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Selected Resources for Dr. Reinsel's WittSem:
Delicious Beautiful Swimmers: The who, what, where, when and how of commercial fishing

Fall 2012

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LC subject headings | Library Catalogs | Reference Books

Library of Congress Subject Headings.

28th ed., 5 vols., 2005.
Kept on the long table by the main bank of EZRA/Web terminals.

Some useful Subjects include:

Fishes: [EZRA] [OhioLINK]
Fisheries: [EZRA] [OhioLINK]
Fishermen: [EZRA] [OhioLINK]
Fishers: [EZRA] [OhioLINK]
Fishery Conservation: [EZRA] [OhioLINK]
Fishery Management: [EZRA] [OhioLINK]
Fish as Food: [EZRA] [OhioLINK]
Fish Communities: [EZRA] [OhioLINK]
Fish-Culture: [EZRA] [OhioLINK]

Subject headings will be similar to, but may be different from those used in periodical indexes.

Locating Books in Library Catalogs

At Wittenberg: WebEZRA -- the online catalog
At other Ohio academic Libraries: OhioLINK
In North America For ILL: WorldCat

Reference Books

Below is a select list of reference books relating to the biological sciences. These books can be found in the science and main libraries as noted.

Encyclopedia of the Sea
Reference GC 9 .E38 2000
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia (17 volumes)
Reference QL 3. G7813 2003 (2nd edition)
This is an excellent resource for basic life cycle and habitat information for many animals. Use the Index (vol. 17) to look up your animal.

Encyclopedia of Environmental Biology (3 volumes)
Reference QH540.4 .E52 1995


Academic Search Complete
Academic Search Complete is a multi-subject database containing both scholarly and popular publications. Some material is available in full-text. It will be s a good starting place for all the papers for this course.

Biosis Previews (Biological Abstracts)
Biosis Previews indexes articles from all fields of Biology. Coverage includes 1969 to the present.

A full list of Biology related indexes available at Wittenberg can be found at:


Periodicals are where most of the information for your research papers will come. Remember that there are scholarly publications as well as popular publications You will most likely want to stick to scholarly publications for your research. For hints on how to tell the two apart, please see Scholarly vs. Popular Articles.

Wittenberg owns many scientific journals in both print and electronic formats. The links below will help you to find out what journals we own, the format, and where they are located.

Journals the Library Has
This is a searchable index of the periodicals Wittenberg owns in electronic and print formats. Location and dates owned are also provided. If you need an article from a journal that we do not own, you can order it through Interlibrary Loan.


When using the internet, always be thinking critically about what you are viewing. Good and bad information both reside on the internet and it isn't always easy to tell the two apart. For hints on spotting good web pages, please see the library's page on Evaluating Web Sites.

FishBase -- Developed by the World Fish Center, FishBase is a searchable database filled with information on the world's fishes. Content seems to be limited to boney and cartilaginous fishes. Aquatic mammals, shellfish and other invertebrates are not included.
Fisheries and Habitat Conservation Office - U.S. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
See also individual state Depts. of Fish and Wildlife, such as Alaska's Dept. of Fish and Game
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's list of International Fisheries Organizations
Seafood Watch from Monterey Bay Aquarium
A guide for consumers on which fish are sustainable and which are not. It aims to educate the general public and promote sustainable fishing practices.
Wikipedia Category: Seafood
Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia constantly under revision by its users. Because it may be edited by anyone, it is not the most reliable source in the world, but it is generally good for basic background information, including answer to questions like "where does my fish live?" and "is it a freshwater fish or a salt-water fish?" You will probably NOT want to use this as one of your sources in your bibliography.

If you choose to use internet sites as information resources, you must cite them just as you must cite a book or journal article. For help citing webpages and other online resources, take a look at Citing Electronic Resources.


If you are having trouble with your research, please contact:
Alisa Mizikar, Science Librarian, or x7515
Reference Desk,, x7511

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