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Library of Congress Subject Headings.

28th ed., 5 vols., 2005.
Kept on the long table by the main bank of EZRA/Web terminals.

Subject headings will be similar to, but may be different from those used in periodical indexes.

Useful Library of Congress subject headings include:

[Check EZRA] Limnology - the study of life in inland water
[Check EZRA] Eutrophication - process by which the levels of minerals and organic material and oxygen levels decrease supporting plant growth and inhibiting animal life in a body of water
[Check EZRA] Freshwater Biology
[Check EZRA] Paleolimnology - the study of fossils from ancient inland bodies of water
[Check EZRA] Stream Ecology

Locating Books in Library Catalogs

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Selected Bibliography

Allan, J. David Stream Ecology, Structure and Function of Running Waters (1995)
[Check OhioLINK]

Barnes, R.S.K. and K.H. Mann (eds.). Fundamentals of Aquatic Ecology (1991)
Sci QH 541.5 W3 F86 1991

Bayly, Ian A.E. and W.D. Williams Inland Waters and Their Ecology (1975)
[Check OhioLINK]

Blair, W. Frank et al. Vertebrates of the United States 2nd ed. (1968)
Sci QL 605 .B58 1968

Cushing, C. E. and J. David Allan Streams: their ecology and life (2001)
Sci QH 541.5 .S7 C87 2001

Edmondson, W. T. (ed.) Fresh-water Biology 2nd ed. (1959)
Sci QH96 .E33

Frey, D. G. Limnology in North America (1963)
Sci QH 96 .F7

Goldman, Charles and Alexander Horne Limnology (1983)
[Check OhioLINK]

Gordon, Nancy D., Thomas A. McMahon, and Brian Finlayson Stream Hydrology: an Introduction for Ecologists (1992)
Sci GB 11205 .G65 1992

Hackney, C.T., S.M. Adams, and W.H. Martin (eds) Biodiversity of the Southeastern United States: Aquatic Communities (1992)
[Check OhioLINK]

Harper, David M. Eutrophication of Freshwaters : Principles, Problems, and Restoration (1992)
Sci QH96.8.E9 H37 1992 See Dr. Hobbs for this title.

Hotchkiss, N. Common Marsh Plants of the United States and Canada (1970)
[Check OhioLINK]

Hutchinson, G. Evelyn A Treatise on Limnology
Volume I: Geography, Physics, and Chemistry (1957)
Sci QH 98 .H82 V.1
Volume II: Introduction to Lake Biology and the Limnoplankton (1967)
Sci QH 98 .H82 V.2
Volume III: Limnological Botany (1975)
Sci QH 98 .H82 V.3
Volume IV: The Zoobenthos (1993)
Sci QH 98 .H82 V.4
See Dr. Hobbs for Volume IV of this title.

Hynes, H.B.N. The Biology of Polluted Waters (1960)
Sci QH 96. H9

Hynes, H.B.N. The Ecology of Running Waters (1970)
Sci QH 541.5 .S7 H9

Merrit, Richard W. and Kennenth W. Cummins An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America (1996) 3rd edition
Sci QL 473 .I57 1996

Needham, J.G. and P.R. Needham A Guide to the Study of Fresh-water Biology (1962)
[Check OhioLINK]

O'Sullivan, P.E. and C.S. Reynolds The Lakes Handbook (2004) 2 Vols.
Sci QH 96. L29 2004

Pennak, R.W. Fresh-water Invertebrates of the United States (1989)
Sci QL 141 .B45 1989

Schwoerbel, Jurgen Handbook of Limnology (1987)
Sci QH96 .S2913 1987

Thorp, James H. and Alan P. Covich (eds.) Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates (2001) 2nd edition
Sci QL365.4 .A1 E36 2001

Van der Leeden, Frits The Water Encyclopedia (1990)
Thomas Library Reference TD351 .V36 1990

Voshell, J. Reese A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America (2002)
Sci QL365.4.A1 V67 2002

Ward, James V. and Jack A. Stanford The Ecology of Regulated Streams (1979)
Sci QH541.5.S7 I57 1979

Wetzel, Robert G. Limnological Analyses (1991)
Sci QH96.57.A1 W48 1990

Mason, C. F Biology of Freshwater Pollution (1991)
Sci QH545.W3 M37 1991


Biological Abstracts
Biological Abstracts indexes articles from all fields of Biology. Coverage includes 1990 to the present.

Web of Science -- Science Citation Index
Index and cited references for articles in the sciences.
A full list of Biology related indexes available at Wittenberg can be found at:


Periodicals are where most of the information for your research papers will come. Remember that there are scholarly publications as well as popular publications You will most likely want to stick to scholarly publications for your research. For hints on how to tell the two apart, please see Scholarly vs. Popular Articles.

Wittenberg owns many scientific journals in both print and electronic formats. The links below will help you to find out what journals we own, the format, and where they are located.

Wittenberg Periodical Holdings List AKA "Journals the Library Has: Electronic & Print" This is a searchable index of the periodicals Wittenberg owns in print and electronically. Location and dates owned are also provided.

Periodicals relating to Limnology are listed below. Electronic periodicals are listed as links. Print periodicals are listed with locations. Periodicals not owned by Wittenberg are marked with an asterisk. Articles from these titles will need to be requested through Interlibrary Loan. See a Librarian for additional help.


When using the internet, always be thinking critically about what you are viewing. Good and bad information both reside on the internet and it isn't always easy to tell the two apart. For hints on spotting good web pages, please see the library's page on Evaluating Web Sites.

Water Resources of the United States

American Society of Limnology and Oceanography

Great Lakes Science Center

International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology

If you choose to use internet sites as information resources, you must cite them just as you must cite a book or journal article. For help citing webpages and other online resources, take a look at Citing Electronic Resources.


If you are having trouble with your research, please contact Alisa Mizikar, the Science Librarian, via email at or call extension 7515. You can also contact any of the reference librarians at or at extension 7511.

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