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The Numbers Don't Lie

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Library of Congress Subject Headings.

28th ed., 5 vols., 2005.
Kept on the long table by the main bank of EZRA/Web terminals.

Subject headings will be similar to, but may be different from those used in periodical indexes.

Locating Books in Library Catalogs

At Wittenberg: WebEZRA -- the online catalog
At other Ohio academic Libraries: OhioLINK
In North America For ILL: WorldCat

Reference Books

World Almanac and Book of Facts
Reference Desk AY 67 .N5 W7 2008
Older editions also available in Reference and Reference Storage
Statistical Abstract of the United States
Reference Desk HA 202 2008
Older editions also available in Reference And Reference Storage
Datapedia of the United States: American History in Numbers
Reference HA 202 .K87 2007
Polling America: An encyclopedia of Public Opinion
Reference HN 90 .P8 P645 2005 (2 Volumes)


Academic Search Complete
Academic Search Complete is a multi-subject database containing both scholarly and popular publications. Some material is available in full-text. It is agood starting place for introductory level classes.

Index to fulltext newspapers from around the country and around the world

Economic and financial statistics from the U.S. government.

Statistical Universe
Contains mostly non-financial statistics on U.S. and world societies.

Wilson Index
The Wilson Index is made up of the Humanities, Sciences and Social Science indexes. It is a good place to find scholarly articles on a variety of topics.

A full list of the indexes available at Wittenberg can be found at:


Periodicals are where most of the information for your research papers will come. Remember that there are scholarly publications as well as popular publications You will most likely want to stick to scholarly publications for your research. For hints on how to tell the two apart, please see Scholarly vs. Popular Articles.

Wittenberg owns many scientific journals in both print and electronic formats. The links below will help you to find out what journals we own, the format, and where they are located.

Journals the Library Has
This is a searchable index of the periodicals Wittenberg owns in electronic and print formats. Location and dates owned are also provided.

Journal Interlibrary Loan Form
Use Interlibrary Loan to request articles not owned at Wittenberg from other libraries. Please see the form for more details.


When using the internet, always be thinking critically about what you are viewing. Good and bad information both reside on the internet and it isn't always easy to tell the two apart. For hints on spotting good web pages, please see the library's page on Evaluating Web Sites.

Here are afew websites that might be useful to you. Please remember to think critically about your sources. Just because I list something here, doesn't mean that you don't have to evaluate it.

Gallup is one of the best known polling organizations in the world. It covers all subject and geographic areas
Rasmussen Reports
"Rasmussen Reports is an electronic media company specializing in the collection, publication, and distribution of public opinion polling information." From Rasmussen Reports -- About Us.
Zogby Analytics
Zogby specializes in international public opinion polls.
Published and edited by Mark Blumenthal, Pollster, seeks to clearly present and explain political polling.

If you choose to use internet sites as information resources, you must cite them just as you must cite a book or journal article. For help citing webpages and other online resources, take a look at Citing Electronic Resources.


If you are having trouble with your research, please contact Alisa Mizikar via email at or call extension 7515. You can also contact any of the reference librarians at or at extension 7511.

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