Foreign Languages and Literatures:
A Selected List of Resources for Research

    For resources on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language and culture,
see the East Asian Studies Web Resources page.

General Sources Useful for Researching Many Cultures & Literatures

    Library Catalogs
     EZRA - Wittenberg's online catalog
     OhioLINK - Combined catalog of more than 70 Ohio academic libraries
     WorldCat  - Worldwide bibliographic utility.

    Print Resources
       Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (10 vols.) - Ref. B51.R68 1998
       Dictionary of the Middle Ages (13 vols.) - Ref. D114.D5 1989
      Times Atlas of World History - Ref. G1030.T54 1993
      Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life (4 vols.) - Ref. GN333.W67 1998
      Dictionary of Art (34 vols.) - Ref. N31.D5 1996
       International Encyclopedia of Linguistics (4 vols.) - Ref. P29.I58 1991
      Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory - Ref. PN41.C83 1998


        *** MLA***   The basic index for literary research.  Indexes journal articles,
       chapters of books, and dissertations. Each entry includes an abstract but no full text. 

<>       Contemporary Women's Issues - International coverage through June 2006;
             almost all full text.
        Women's Studies International - Indexes multidisciplinary scholarship in
             feminist research.

       FRANCIS - a multilingual index to journal articles mostly in  religion, the history of art,
       and literature, with particular emphasis on current trends in European and world
       Historical Abstracts - Provides indexing and summaries of articles covering 1492
            to present.  Covers all the world except the United States and Canada.  No full text.
       Lexis-Nexis -  A huge database that includes many foreign newspapers.
       Almost all full text.
      New York Times - Historical  - Full text of the New York Times from its inception in 1851.
      Wilson Indexes - A broad index to scholarly journal literature.  Some full text since 1996.

    To Locate Journals:
       At Wittenberg: Search Journals the Library Has.
        At other Ohio Academic Libraries, use the OhioLINK Central Catalog.
        (Note: You usually cannot get periodicals via OhioLINK; use Interlibrary Loan instead.)

        Locating journals can be tricky, difficult, and generally exasperating.  If you run into
         trouble, a reference librarian will be glad to assist you.

   Search Engines and Web Browsers

 SearchEurope - This web browser offers links to sites on sports, travel  information, news, and much more. - Web browser with options to search in all major European languages, plus Esperanto

    Web Sites - This site provides links to  "World Hottest 100 European Web Sites".
      World News Connection - Provides English translations of stories covered in
        mass media all over the world.  All full text.
      News and Newspapers Online - Maintained at the University of North
        Carolina at Greensboro, this site lists online newspapers many of which
        have full text articles.

    Country Information
       United Nations Statistical Division - Access to statistics gathered by the UN.
       Infonation - Maintained by the United Nations, this site gives statistical information on
            the member states of the UN.
       Country At a Glance - Also maintained by the UN, this site provides general almanac
        data for each UN member state.

    Print resources
      Encyclopedia of the Third Reich (2 vols.) - DD256.5 .G76313 1991
      Encyclopedia of Contemporary German Culture - Ref. DS290.26 .E53 1999
      Practical Dictionary of German Usage - Ref. PF3460.B35 1996
      Der Duden in 10 Bänden: Das Standardwerk zur deutschen Sprache -
       Ref. PF3625.D8
      Oxford Companion to German Literature - Ref. PT41.G3 1997
      Feminist Encyclopedia of German Literature - Ref. PT41.F46 1997
      Encyclopedia of German Literature (2 vols.) - Ref. PT91.E53 2000

