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Author Manoache (Manny) Lamarre
Title Barriers to Building Bridges: Educational Development in Third World Countries. And the Case for Haiti
Department Political Science
Advisors James Allan, Ed Hasecke, and Lowell Monke
Year 2009
Honors Departmental Honors
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At the author's request, an electronic copy of this thesis is only available to on-campus users.
Abstract This paper examines barriers that Haiti and other developing countries face in educational development as well as effective solutions to these barriers. This paper is broken into three parts. Part I examines various theories surrounding educational development: literacy practices, formal and nonformal educational structures, and various forms of aid, for example, are all studied as both barriers and solutions. Part II is an in-depth analysis on Haiti. I argue that although Haiti, because of its weak governance and poor foreign aid relationship with the West, faces many obstacles to educational development, there is still hope for educational development in Haiti. The fact that they are the only country to have had a successful slave revolt, provide a unique case study for political scientists, anthropologists, and sociologists. Finally, Part III looks at data from the 2007/2008 Human Development Report and Transparency International to see if there are statistical correlations between adult literacy rates, HDI Ranking, Expenditure on Education, Net Secondary-enrollment, Foreign aid, Per Capita GDP, and Transparency Index on developing countries.

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