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Author Sarah Elizabeth Murray
Title Hemispheric Responses to Different Musical Selections
Department Music & Psychology
Advisor Stephen Siek
Year 2010
Honors University Honors
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Abstract The aim of this study was to detect, using electroencephalography, whether or not individuals respond differently to modalities within Western tonal music. Specifically I investigated whether or not hemispheric dominance had any effect on the participants' responses to specific musical selections, and if men and women respond differently. Electroencephalography records neurons firing throughout the brain and picks up this electrical activity on the scalp. In this experiment two electrodes were placed behind the subject's ears, two on the subject's forehead, one on the scalp, and a ground electrode on the forearm. The results indicated that there was no effect of music on a particular hemisphere or brainwaves, although right-brained females and left-brained males showed the greatest response to all types of music.

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