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"Does He Mean What He Says?": Tatamae and Honne Examined
"Faith and Paradox": An Evalutation of The Old Fellow by Herrymon Maurer
"Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Nirvana"
"The Imperial Tally" (Short Story)
"What He Has Heard Of Other Men's Lives": Confucian and Buddhist Influences on Thoreau
"Zia Po Rong Yi, Shang Po Nan: Easy to Keep the Castle That Was Never Besieged": Analysis of A Single Pebble
4-2-1: A Continuing and Necessary Policy in the People's Republic of China
A Branch of Blossoms
A Challenge to the People's Republic of China's sovereignty and authority: Uighur Self-Determination struggles in the PRC's Xinjiang Uygyr Autonomous Region
A Comparison of Suffering in Buddhism and Christianity
A Contrastive Paper of Buddhism in India, Tibet and Japan
A Dragon's Village: Noble Causes. . .Ignoble Means: A Book Review
A Fresh Perspective on Ukiyo-e
A Gentle Rebellion: Katsushita Hokusai's Woodblock Prints
A Haiku
A Letter from Junko: Eastern vs. Western Culture in the Meiji Era
A Look at China and the Most-Favored Nation Issue 1991-1992
A Modern-Day Tale of Exemplary Conduct
A Second Chance (A short story)
A Shinto Priest Blessing a Home in Toyama
A Tainted Existence: The Psychological Imprint on the Hibakusha
Abstinence As Machismo: Sex (and the lack thereof) in Shuihu Zhuan
Akutagawa Ryunosuke: Writer of the Taisho Era
Always Onward
Amdo and Education
An Analysis of the "New History Textbook"
An Anecdote of China
An Anecdote of Japan
An Assessment of the U.S.-South Korean Trade Imbalance
An Insight on the Chinese Short Story "Empty Nest"
An Intellectual Debate: Ueda Akinari and Motoori Norinaga
Anecdote of China
Asakusa Temple in Tokyo, Japan
Asleep in China from 1899 Until 1949 : What a Time to Wake Up!
Assimilation: Chinese Immigrants in America
Authority in the Confucian Tradition
Awkward Bedfellows: The Han Chinese and the Ethnic Tibetans An Investigation of the Social Identity of the Inhabitants of the Sino-Tibetan Borderlands
Basho's Zen and American Transcendtalism
Belief in Shanghai : A Current Study of Religious Practices and Traditions in a Modernizing City
Beyond the Kimono: Characteristics of Geisha and Courtesans
Beyond the Margins: Ethnic Identity and Aftican-American Consciousness in Han Chinese Culture
Brothers at War With Themselves: Poetry Selections
Buddhism and Quantum Physics: Sharing the Path
Buddhism in Japan
Buddhist Influences
Buddhist monks at Todaiji, Nara, Japan
Bully for Japan: TR's False Perception of Japanese Culture and Its Impact on the Portsmouth Agreement
Bushido: The Warrior Code
Capturing Qi in Tang through ming Chinese Landscape Paintings
CCP Policy in Tibet
Centrality and Commonality in Confucian Thought
Children Collecting Unspent Firecrackers
Children's Rights and Responsibilities in a Global Context: North Korea and Beyond
China and the United States: The Politics of D tente
China Will Never Go Back to the Old Closed-Door Path: The Fate of Radical Economic Reforms Following the 13th Communist party of China National People's Congress
China's Banking System: Entering the WTO
China's Blunder: The Transition of Macao
China's Continuing Revolution: The Quest for Democracy, 1919-?
China's Energy Sector and Technology Transfer
China's Failed Attempt at Avoiding Western Imperialism: What Japan Did That China Could Not
China's Role in the Developing World: Benevolent or Self-Serving?
China's Space Industry: Development From Nuclear Missile Program
China's Special Economic Zones: Problems in the Aftermath of the Incident at Tiananmen Square
China's Use of People's Diplomacy in Foreign Relations: The Sino-American Relationship
Chinese Boy and Friend
Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese Foreign Policy in Transition: Sino-American Relations from 1966 to 1972
Chinese Literary Traditions: An Analysis of Ma Chung-His
Chinese Political History and the Horse: Development and Exploration of a Symbol
Christianity in Japan as It Contributed to Her Period of Isolation
Christianity in Korea: A Success Story
Citizens' Movements in Japan
Commitment: China's Foreign Policy in Africa
Communist China: A Peasant Victory
Comparative Philosophy: The Epistemological and Ontological Views of Descartes and Zhuangzi
Conditions for the Formation of an East Asian Community: Divergences and Prospects
Conditions for the Formation of an East Asian Community: Divergences and Prospects
Confucianism's Role in Political Factionalism During Korea's Yi Dynasty
Cover Art
Criticizing the Critic: Form and Content in Eastern Art and Literature
Cross Straights Opium Politics
Cunningham, Eric. Zen Past and Present. Key Issues in Asian Studies, no. 8. Ann Arbor: Association for Asian Studies, 2011.