      Web Sites: A Sampler
       Abacho: die starke Suchmachine!! - search engine
       WEB.DE - German-language Web browser
       World Wide Web Sites for German - Composed by Donna C. Van Handle at Mount
       Holyoke, this site is a great starting place.  Has sections--with lots of links--on Kunst,
       Einkaufen, Sport, Musik, Feste & Feiertage, Politik, Verbände & Organisationen,
       and more.
       Yabba! - Their motto is, "Finden! nicht Suchen!  Includes sections such as: Jura,
       Personen, Web-Verzeichnisse, Job-Suche, Geographische Regionen / Reise.
       Yahoo! Deutschland -
       German Embassy in Washington DC - helpful for travel information
       German-English Dictionary - - For finding books in German
       BUBL LINK - A Web site devoted to German literature.  Includes electronic texts, links
            to databases, libraries, and German departments around the world, cultural studies
            links, and more.
       German Literature - Provides many links, including to German author pages, e-texts,
            Deutscher Chat,  music, news, jobs, etc.
       Projekt Gutenberg - e-texts
       Die Zeit (newspaper), abridged
       Der Spiegel (magazine), very abridged
       Wortschatz-Lexikon - from the Universität Leipzig, a "superb word usage resource"
            (Dr. Bennett)
       Fachinformationen Germanistik - From the Universitätsbibliothek der Freien
            Universität Berlin, this site is rich in links, with especailly good ones for biography.
       deutsche Welle - German radio and TV online - TV online
       Die Deutsche Bibliothek -

    Print Resources
        Cambridge Encyclopedia of Russia - REF. DK14 .C35 1994
        Encyclopedia of Russian History - Ref. DK36 .P39 1993
        Soviet Studies Guide - Ref. DK226.S68 1992
      Russian-English Dictionary of Idioms - Ref. PG2460.L83 1995
        Reference Guide to Russian Literature - Ref. PG2940.R43 1998

<>    Web Sites: A Sampler
       Russia on the Net - "The original Russian Web directory."  Browse the web in Russian or English
       Russia on the Web - Provides lots of links in categories such as Education, History, Language &
            Literature, Society & Politics, Information & News, and Sites in Russia - Russian-language web browser
       Russian Embassy in Washington DC - Besides travel information, includes
            information about Russian government and culture, as well as news from Russia.
       Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies - Indexes articles in the social sciences
            and humanities.  No translation.


    Print Resources
        Enciclopedia Espasa Óptima (11 vols.) - Ref. AE61.E49 1996
      Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Culture - Ref. DP233.5 .E63 1999
       Chronology of Hispanic-American History - Ref. E184.S75 C49 1995
        Latino Encyclopedia (6 vols.) - Ref. E184.S75 L357 1996
      Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture (5 vols.) - Ref. F1406.E53 1996
      Diccionario General Ilustrado Lengua Espanola - Ref. PC4625.V6 1994
      Oxford Companion to Spanish Literature - Ref. PQ6006 .05
      Oxford-Duden Pictorial Spanish & English Dictionary - Ref. PC4629 .O94 1985
      Encyclopedia of Latin-American Literature - Ref. PQ7081.A1 E53 1997
      Hispanic Writers - Ref. PQ7081.3 .H58 1991

    Web Sites: A Sampler
      Enciclopedia Universal en Espanol  - Encyclopedia in Spanish,
            including over 47,000 articles and 8,300 images.
       Wikipedia in Spanish -  
       Yahoo Espana - Spanish-language Web browser
       El Pais - Online version of the Madrid newspaper
       Spanish Literature - General - Includes links to literature sites, a magazine,
            proverbs, job leads, etc. - News site from Costa Rica


      Full-text Database
        ARTFL -  (French Literature) Full text of 2000 works in French, from the Rennaissance
            through the 20th century. Genres include novels, verse, theater, journalism, essays,
            correspondence, and treatises. Subjects include literary criticism, biology, history,
            economics, and philosophy.

    Print Resources
        Grand Larousse Universel (Encyclopedia) - Ref. AE25.G631 1992
        European Union Handbook - Ref. D1060.E47 1996
        Historical Dictionary of France - Ref. DC35.R39 1998
        Oxford Hachette French Dictionary (French-English / English-French) -
              Ref. PC2640 .O83 1994
        New Oxford Companion to Literature in French - Ref. PQ41.N49 1995

    Web Sites: A Sampler
Wikipedia in French -

      Yahoo! France - Web browser in French

       Le Monde - Online version of this major newspaper
       French Online Resources - from the Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia
       WESS French Studies Web - Provides "annotated links to scholarly web resources".
            Includes links to universities, newspapers, gay & lesbian studies sites, and has
            sections on history, politics & government, and literature, linguistics & culture--
           among many others.
       Les Pages de Paris -

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