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Author Ashley Uhrig
Title A Comparison of Individual and Dyad Instruction for Spanish-Speaking Siblings
Department Education
Advisors Lora Lawson, Debra Mallonee, and Ruth Hoff
Year 2009
Honors University Honors
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Abstract The goal of my study was to compare English Language Learner instruction for Spanishspeaking siblings when taught individually and together. The English Language Learner [ELL] field is rapidly growing; however, not a lot of research has been done in the area of ELL siblings. Through this paper I will share the findings of my study in which I worked with two pairs of Spanish-speaking siblings individually and together to determine if working with a sibling has an effect on how the students focus on the lesson (if they pay attention more, are distracted easier, etc.) and on how much information the students take from the lesson. In my study I also examined teacher, peer, administration, and parental perception of ELL instruction and teacher preparedness for working with these students.

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