Dealing Knives Outside the Mosque
Death in Midwinter: The Young Officers' Movement and the February 26 Incident
Demystifying Japanese Tourists Abroad
Deng's Economic Pyrrhic Victory
Development of English Language Study in the People's Republic of China Since 1949
Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands: A Case Study in How Economics Drives Politics
Diasporic Identity and Strategic Interests in Uyghur China: A History of Xinjiang from the Han Dynasty to the Present
Discrimination and Fingerprinting of Japan's Foreign Aliens
Economic Freedon Vs. Political Freedom in the People's Republic of China: Independent or Interrelated?
Ernest Hemmingway and Lu Hsun: A Comparison
Escaping Post-Bubble Politics: Youth Subculture and Redefining Ikigai Through Consumption
Existential Dilemma and Release in the Works of Yasunari Kawabata
Existentialism, Choice, and Morality in Ichikawa Kon’s Fires on the Plain
Exploration of the East China Sea: An Opportunity for Cooperation
Extracurricular Activism Japanese Student Radicalism and the Security Treaty Crisis
Ezra Pound and The Chinese Character: Inspiration or Misconception?
Face: The China Syndrome
Feminism and Abortion in Japan
Forbidden City, Beijing, PRC
Fu Hao's Tomb: An Inquiry into Women's Status
Fuzukawa Yukichi and Japanese and Chinese Modernization
Gin Kakuji Kyoto, Japan
Glimpses of Taoism in Chinese Literature
Goshuin from Ryoanji, Kyoto, Japan
Grandmother and Grandfather
Great Wall, PRC
Guangdong Provice, Southern China: The Fastest Growing Economy on Earth
Health and Wellness in Today's China: Traditional Thought in a Land of Progressing Modernity
Hiroshima: Thirty Years After - A Call to Global Community" : A Conference Report
Historic Warehouse in Kurushiki, Japan
Ho Chi Minh: The Revolutionary Savior of Vietnam
Hokusai, Hiroshige and Van Gogh: An Aesthetic Dialogue
Holding the Line: Why Engagement With China is Working Better Than It Seems
Hong Kong 1997: The Political & Economic Prospect
I Want to Become a Fish
I Want to Become a Fish [English translation]
If China Listens:Rural Girls' Voices on Modern Education Reform
Images of Japan
Images of Nation: Western Photographers in Wartime China
In Dedication [dedicated to Dr. Jooyeon Rhee]
Indian Defense Planning and Production as it Relates to Indian Security Policy and Affairs
Industrial Policy: Japan's Hidden Advantages
Infibulation and Footbinding: Mutilation or Empowerment?
Influence of Confucianism and Buddhism on Professional Baseball in Japan
Ink Painting
Integrating Economies: The China Challenge
Intellectual Property Rights Protection: The Chinese Cultural Dimension
Internationalization of the Japanese
Japan and Imperialism Review [Review of James L. Huffman's Japan and Imperialism, 1853-1945]
Japan's Declining Birth Rate: Causes and Implications
Japan's Effort to Attain Self-Sufficiency in Rice: Its Successes and Failures, and Its Future
Japanese and American Imperialism: A Comparison of Motives and Methods
Japanese Calligraphy
Japanese Comfort Stations: Sites of Relevation and Instruction
Japanese Immigrants in California Agriculture
Japanese Values as Reflected in the Japanese Press
Japanese Women
Jazz and Japanese Identity in Post-War Japan
Jingoki in Northern Kyoto, Japan
Joint Venture Laws of the PRC, An Economic Analysis
Joint Ventures in the PRC
Joseph Hiko
June 4, 1989
Junks in Housing Estates, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Juvenile Delinquency in Modern China
Kamikaze Fighters
Kaori, Chan
Kawabata Yasunari and the Transculturalization of Japan and the West
Kazak Man Rounding Up Cattle
Kindergarten Students in Beijing
Kinkakuji (The Golden Pavillion)
Kodomo (Child)
Kowloon Walled City with Park in Foreground
Kowloon Walled City: A Hidden Aspect of Hong Kong
Kume Kumitake - The Iwakura Embassy and Museums
Language and Cultural Barriers of Japanese Women in America
