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Author Bret Olson
Title Revelations of an Angelheaded Hipster: Jack Kerouac's Compassionate Beat
Department English
Advisor Bob Davis
Year 2005
Honors Departmental Honors
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Abstract In On The Road, Desolation Angels, and Dharma Bums, we find stories where life-faith is not nailed down, defined, or possessed, but lived, experienced, and searched for with fear and trembling . with diligent, sometimes, anguished resolve. By embracing the processes of becoming they gain an active life-faith and love-compassion for mankind. A successful faith is not based on passive transcendence. It does not involve sitting and waiting for visionary-mystical-spiritual experiences. It is only through active choices, made against all despair and angst, that one gains an active and successful life-faith (faith life). It is in living, responding, and acting compassionately to these "cut arms," these scars of life, that makes or breaks Kerouac's concept of faith.

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