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Author Jennifer Schaafsma
Title Religiosity, Forgiveness, and the Communicative Responses to Hurtful Events in Friendships
Department Communication
Advisor Kathleen Warber
Year 2012
Honors Departmental Honors
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Abstract Forgiveness is a part of many religious teachings. The religiosity-forgiveness link has been extensively studied in relation to psychological variables, with recent focus by communication scholars on the significance of the communicative process when granting and seeking forgiveness. The current study further examined the link between religiosity and the communication strategies employed in the forgiveness process, specifically within the context of friendships. Four hundred and twenty three individuals completed a questionnaire that measured their religiosity and forgiveness granting strategies after experiencing a transgression and forgiveness seeking strategies in response to committing a transgression. Results indicate that there is a relationship between religiosity and the strategies used to seek and grant forgiveness. Post hoc analysis also reveals that there is a sex difference in specific strategies used, as well as difference between college and non-college students. These findings offer support for further research on the significance of the communicative process of forgiveness.

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