Language and Linguistics in the People's Republic of China: A Book Review
Laughing Buddah, Hangzhou, PRC
Lei Feng and Lai Ning: The Search for Ideological and Moral Models in New China
Let Us Help Give Birth
Levenson's Eclectic
Li Bai
Liu Nian Cui
Looking for the Great Wall: Don't ask for the Choices, Ask for their Bases
Macau on the Eve of the Millennium: Becoming a Special Administrative Region of China
Market Socialism in China's Special Economic Zones
Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Deontology in the Writings of Wei Jingsheng
Me-otoiwa (The Wedded Rocks)
Memorandum to The U.S. Secretary of Defense, The Honorable Caspar Weinberger. Subject: U.S. Defense Policy in the Area of Weapon Sales to the People's Republic of China
Mencius: The Pragmatic Economist
Mental Illness in Japan: A Need for Change
Migration: China's Benefits, Beijing's Political Costs
Mirror Images: The (Lack of ) Parallels Between Nogami Yaeko and Her Female Protagonists
Mishima: The Interplay of Two Cultures
Misinterpretations of Mao's Interpretation of Marx
Modernization and the PRC's Post-Cold War Security Objectives: Is the PRC Ensuring Regional Stability or Provoking an Arms Race?
Modernization of the Meiji Military: Prelude to Expansion
Monastic Buddhism in China Contemporaneous to the Chinese Communist Takeover
More Than an Island: The Symbolic Significance of Hokkaido to Japan
Narita: "The Wrong Airport, at the Wrong Place, at the Wrong Time"
Nationalism and the Vietminh: Victory in the First Indochinese War
Nebula Festival
Negotiating Policy and Identity in Uyghur China: Realizing a Uyghur Community Policy
Neo-Authoritarianism: China's Next Reform?
Noh as a Religious Event
Of Hui and Gangs: The Role of Voluntary Groups in Chinese Society
Of Stories and Scholars: Interpreting Colonialist and Diasporic Narratives of Tibetan Folk Opera
Okakura Tenshin and the Art of Lying
Old and New--Taoist and Refrigerator
On Gossamer Wings
One-Child Policy Causes a Breakdown of Traditional Chinese Values
Osaka Castle Against the Modern Osaka Skyline
Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan
Parallels Between Taoist and Ch'an Texts
Patriotism, Secularism, and the Invention of State Shinto
Photographs of Japan
PLA Hopeful, Beijing, PRC
PLA Soldiers Doing Martial Arts Drills
Plague and Propaganda: The Significance of Biological Weapons Allegations in the Korean War
Playing Xiangqi in Tunxi, China
Plum Blossoms
Plum Blossoms
Poetry Selection
Poetry Selections
Power Dynamics Within Intimate Relationships: Patriarchy, Feminism, and Same-Sex Love in Taiwanese Short Fiction
Pregnancy and Birth Out Of Wedlock in Japan
Prevention and Cessation: Taiwan's Public Health Crusade Against Tobacco
Pride and Prejudice: An Analysis of "Society of China" by Sir Robert Douglas
Prostitution in Modern Japanese History: Karayuki-san and Japayuki-san
Qiu Jin and Mulan: Challenging the Wenwu Paradigm
Queen Min
Quiet Hillside
Ralph Waldo Emerson: American Zen Master or Misinterpreter?
Rearmament of Japan
Reflections on a Revolution: The Xinhai Revolution of 1911 and What it Means for China
Reflections Upon Her Return From Studying in Japan
Regrettable Incidents: The Historical Foundations of Japanese Stereotypes in WWII
Resistance to Organ Transplantation and Brain Death in Japan : Ethical, Religious, Cultural and Systemic Considerations
Review of Jack Weatherford, Ghenghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World
Rewards of the Long March
Risshin shusse and nintai: Oe Kenzaburo, Existentialism, and the Portrayal of Success in Contemporary Japanese literature
Ritual Proproety, Rites, and Family Ritual as the Cornerstone of Community
Roadblocks to Japan's Pursuit of a Permanent Seat on the United Nations Security Counci
Robert Hart and Chinese Maritime Customs: Is "Our Hart" Chinese or British?
