Step 5: Evaluate

Your goal in this step is to evaluate your completed product and the process you used to create the product.

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“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”
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~ John Powell
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How did you do? How can you improve next time?

Consider your assignment and the product you created and ask yourself:

Step 1: Question

  • Is the completed product exactly what you were assigned to do?
  • Did you do adequate preliminary research on your topic?
  • Did you formulate a compelling question?

Step 2: Gather

  • Did you use sources in a variety of formats?
  • Did you ask a professional for assistance in finding information?
  • Did you use carefully selected keywords to search for your information?
  • Did you evaluate the credibility and purpose of your resources?
  • Did you use a reliable system to record your information?

Step 3: Conclude

  • Did you adequately answer your original question or prove your hypothesis?
  • Did you support your thesis with authoritative sources?
  • Did you build on your understanding of the subject?
  • What new information did you learn or create about your topic?

Step 4: Communicate

  • Has your work been carefully reviewed and edited?
  • Is your work complete? Is it neat?
  • Does it include a Title (page, slide or clip) and a Works Cited or Bibliography page?
  • Are your sources credited in the proper format?

Step 5: Evaluate

  • Would you be proud for anyone to view your work?
  • Which of the previous steps did you do best?
  • What have you learned from this process?
  • How can you improve next time?

Congratulations! You have completed an extensive problem solving project. You have used the steps of the research cycle to gain new knowledge and understandings. You have shared your findings and decisions persuasively.

You are now an experienced researcher!

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