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Author Christine Maddox
Title A Comparison of Bulimic Tendencies In College and Noncollege Women
Department Psychology
Advisors Jo Wilson, Jeffrey Brookings, and Cynthia Richards
Year 2007
Honors University Honors
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Abstract Following research by Hesse-Biber, Marino, & Watts-Roy (1999) on individuals with undiagnosed eating problems, the bulimic tendencies of college (n = 57) and noncollege women (n = 56), ages 18 – 22, were compared in order to assess the effect that living on a college campus has upon disordered eating. Participants were given the Wonderlic Personnel Test and a researcher-designed 43-item questionnaire. Both group's results from the Wonderlic Personnel Test and the questionnaire were compared. The constructs within the questionnaire (physical attractiveness, self-control, achievement seeking) were significantly correlated with the final bulimia index for both groups. However, no significant differences between the two groups were found. According to the results of the current study, living on a college campus has no significant effect upon bulimic tendencies.

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