of a New Educational Ladder System and Social Studies
Humrichouser, Amy L. (2005)
Deconstruction and the Project of Ethical Consensus: Towards a Middle Ground between Communitarian and Poststructural Aesthetics
Ipjian, Andrea Nicole (2009)
When the Body Speaks: Virginia Woolf and Luce Irigaray's Metaphors of the Body
Jagger, Audreyana (2013)
The Effects of Phoneme Instruction on Pre-Literacy Skills and Phonemic Awareness in Preschool Children
Karsai, Monica R. (2009)
Distinguishing Between Rational and Experiential Information Processing Styles
Kelleher, Shannon (2014)
The Aliens are Coming for Jesse McCormick [novella]
Kennedy, Sarah M. (2008)
Psychosocial Predictors of Cardiopulmonary Mortality and Morbidity
Kiser, Savannah (2012)
Vortex Rings and Inclined Planes: Scaling Two Fluid Systems
Kisley, Lydia (2010)
Integration of Gallium Nitride Nanowires with Nanofabricated Silicon Circuits
Klukas, Jeff (2006)
Influencing Dynamics in Neural Networks
Krueger, William (2013)
The Purification of Earth: The Apocalyptic Narrative and Whiteness in Climate Change Rhetoric
Kuhn, Brian Christopher (2003)
Humor in the Classroom: Changing the Face of Middle School Education
Lamarre, Manoache (Manny) (2009)
Barriers to Building Bridges: Educational Development in Third World Countries. And the Case for Haiti
Larned, Emilie (2014)
The Optimization of the Scheduling of Traffic Lights
Lazeration, Rebecca (2012)
The Maddening Unknown: A Study of Monomania in the Works of Poe and Melville
Lloyd, E. Paige (2013)
Race Effects on Zero-Acquaintance Personality Judgments
Lynch, Mary (2014)
The Therapeutic Benefits of Dance
Maddox, Christine (2007)
A Comparison of Bulimic Tendencies In College and Noncollege Women
Mann, Brian R. (2010)
The Omega Subunit of RNA Polymerase: Identification and Regulation of the rpoZ Promoter in Escherichia coli
Marshall, Whitney (2009)
"Only the Soldered Mouth Can Tell": The Loss and Restoration of Women's Power in Emily Dickinson's Death Poetry
Martin, James (2007)
Interhemispheric interaction and degree of handedness in relation to social, political, gender, and philosophical beliefs in undergraduates
Martorano, Lisa (2008)
Analysis of Brain Structure in a Community Sample of Women with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder as a Result of Chile Abuse Exposure
Massengale, Jeremy (2013)
Probing the Thermal Fluctuations in Bulk YBCO and BSCCO Superconductors
McCance, Sarah (2004)
Madmen and Poor Wretches: Changing Perceptions of Madness in Early Nineteenth-Century London
McClay, Emily (2007)
Parker, Kerouac, and Innovative Sound: The Rhythms of Bebop in Beat Writing
McCullough, Lindsay N. (2003)
Habit, Formation and Implications of Elongate, Calcite Concretions, Victoria, Australia
McNutt, Courtney (2009)
The Effects of Neighborhood Disorder and Moderator Variables on Physical Health and Psychological Well-Being
Merchak, Rachel (2013)
Recognition of Facial Expressions of Emotion: The Effects of Anxiety, Depression, and Fear of Negative Evaluation
Moon, Madison (2014)
Impact of Temperature and Salinity on Juvenile Blue Crab Growth Rates
Moore, Jordan (2009)
"If thou Didst Ever thy Dear Father Love": A Lacanian Reading of The Brothers Karamazov through Hamlet
Muir, Natalie (2005)
The Effects of HCl, NaOH, and Whitening Products on Human Teeth
Murray, Sarah Elizabeth (2010)
Hemispheric Responses to Different Musical Selections
Nichols, Beatrice (2014)
Sexual Orientation in Adult Females Not Linked to Second to Fourth Digit Length Ratios, Average Whole Brain Area or Average Cortical Area
Nye, Bret (2011)
Searching for the Center: Intimations of Identity and the Authentic Self in DeLillo's White Noise and Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49
Olson, Bret (2005)
Revelations of an Angelheaded Hipster: Jack Kerouac's Compassionate Beat
Oswalt, Rebecca (2014)
Availability of Rehabilitation Programs for Victims of Human Trafficking
Petrilli, Rebecca (2014)
The Liminality of Antoine Watteau
Phelan, Kari (2008)
A Typology of Retaliation Strategies Against Social Aggression Among Adolescent Girls
Powers, Elizabeth (2006)
Breaking Eggs: A Collection of Short Fiction
Prahl, Laura (2007)
More than a Political Shift: 11-M and its impact on the Spanish Democracy
Ream, Nicole (2006)
Habakkuk: Challenger and Champion of Yahweh
Reynolds, Abby (2013)
