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Author Nicole Ream
Title Habakkuk: Challenger and Champion of Yahweh
Department Religion
Advisor Barbara Kaiser
Year 2006
Honors University Honors
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Abstract This thesis addresses the book of Habakkuk in the Hebrew Bible as a work of dissent literature. In literature of dissent, one is forced to put aside expected conventions, roll up one's sleeves, and bravely confront God. Habakkuk deals with the problem of pain that pervades human society. To bring such a complaint against God was one of the most daring actions that one could take. Habakkuk's lament serves as an ultimate attestation of faith in God. In his struggle to deal with pain that he believes to be unjust, Habakkuk steps up and cries out in complaint against God. When evil persists, he continues to insist in his belief that Yahweh is a just god, and he cries out once more, forcing Yahweh to listen and answer. Habakkuk's lament is an attempt to deal with pain and a challenge to the ancient views of the divine-human relationship.

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