Thomas Library

Wide-Format Printing

General Info
Min. Size 22 x 17 inches
Max. Size 44 inches x 90 inches
Turnaround Time Up to 48 hours (usually)
Service Hours Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Accepted File Formats PDF only
Formatting Instructions Text Instructions
Video Instructions
Faculty/Staff on
University Business
No Charge
Students $1/sq. foot
= $3.75/linear foot
(from TigerPrint)
Student Organizations
Account number with authorization
Personal printing
for anyone
Same prices,
cash only

Wide-format printing is available to students, faculty, and staff through Thomas Library. Printing posters takes some time so it is important that you plan ahead. This is not a walk-in service so; please follow the guidelines below for sending your printing requests:


In order to maintain your document's layout we only accept PDF files. Please send an e-mail with your PDF print files attached to: (not case sensitive)

In the text of the e-mail, please be sure to specify the following:

  1. Whether you are faculty, staff or student
  2. The number of prints of each file
  3. The type of paper (matte or glossy)
  4. How you would prefer to be notified that your prints are ready (phone or e-mail--we are unable to text)
  5. Whether the print project is for official Wittenberg University activities, class project, or personal activities
  6. The requested pick-up date

Please note: All wide-format requests must be sent via e-mail. We will not accept requests via any other method. We are using 44" wide paper on a roll that can print up to 90" in length. Documents should be 17" x 22" or larger, up to the above limits.

If we find errors or problems that might result in unsatisfactory results, we will contact you immediately with details and available options. Once printed and processed, you will be notified via your preferred method that your print request is ready for pick up at the Main Circulation Desk in Thomas Library during its regular semester hours, as prints will not be delivered.


Charges for the wide-format printing service are as follows:

  1. Print requests from faculty and staff for official Wittenberg University activities will incur no charge.
  2. For class work/projects, student prints will be charged to their TigerPrint (Equitrac Express) account. By submitting a wide-format print request, students authorize the Wide-Format Printing staff to charge their PaperCut account.
  3. Campus clubs and organizations must provide an account number with authorization.
  4. All personal print requests will be charged $1.00 per square foot of paper used to print the document ($3.75 per linear foot). Charges for personal projects must be paid in cash or check at time of pick-up. An ID card will be required.
  5. Public printing is not available.
  6. All requests are final and may not be retracted after they have been printed. Disputes regarding the status of charge/no charge print requests may be resolved with the help of appropriate supervisory personnel.

Turn-around Time

We strive to maintain a maximum turn-around time of 48 hours or less. However, large volume print requests may take additional time. Once the posters are printed, please allow at least two hours for drying and trimming.

Printing Tips

  1. First, determine the size of your finished print and create a new document with those exact dimensions (see formatting instructions). We will not be able to re-size your poster from the file you send us as it can cause problems with the finished job.
  2. Use only one file for each print.
  3. Use a white background whenever possible. Most times other backgrounds (colored, gradient, textures, etc.) do not translate well onto paper. In addition, these backgrounds use more ink and take much longer to print and to dry. If you use color for your background, you will need to allow for 1/8" border around the original poster design to be used as a bleed edge.
  4. For wide-format printing purposes, it is generally better to insert or place text, images, charts, tables, etc. into your document instead of copying and pasting. By inserting/placing graphics or text in your project you are providing the maximum level of support for file size, resolution, file format, and color, among other attributes. On the other hand, if these are not important to the outcome of your print, you still have the option of copying and pasting them in. Do keep in mind through that doing so will lead to a much larger file.
  5. What you see on your computer screen may not be what you get from the printer. This is especially true with regard to pictures and colors. The colors that you see on your monitor will most likely not reproduce exactly the same on the print. Unless resolution settings are correct, images that look great on your computer screen may look pixilated or grainy when printed.
  6. Images for large-format printing should be at least 150 ppi at 100% scale. Pictures imported from web sites are usually compressed, low-resolution images and copyrighted in most cases. They are for on-screen presentations and web page use. When used for large prints they will appear pixilated (grainy and fuzzy). In addition, when pasted into your document they may lose their compression making your file larger than needed.
  7. Please do not forget about copyright. According to Wittenberg University policy, all students, faculty, and staff must abide by United State Copyright Laws. Be sure that your use of images and textual content reflect careful attention to permission requirements.
  8. For more information contact: E-mail:, or Linn Bobo, Phone: 937-327-7326. To print out these instructions, please follow this link: Printer Friendly Instructions