Redistricting Processes Across the States: Effects on Electoral Competition
Rezayat, Maryam (2010)
Conflict Management by Fathers and Sons: A Qualitative Analysis of Korean Americans
Robinson, Nicole A. (2003)
"Here's Tae Us! Wha's Like Us?" Jacobitism and the Creation of a Scottish National Identity
Ross, Ronald J. (2009)
The Pragmatist Canon: Rethinking Literature in the Classroom
Ross, Ronald J. (2009)
Let There Be Light: An Argument for the Possibility of Paradigm Change through Debate
Rote, Marie Alice (2003)
The Supplemental Nature of Moral Principles
Rubbico, Brittany (2012)
"Sanctioned Deviance:" A Critical Approach to the Sick Role and Its Socioeconomic Influences
Schaafsma, Jennifer (2012)
Religiosity, Forgiveness, and the Communicative Responses to Hurtful Events in Friendships
Scheckelhoff, Hannah (2011)
Devolution and Disengagement in the United Kingdom: A Study on the Effects of Devolution on Union-Wide Engagement in Politics
Schueler, Elisabeth (2010)
To Temper or Not To Temper: The Paradox of Musical Tuning and Temperament
Schueler, Adam (2013)
The Case For Ambushing Whiteness: Reconfiguring White Supremacy and Racial Realism
Scott, Benjamin W. (2009)
Yes We Cannabis: Medical Marijuana Laws and the Economics of Crime
Sherrock, Kaitlyn (2010)
Analysis of Potential Risk Factors of Metabolic Syndrome in a Pediatric Population Comparing Normal Weight and Overweight Subjects
Sjostrom, Abigail (2008)
Parental Divorce, Parent-Child Conflict, and College Student Well-Being
Snead, Kathleen (2010)
Toxic Leadership: Sour Milk Rising to the Top
Snipes, Erica (2009)
Measurements of finite dust temperature effects in the dispersion relation of the dust acoustic wave
Snyder, Bennett (2005)
The Path of a National Pacifism
Steiner, Kristina (2009)
Hemispheric differences in processing anaphoric inferences: Application of the stop-signal paradigm
Stewart, Katelyn (2010)
The Difficulty of Protecting Without Enslaving: The Denial of Women's Education as seen in Augusta Webster's Dramatic Monologues
Storer, Jennifer (2008)
Face Processing in the Brain in Left Handed Individuals
Straw, Jessica (2004)
Responses of mud snails from low and high imposex sites to sex pheromones
Stucki, Megan (2003)
Revision [poetry]
Stucky (Bower), Heather (2002)
The Victorian "Border" Garden and the "Boarder" Governess In Charlotte Brontë's Villette
Thompson, Chad (2004)
Self-Monitoring in Leadership Emergence Among Student-Athletes and Greek Members
To, David (2011)
Thermosensitive 2-Alkyl-2-Oxazoline Polymers for Gene Delivery
Treu, Lukas (2009)
The Effects of Source Credibility Perceptions and Ego-Involvement on Green Marketing Appeals: The Case of Multinational Petroleum Corporations with Unstable Environmental Legitimacy
Trinh, Mai P. (2009)
Heresy 邪魔外道and Otherization in The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre 倚天屠龙记
Uhrig, Ashley (2009)
A Comparison of Individual and Dyad Instruction for Spanish-Speaking Siblings
Ullmer, Joseph (2003)
Threats to spotted turtle (Clemmys guttata) habitat in Ohio
Unger, Jami A. (2007)
Examining the Effects of Achievement Events on Children's Positive and Negative Affect
Weldon, Steven P. (2003)
Psychometric Properties of the Psychosocial Risk Factor Survey
Wendel, Emily (2008)
Die Aufarbeitung der Vergangenheit”: The Complications of Vergangenheitsbewältigung in Post-Nazi Germany
Wendroth, Heepke (2013)
The aging-related gene expression of a component of Sp100-rs in adipocytes may correlate to the redistribution of white adipocyte tissue to various organs in Mus musculus
Werner, Eric (2013)
Thank You for Visiting: Collected Poems with a Critical Introduction
Westlund, Katherine (2005)
Who does service: The relationship between postmaterialist values and community service
Whiteley, Grace (2013)
How Trait and State Anxiety Influence Athletic Performance
Wigton, Mallory F. (2012)
Acculturation and Mental Health of Immigrant Youth
Winter, Leslie (2013)
Body, Identity, and Narrative in Titian's Paintings
Wollaeger, Heidi (2011)
Genetic Variability in Magnolia acuminata (L.) Populations in the Eastern United States
Yehle, Sarah (2007)
Perceptions of South Africa through Film
Ziton, Maria Alexandra (2012)
Finding and Welcoming Kami on American Soil: The Presence of Shinto in the United States

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