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Author Megan Stucki
Title Revision [poetry]
Department English
Advisors Jodi Rambo and Maureen Fry
Year 2003
Honors University Honors
Note Passed with Distinction
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Abstract This collection of poems is about revision. Viewing myths from different angles and then re-telling the myth from that perspective, as well as recreating my previous works. Many of the myths included in this collection are about women and are often told from a point of view that is not their own. These women are abused, or elated, or somewhere in between, but we cannot hear their pleas, their song. As I evaluated these stories, I felt compelled to discover the female voice and rewrite the myth to free her story. This project has become my way of reclaiming the mythology of men to reveal the poetry of women. Through this reclamation, I acknowledge and assert my feminist roots in social and literary criticism.

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