SATI: A Barbaria Hindu Ritual
School Children, Nara, Japan
Selected Poems
Self-fulfillment and the Cosmos: A book review of Escape from Predicament by Thomas Metzger
September 11th Through the Eyes of an American Studying Abroad in Beijing
Shahen-Shah: Tradition and Change in Pakistani Qawwali music
Shichi go san
Shrine Shinto: The Rise and Fall of a Religious Institution
Sino-American Relations Regarding China's Human Rights
Sketches of Shang Dynasty Literature
Smoking Monks, Sages, Skaters, and Others: An Examination of Modern Day Chinese Religion or What I Did On My Summer Vacation
Sogo Shinji's Shinkansen: The Controversy Behind Innovation
Spaces of the Spirit: The Eternal in Traditional Japanese Homes
Ssu-ma Chien and The Records of the Historian
Stray Temple, Stray Path
Street Scene in Suzhou, China
Student Involvement in the Hundred Flowers Campaign
Students in Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Supreme Happiness According to the Chuang Tzu
Symbolic Exchange and the Economy of Ritual in Heian Japan
Taiwan's Economic Crossroads : The Challenge of Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in an Era of Economic and Political Change
Tand Dynasty Frontier Peotry and the Female Voice
Tanka Poem
Taoism and Christianity: A Way to Develop and Ecological Theology
Taoism, the First Major Criticism of the Confucian Tradition: Chuang Tzu, Hun-tun and Wonton Soup
Temple Outside Kowloon Walled City
Temple Seal From Todaiji, Nara, Japan.
Terrifying Toilets: Japanese Toilet Ghost and Sexual Liberation in the Postwar Period
The "Emperor System" in Japan
The Adverse Effectsof Pressure and Conformity in the Japanese Schools
The Ainu Society
The Ashito Copper Mine Incident
The Asian Model: A Key to Development
The Chinese Presence in Tibet: Historical, Strategic and Economic Aspects
The Christian Church in China: Challenges It Must Face in Confronting the Future
The Christian Church in China: Its Growth and Present Day Existence
The Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe and the USSR: The Chinese Communist Party's New Struggle
The Confucian Vitality in an Anti-Confucian Movement: Revisiting the Taiping Rebellion
The Cultural Corporation of China: A Study of the Commercial Advertising in China and its Relation to the Chinese Communist Party from the 1920's Through Today
The Destruction of a Culture: An Analysis of the Forty-Year Chinese Occupation of Tibet
The Development of Japanese and Chinese Art Collections in the United States
The Domestic Struggle and the Division of the Korean Peninsula
The Dragon as a Mythological Beast
The Economics of Gansu Province: From Ideology to Progress
The Effects of Buddhist Nationalism Upon the Vietnam War
The Effects of Opium upon Nineteenth Century Chinese Society
The Effects of the "Nixon Shock" on Japanese Society and Politics
The Empty Nest--A Translation
The Enola Gay Controversy
The Failure of the 1946 Constitution: An American Perspective of the Japanese Criminal Justice System
The Fiction of Lu Xun and Xiao Hong: Critical Realism as Moral Literature
The Fight for Life Among Kibakusha
The Four Modernizations in China: Science and Technology
The Girl in the Mirror
The Global Online Freedom Act of 2008: The Problems of International Freedom and the Chinese-US Trade Relationship
The Great Buddha
The Great Mosque in Xian, China
The Great Reform of 1645-1646 A.D.: The Impact of Chinese Institutions on Japan
The Healing Drink [A Kyogen Style Comedy]
The Heart Radical: A Study of its Semantic Values as Seen in Ten Graphemic Families
The Impact of Operation Ichigo on U.S. Foreign Policy in Xinjiang, 1939-49
The Influence of Communism on the Role of Women in Modern China
The Influence of Cultural Factors on the Labor Market Decisions of Japanese Women: Views from Yokohama and Tokyo
The Kannon Bodhisattva: A Comparative Analysis of the Ji-ichimen-Senju-Kannon and the Nyoirin Kannon
The Kokugaku Movement of Tokugawa Japan: A Rejection of Chinese Influence and A Reaffirmation of Native Japan
The Lack of Influence of Sea Power upon Chinese History: Two Chinese Navies: The Late Qing and the Contemporary PLAN
The Legacy of Rebellion: A Comparative Study of the Armies of the Taiping Rebellion and Chinese Communist Party
The Life of The Tokugawa Peasant: Controlled Yet Free
The Martial Art of Aikido
