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Author Rebecca Oswalt
Title Availability of Rehabilitation Programs for Victims of Human Trafficking
Department Psychology
Advisors Michael Anes, Stephanie Little, and Heather Wright
Year 2014
Honors University Honors
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Abstract The purpose of this research is to study the scope of recovery and rehabilitation programs offered to human trafficking victims by surveying social service organizations providing assistance in two states. New York and Ohio were chosen based on their status as origins and transit hubs for trafficking. To assess the programs which are available, self-report surveys were sent to organizations in Ohio and New York which had been identified by Polaris Project and other internet sites as intended resources for survivors. Organizations were asked to identify what types of programs, if any, are offered specifically for trafficking victims and if their efforts are culturally-tailored to victims' experiences and beliefs. Psychological service provisions within organizations were seen less frequently than availability of psychological service referrals external to organizations. No regional differences in provision of psychological or logistical services were found. Culturally-tailored recovery/rehabilitation programs were virtually nonexistent in either state except for translation services.

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