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Author Ronald J. Ross
Title Let There Be Light: An Argument for the Possibility of Paradigm Change through Debate
Department Philosophy
Advisors Nancy McHugh, Don Reed, and Ty Buckman
Year 2009
Honors University Honors
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Abstract In 1962 Thomas Kuhn argued that scientific revolutions occur through paradigm change. That is, the model for the way we understand the world is completely replaced by a new incompatible model. He also claimed that these revolutions are non-cumulative, and thus there is actual incommensurability between the paradigms. However, by stating the process of revolution in such an exaggerated manner in order to highlight the non-cumulative nature of paradigm change, Kuhn precludes the possibility of revolution through debate. I argue that a close examination of the works of Francis Bacon as well as a scrutiny of Galileo and Priestley reveal genuine areas of rationally adjudicable, commensurable agreement. Furthermore, I posit a process, based on the ideas of Willard Von Orman Quine, whereby we might actually affect revolution, in whole or in part, through the process of debate.

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