The Modern Buraku Liberation Movement
The New Qin: The Ancient Zither in Modern China
The Newsboy
The Other Vietnamese Refugees
The Overnight Education Reform in Postwar Japan: Controversies Behind the Adoption of a New Educational Ladder System and Social Studies
The Palimpsest of Memory: Analyzing Mnemonic Patterns and National Narratives in Japanese and American Museums
The Paradox of "Masculine" and "Feminine": A Portrait of Male Employees in Japanese Companies
The Paradox of Democracy in Korea
The Perfect Man is a Drunk Man
The Persistant Matriarchy Within Japanese Society
The Personal Inadequacies of Yukio Mishima and His Search for the Japanese Warrior Spirit
The Points of Detoxification
The Politics of State-Owned Enterprise Reform in China
The Power of Ritual: That Which United, And That Which Divides
The Practice of Meditation in Buddhism
The Press in the United States and Japan, December 1941
The Problem of Returnees in Japan: Kikokushijo
The Real Story: The Final Stage of the Japanese Women's Suffrage Movement
The Relationship Between Zen Buddhism and Christian Philosophy
The Rhythm of the Body Politick
The Rise and Fall of the Han and Samurai Systems
The Role of "Play" in the Chuang Tzu
The Role of the Geisha in Modern Japanese Society
The Role of the Zengakuren in the Anti-Security Treaty Demonstrations of 1959-1960
The Roles of a Japanese Husband and Wife
The Romance of the Western Chamber as Compared with The Story of Ts'ui Ying-ying: An Adaptation Not as Effective as it Appears
The Rosary
The Sian Incident
The Sino-Japanese Dispute Over the Diaoys Islands: Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy
The Still Point by William Johnston and Conversations: Christian and Buddhist by Dom Aelred: A Comparison
The Stratagem of Patriotic Youth Brigade Propaganda
The Success of Overseas Chinese
The Suzhou Canal
The Tale of the Inch Tall Boy
The Tao and Science: Where the Way Meets the Means in Ancient China
The Taoist Influence on Tea
The Taoist Vision
The Threat of Chinese Organized Crime
The Torii of Itsuka Shima Shrine (Miyajima Island, Japan)
The Universe in Balance: An Analysis of Chinese Philosophy
The Validity of the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty
The World of Zen in Seventeen Syllables: A Study in Haiku
The Yakuza: The Japanese Mafia
Things that are Colored in Tokyo
Tibet and China: An Insoluble Combination?
Tibet's Final, Greatest Hope (1956-1965): How the International Community Failed to Save Tibet Following Mao's Invasion
Tobacco Regimes in Taiwan: The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Taiwanese Tobacco Industry
Torii in the Water Miya Jima Island, Japan
Townsend Harris
Traces of Wenzhou: A Translation of Zhu Ziqing’s “Wenzhou de zongji”????? (1924)
Transformations: Re-examining the Development of Nien-fo in Pure Land Buddhism
Transitional Justice and North Korea: The Question of Amnesty for North Korean Officials
Trash Bin at Sun Yatsen's Mausoleum
Travel Logue
Tsukiji Fish Market
Two Men by a Pond
U.S.-Japan Defense Relations in the Reagan Era
Untitled Poem
Untitled Poem
Urbanization in Post-Mao China: Causes and Impacts of the Rural to Urban Migration
Vietnam, 1945-1949: Government Resistance to Vietnamese Self-determination
Volunteerism as Democratization in Japan
Wakon-Yosai: Japanese Mind, Western Practice--The Dilemma of Christianity in Japan
War Guilt: Is Sorry Enough?
Watercolor Paintings
Where is the Difference? Filial Relations in Pre-Modern Chinese and Jewish Societies
Who Are You Waiting For? Historical Interpretations of Love and Courtship in the Kyajunin Isshu
Who is the east: Translations of Emily Dickinson's Poem
Why Japan Went to War: Joseph C. Grew, Ambassador to Japan - 1932-1942
Wielding an Analytic Sledgehammer: Use of History in Political Analysis of Modern China
Will the Circle Be Unbroken . . . Thoughts on the Relationship Between Chinese Taoism and Genetics
Women in China
Women in China: Holding up Their Share of the Sky
Women in Japan: Conservative Victory in the Late Taisho and Early Showa Eras
Women's Societal Role: The Perception of Modern Japan
Woodblock print of characters Jiating, "Family"
Xing Lian
Yochien: The Japanese Preschool and Its Role in Japanese Society
Yu Gardens, Shanghai, PRC
Zen in the Art of Acting
[Review of William M. Tsuisui's] Japanese Popular Culture and Globalization