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Author Kristina Steiner
Title Hemispheric differences in processing anaphoric inferences: Application of the stop-signal paradigm
Department Psychology
Advisors Michael Anes, Josephine Wilson, and J. Fitzpatrick Smith
Year 2009
Honors Departmental Honors
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Abstract Participants in this experiment viewed either constrained or neutral texts that required making an anaphoric inference and then performed a lexical decision task in response to target words that were the inconsistent antecedent to the anaphoric inference. Target words were presented to either the right visual field-left hemisphere (RVF-LH) or the left visual field-right hemisphere (LVF-RH). We expected to find that the RH would respond similarly to targets after both constrained and neutral texts, but that the LH would respond slower to targets after constrained texts than neutral texts. We did not find support for this hypothesis.

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