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Author Jennifer Storer
Title Face Processing in the Brain in Left Handed Individuals
Department Psychology & Education
Advisors Michael Anes, Cathy Pederson, and Mary Jo Zembar
Year 2008
Honors University Honors
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At the author's request, an electronic copy of this thesis is only available to on-campus users.
Abstract The experiment investigates hemispheric specialization for face processing in neurologically intact left handed individuals with parental sinistrality. Thirteen undergraduate students at a small liberal arts university in the Midwest provided bizarreness ratings on a 7-point Likert scale for faces, presented one at a time on a computer monitor for a brief duration. One eye of each face, or one eye and the mouth, was manipulated, and half of the faces were presented in an inverted orientation. Data was compared to the parallel Anes and Short (in preparation) study of right handers. Left handed participants demonstrated a right hemisphere sensitivity to facial manipulations, although lateralization was not as dramatic as in right handers. Left handers showed more left visual field sensitivity with greater degrees of manipulation than did right handers.

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