HFS 245

History of Women in Sport

Professor Sarah Jurewicz
Fall 2013

Finding Books:

EZRA - Wittenberg University's library catalog

OhioLINK - the library catalog of nearly all academic libraries in Ohio, including Wittenberg

OCLC WorldCat- an international library catalog of over 6,000 libraries

Subject Headings:

Reference Books:

Call Number




GV 567


Hickok, Ralph

The encyclopedia of North American sports history. 2nd ed.

GV 697
.A1 M35


Mike McGovern

The encyclopedia of twentieth-century athletes

GV 697
.A1 S42



The Scribner encyclopedia of American Lives: sports figures

GV 709



International encyclopedia of women and sports

Electronic Resource



Credo Reference

Electronic Resource


Victoria Sherrow

Encyclopedia of women and sports

Reference books may be a good place to start. In an encyclopedia you will find brief entries about an athlete that can help get you started. The article may also have a short bibliography that will help you find additional information on your subject.

In addition, Thomas Library has many books dealing with the history of women and sports.

You may also search EZRA by the name of a sport or by the name of individual woman athlete. You can search an individual as a subject heading or as a keyword. Searching by keyword may be a good approach for this class because a keyword search will search the table of contents information about a book and often there are chapters in books dealing with individual athletes. These cannot be found unless you use keyword searching.

Finding Journal Articles:

In order to find articles in journals you need to make use of an index. The index (which may be print or online) provides access to the many articles published in journals. Some indices are general in nature, while others are specific to an individual subject.

There are a number of indices which may be of use to you in this class.

Finding Materials Not At Wittenberg:

Thomas Library has a good collection of materials, but it does not have everything. Sometimes you find that you are unable to locate enough material in Thomas Library and you need to expand your searching beyond the library. There are a few different ways to do this.

One is to use OhioLINK. OhioLINK is a group of nearly all academic libraries in Ohio with a shared catalog, meaning that you can search one place and find items located in any of the member libraries. You can request that an item be sent to you at Thomas Library. You will need to enter your name and library card number. Your library card number is on the back of your Wittenberg ID. It is a 14-digit number. If you do not have your ID, there is a way to find your ID number through MyWitt.

Keep in mind that some items may not be sent, such as reference books, journals, and other types of materials. The items will usually arrive in about three days and may be picked up at the Circulation Desk.

If you still have trouble locating materials, you may need to search OCLC WorldCat. WorldCat is a search engine for thousands of library catalogs, here in the United States and internationally.

Keep in mind that you have a valuable resource available to you here at Thomas Library, the reference librarians. They have years of experience conducting research and can help you find materials for your research.

InterLibrary Loan:

InterLibrary Loan (or ILL) is a means for libraries to borrow materials from other libraries. We use it mainly for non-OhioLINK libraries. ILL can take up to two weeks or longer for delivery, so plan accordingly if you need to request an item through ILL.

There are two different forms for requesting ILL. One is for books; the other is for journal articles.

If you are unclear about the ILL process, please talk with a reference librarian. They can help you through the process.

Web Sites:

Web sites about an athlete can be an excellent place to start. Most athletes will have a web site that you can access to gain the basic information about their lives and careers. Wikipedia is an example that you can use to gather background information. Keep in mind that Wikipedia pages can be edited and modified regularly and that incorrect information can appear on any web site.


A PeRC is a Personal Research Consultation. A PeRC is an individual, face-to-face meeting with a librarian to discuss your individual research project. They may take between a half-hour to an hour. I encourage you to take advantage of this service. Doug Lehman is the liaison librarian to the HFS Department. You may contact him by phone or e-mail to set up a PeRC.

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