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Faculty Guide for Placing Material on Reserve

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During the first two weeks of classes:

  • Bring items to the circulation desk at least two weeks before assignments will be made.
  • If it is absolutely necessary to put a periodical or reference item on reserve, it needs to be checked out from the reference desk. (We will gladly process a list of books for you, but please allow extra time for this.)

After week two:

  • Items are processed for reserves Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5 pm. Please allow one working day for processing reserve books and three working days for processing reserve articles before assigning reserve materials to a class.

For faculty and library protection students are not allowed to place material on reserve. Faculty reserve items will be accepted from a student if the Reserve Information/Personal Waiver form is completed and sent with the material.

Traditional reserve material such as books and media will be listed in EZRA under "Reserve Lists." Please check your list for accuracy and clarity and let us know if changes need to be made.

Students must have permission from you to take material from your reserve for a time period other than that specified. (A signed, dated note with the specified time the item is to be used is needed-or a personal telephone call.)

Unless other instructions are received, items will be removed from reserve at the end of each term. Personal copies will be returned in campus mail. (Campus mail may be delayed, especially at the end of the school year.)

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